I felt good getting these in today! Final set at 12 reps.

Prep face. Let’s hope the rest follows as well. 💀💀💀

Father’s Day relaxation. Hope all you dads out there are having a great day! #fitdad #relax

Learning something new.

Arrrrrrm day. A pirate’s favorite day. #badjoke

When you’re hitting the hundos and realize your legs have grown. !!! Also hit 245x10 final set of flat. Good chest day!

June is off to a solid start.

Cardio #hulk #smash

And my heaven will be a big heaven. And I will walk through the front door.

International #chestday was a success.

One might say it was a good leg day.

I know it’s nowhere near @dennisbigbadwolf level, but I’m proud that I can see some definition in my back! #backday

Finished off shoulders. Went a bit lighter on the shrugs at 495 today. A bit sore and need to focus more on moves that push more blood in to the traps for a while.

Oh well...

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