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When you come out to do your last dance and get a perfect score! Congrats #TeamValmani โค๏ธ #DWTS #Finale

Yo! If 3rd place are you guys, then I wanna place that every time because you guys are winners! And I'm happy I was able to experience this journey with you guys. I couldn't have asked to document a better experience! I saw all of the blood, sweat and tears and you still came out on top every time! I'm encouraged and inspired, the best is yet to come! Keep shining! ๐Ÿ’ซ #dwts #teamvalmani #normanikordei #3

Having #TeamValMani withdrawals ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

VIDEO | Fifth Harmony performing "Not That Kinda Girl"

This video is so freaking cute. My loves โค #Teamvalmani #fifthharmony

Congrats to Normani & Val on this incredible journey. You are winners in our eyes and we can't thank you enough for everything #TeamValMani


y'all don't stan one of the girls because of WHATEVER reason and turn around and DO THE SAME SHIT YOU DON'T LIKE. YOU A HYPOCRITE . Then y'all be trying to uplift your favorite by tearing down another or the rest of them. STOP THAT SHIT. Y'all get on my nerves with that shit. If you don't like one of the girls, DON'T SPEAK ON THEM PERIOD. If your opinion is negative , KEEP THAT SHIT. Don't nobody wanna be apart of "family" that talk down on somebody we all supposed to be supporting and don't nobody wanna follow somebody that constantly talking shit about one of them. The shit is A-FUCKING-NNOYING #LaurenJauregui #DinahJaneHansen #NormaniKordeiHamilton #AllysonBrookeHernandez #OT4 #727 #3xVMA #FifthHarmony #BootyAndTheBeast #TeamValmani #DWTS #Norminah #Laurmani #Normally #Laurinah #Alren #Dinally #SevenTwentySeven

saw my gworls again on Friday and had another great night seeing them own the stage ๐Ÿ’– thanks mark for coming with me to see them and I'm glad I got you to stan! #5h3 #teamvalmani tbh

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