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[TEAM TOY NERDS ● FEATURE FRIDAY]~ This epic shot was created by the one and only @darth_shank Great use of the Heavy Crater Lunar Surface diorama! Thanks again fam for your support! #teamtoynerds #Repost @darth_shank with @repostapp
Haven't shot much of my @toy.nerds moon dio... so here's Han cruisin a meteor like the space pimp he is

If you guys are wondering how I make the explosives then just watch this video made by my love @callme_weezy #teamtoynerds #toy_nerds #toynerds #epictoyart #toynerds_fx

[TEAM TOY NERDS ● FEATURE FRIDAY] ~This hilariously awesome photo was taken by @zesistoybox love the Turtles and great use of the Street Set diorama! Thanks again for your support!
#teamtoynerds #Repost @zesistoybox with @repostapp
Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go! 🎤🐢

Have a great weekend everyone! [#teamtoynerds][#epictoyart][#bluntedsupervillains]

|TEAM TOY NERDS ● FEATURE FRIDAY|~These turtles look so natural with this Street Set diorama! That Portawall adds the perfect amount of scale and graff needed for the photo! Excellent posing of the figs! Thanks again! #teamtoynerds #toy_nerds #toynerds #epictoyart #Repost @zesistoybox with @repostapp
Gangs all here! 🍕🐢@nicolidae surprised me with a diorama from @toy.nerds ! It's amazing 😁


Making the worlds you play in. ***If you have not received your order yet please continue to be patient I promise it will be worth the wait!! I have had a series of misfortunate events occur to my self and family and getting back up is taking a lot longer than expected. I have WiFi now and am settled down in Arizona, so we have a home base with work space and can focus on art and health now. Traveling in the van across the country was an adventure for sure but I certainly underestimated the budget I had set for us. I can't thank you all enough for the continued support and for not giving up on me as your go to custom dio maker. Dealing with my health takes first priority even though I lose sleep and stress over Toy Nerds production, my wife reminds me that I need to pace myself. I have new products and ideas yet to be released and will not be releasing them until older orders are all shipped and delivered! Again I can't thank you all enough for your continued support, I don't need to name drop but you know who you are! #teamtoynerds #miniatures #gscale #trainyard #layup #benching #train #trains #trainnerds #toy_nerds #toyphotography #actionfigurephotography

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