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Happy Birthday 2 My Everything , My Brother , My Sister , My Bestfriend , My Bff @whoiscalvinking Idk Where I Be If I Didn't Have You By My Side & Ill Do Anything For You , Through All The Fights , The Tears , The Arguments , Blocking My Number , Me Waiting Outside Your House Till You Talk To Me , For You Being As Brave As I Am & Not Ashamed To Be You & No One Pushed Me To Be The Person I Am More Than You , Our Bond Is Strong & No One Will Ever Understand Our Connection & You Really Make Life Worth Living & Are A Reason I Wake Up Everyday & I Want And Wish You Nothing But The Best For You , I Don't Think I Would Accomplish Half Of The Things Or Be Strong Enough To Make It Through Life If U Wasn't With Me , Your The Definition Of Real Cause Your Actions Show It , You Are The Type Of Man Dudes Are Scared To Be & Im The Kind Of Gay Guys Are Scared To Be & Thats Why We Are Bestfriends Cause We Aren't Scared To Be Ourselves & Not Have A Fuck To Give On What Anyone Thinks Of Us , So I Want Everyone To Wish You A Big Happy Birthday , So Thankful For My Brother And This Friendship Is Worth Everything As The Day You Was Born Bff Why??? Cause THATS MY BESTFRIEND!!!!!! #roxxtaviavortexxx #calvinsbirthday #thebestfriend #mybestfriend #mybff #mybrother #mybrobeans #familyovereverything #teamus #teambrobeans I Went In On This Post & Cryed While Writting It Lmao Love My Bestfriend 👬

Some people been in the wrong so long , they don't even know right. So when your looking for an apology, convincing yourself you need one for closure, believe me when I say you don't. And let's be honest , if your waiting on one it's because you haven't let go yet. And it's not that it's a bad thing, but it can be a draining thing. And it will hold you back from really moving on. And without realizing, it will mess with your self esteem. Because instead of focusing on moving on to better things, you get stuck on just wanting and wishing that they would magically wake up and realize how amazing you are. And it will only drive you crazy trying to figure out why they haven't. But the fact is, if they didn't realize how great you were when you were with them, don't waste time waiting for them to see it now that it's time to move on. We all have to kiss a few frogs till we find our real prince. .
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It's ridiculous how supportive @deltagoodrem has been through this whole experience! From someone I didn't know too much about to someone I now call a friend. I just felt a real connection almost instantly. Whether I win or not it doesn't matter is just been such a pleasure having the opportunity to just get to know you. #TeamDelta #TeamJudah #TeamUs

Back at it! (Only a lil piece of what we are workin on but we just cant wait 2 share our songs with u all)❤️#rehearsals#singing#dancing#girlband#helloaugust#teamus #workhardplayhard#🔜

"Daddy, I need a caption"

All for him ❤ #TwoYearsAgo #OnThisDay #TeamUs #Pic1000 🐷

My biggest portion of blessings!! #teamus #teamsmallies

Some say sisters, some say twins..
My oldest, my mini me


When you get a text your segment is on the news website. #theREALfamilyhustle
MamaFresh #designer/stylist
@taefresh_ aspiring rap artist
Rayne Fresh model, actress, stylist
#realitytv #puttingitintilweWIN☝️☝️☝️

#MOOD I don't care judge ya mom!! ✨🔑😂😂😂😍😍😍😘😘👑💞🌟💅🏾💍🌺📚©📈💼💸🎨🖌💋💯 #ROMANCE #Happiness #TeamUs

Getting our feet done yesterday...@ebharcum #myrib #teamus #powercouple #itsallabouther #teamharcum

Make my world go black, hit me like a heart attack, knock me flat on my back, yeah
Just keep doing that, that thing you're doing there, brush me with your hair, I swear
I don't know how long that I can last
Make my world go black
#myeverything #myking #myace #couplesofinstagram #couplesofig #couplesselfie #coupleselfie #selfie #teamUS #ilovehim #iloveyou #makemyworldgoblack #forever #husbandandwife #helovesme #blessed #kisses #holdmeinyourarms #neverletmego #2yearsago #throwback #foreverlove #czech #czechgirl #browneyedgirl

My girl better than yours lol 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘 #TeamUs

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