this weekend was a blur but when we look back, we are always thankful for the hospitality from our Stoney’s family. @cwlowden, @akapants, and @hotrodmom22: y’all are so special to us and make Vegas feel like our second home!

Sum shots with the #stormiqtour I love this ball a lot😍😂 #teamtwohands

Missed TOP 5 last night by 2 pins!! BUT I won a ball in a raffle!! #bowling #twohands #teamtwohands #brunswick #storm #raffle #tournament#LIGBT

Great to be back in the swing of things. @jacob.kujawa and I were glad to honor our fallen brother earning all Catholic honors while sporting our “Joey Strong” tape. #teamtwohands

My girl gang is one less tonight as we bid adieu to one amazing human @ashleighbonica - of course we wish her all the very best but please be mindful of how very sad we are at the same time. A team is not complete unless you have individuals with the same common goals. A team is not a success unless they share the same passion & vision as you do.
We were lucky to have you Ashy 💞
Go forth & dominate!! #teamtwohands

I would like to thank @logo_infusion and of course my bowling idol @jbelmo for having the best-mate giveaway. The gear is great and the whole experience was amazing ! I never thought I would win a giveaway or talk on the phone with someone I watch on TV and Jason Belmonte made that happen. Thank you guys so much again we appreciate what you guys do. 😃👍🎳 #giveaway winner #JasonBelmonte #teamtwohands


The long awaited review for the brand new Rotogrip Hot Cell is here! This ball is a must have for anyone that loves throwing urethane, but finds that the pitch black/blue just isn't enough ball for some of the longer and heavier volume shots. I was able to keep the Hot Cell in the oil longer, and belly it some and still have the ball finish between the 8-9. I kept moving in and giving it more room and it still recovered! I found that the hot cell was about 5-6 more boards overall, and 2-3 feet earlier than the pitch black, both at 1000 surface. Go to your local pro shop today and preorder your own Hot Cell for the September 15th release date! #SquadRG #storm #bowling #teamtwohands #rotogrip #hotcell #jbelmo @thechadallack @bowlmikey @stormproducts @rotogripbowling @roto_schlem @ahos300 @jbelmo @kevenwilliams
Music featured in the video!

Keven Williams Social Media:
Instagram: kevenwilliams
Facebook: Keven Williams Music
Chapter One EP: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/chapter-one/id1227358269

Finally got the rest of my arsenal plugged and refitted. Super excited to have a 2fast back in the bag, it was my first ever storm ball almost 8 years ago. These four are special though, first balls I've fully plugged and finished 100% by myself. They didn't turn out perfect but it's only up from here!! #storm #2fast #hustlePOW #HYROAD #DD #Daredevil #Plug #bowling #teamtwohands @jbelmo @stormproducts


Better late than never, here is my review video of the Storm Match Up Solid! I bought this ball with the intentions of replacing my rocketship. This ball hasn't disappointed! I've been bowling on a lot of flatter patterns lately, with lighter volume, and the higher end pieces have just been too much ball to get a constant reaction, whereas low end pieces are just too quick. The Match Up Solid fills that gap perfectly, giving me a nice smooth and round shape to the pocket, without sacrificing carry! Be sure to head to your local pro shop today and pick up your own! #StormNation #storm #bowling #teamtwohands #ball #jbelmo @jbelmo @thechadallack @stormproducts

Got these two rocks punched up today. Decided to go with my usual 70x40@4" layout for some nice and controllable motions on the fresh. Really excited to throw the #RotoGrip Hustle Ink! I've heard nothing but good reviews so far. The @stormproducts Match Up Solid will be a perfect replacement for my RocketShip. Stay tuned for the full review videos in the new couple of days! #storm #bowling #teamtwohands #StormNation #Jbelmo #SquadRG @rotogripbowling @thechadallack @jbelmo

My Storm Marvel Pearl Review video is now live! I unfortunately didn't have an opportunity to own one of these beauties the first time around, but when I first learned Storm was doing a one time run of them again, I couldn't order them fast enough! This ball will give me the perfect motion to fill the gap between my Hyroad and IQ Tour. The Marvel Pearl gave me a little more length then the IQ Tour, but still more overall motion then the Hyroad. I decided to go with my favorite layout, 50x50@5", which puts the pin right between my bridge and ring finger. This layout allows me to have a lot of versatility, and through a lot of trial and error takes very well to surface adjustments. I can't say enough great things about this ball, make sure you put your order in soon, when they're gone they're gone for good! Be sure to Subscribe to my YouTube channel for all the current Storm reviews! #StormNation
YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/68cj079jKb0

#StormNation #teamtwohands #storm #bowling #MarvelPearl #stormBowling #Jbelmo #belmo @stormproducts @thechadallack @jbelmo

Fresh cover for the Nesbit Open this weekend! 40' and fairly flat, this phaze ll will probably see a lot of games. Went with 70x40 @ 4" to give me a nice and smooth, controllable look on the fresh. #StormNation #teamtwohands #bowling #Jbelmo #Phazell #storm #SQUADRG @stormproducts @jbelmo

With my main😎 pimpin ain't easy 😜 #sexybeasts #siblings #teamtwohands

My Storm Code Red Review video is now live! (Link Below) I bowled three games while recording the clips for the review, and can't recall missing more then 2-3 times. This ball is going to be a staple in my bag, it's a little more overall then the OG, with more in the midlane. It's everything the code black was missing, can't wait to get more games on it!

#CodeRed #StormNation #Storm #Bowling #JBelmo #Staff #teamtwohands #BallReviews #Nation @stormproducts @jbelmo

My @stormproducts Timeless and Sure Lock reviews are now posted to YouTube! Be sure to check them out, leave a like and subscribe! Links below:


#StormNation #Timeless #Jbelmo #Storm #Staff #Storm #Nation #BallReviews #Bowling #teamtwohands

Jason Belmonte everyone✌️🇦🇺 #teamtwohands #usbc #masters

So glad to be back in full swing. #stormnation #teamtwohands

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