It’s #nationalicecreamday and I, for one, plan to celebrate with one of my favorite vegan flavors from @halotopcreamery oatmeal cookie! As it happens, it is seriously 100 degrees outside with about 30% humidity. Needless to say, I’m melting. It’s basically the surgeon general’s recommendation that everyone cool off this way. #nowyouknow How will you indulge today, friend? Tell me your absolute favorite flavor!

I tried this ab exercise on a bosu ball and it proved to be rather difficult. In a good way, if you have the floor mastered move to a bosu ball and give that a try. #bosuball #abexercises #stability #gymlife

We know it’s dripping down there but don’t give that pervert opposite you more material 🤣 keep those cute thighs together and use Silkys instead

I'm challenging myself to wear shorts in public. Despite my bright whites, bruises, dimples and spider veins.
#teamthickthighs #weartheshortsanyway
#youdoyou #strongisbeautiful

פop ᴉs ɐ ʍoɯɐu #caninstahoe

This is pretty accurate. 🙌💕💪
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I am always amazed at how you can apply life lessons to the weight room and vice versa. 🤔
It imperative that we learn to look at life and the battles we face and the things we wish to accomplish and be successful at in a way that encompasses all aspects.
It is everything about the kind of journey you need to take. It is the process of the journey that gets you to the top. Never underestimate the journey. That's where you acquire the skills.
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Oh ohhh preach sista preach 🙄 #goals #silkys

Today’s adventure was purely fueled by pasta and gelato 😂 10 miles and approximately one million flights of stairs hiked along the coast of Northern Italy 🇮🇹 this has by far been one of the most active vacations I’ve ever taken but I’m feeling all kinds of blessed to have these opportunities 🙏🏼

Climbed out of bed today like... #bouldering #teamthickthighs #hangar18

An ode to my coffee table: Oh, coffee table, thank you for your constant support (literally). I know I should keep you cleaner most days, and I shouldn’t leave empty bottles of water on you or numerous notebooks, but I know you’ll forgive me. Why? We create magic together. Our clients love our health and mindset coaching, but it wouldn’t be possible without spending endless hours with you.

The struggle is real my people! Since injuring my arm/shoulder weightlifting it’s been an emotional roller coaster. One day I’m like ‘yeah yoga is fine, I can do this’ and the next I’m like ‘eff you yoga you’re making me skinny’ 😭 And then I go do yoga to regroup 🙄And in the words of the best T-shirt ever ‘I don’t want to be skinny I want to look like I could kick your ass’. 👌🏻 #goals #sigh Bright side: I have been working on arm balances since Sunday. And there is still no pain. So.....there’s that. Good news. 🎉👏🏻 #bodybuilder #meathead #yogi #teamthickthighs

As a health and mindset Coach I’m constantly talking with people about the importance of investing in yourself But I’m not one to talk the talk and not walk the walk so I thought I’d share with you one of the ways I’ve been investing in myself and my business.
This past month I was introduced to @jasminestar and decided to invest in her monthly subscription service #socialcurator and I am already experiencing a ton of exciting shifts in my business: connecting with more people, growing my presence on Instagram as well as saving a shit ton of time because let’s face it I probably have at least a bijillion different ideas surfacing every minute but her prompts and strategies have really helped keep this #squirrelbrain focused. But what I’ve loved the most is that I genuinely feel like I’m able to share a lot more about myself in addition to the services I provide with all of you beautiful souls.
In even more exciting news she’s hosting a social brand building event during September in freaking Newport Beach - HOLLAR!!! And without a shadow of doubt I plan to be there.

Stuck between wanting to just be thick & full or lean & ripped 🙄 but the cool thing about our bodies is you can literally have anything at anytime if you have the right knowledge to get there. I’m happy I do because I can lean out if I wanted, but I can also filll out in all the right places! You are in complete control, the artist of your own body & that is one of the many reasons why I fell in love with this lifestyle.
At the moment it’s #teamthickthighs & #curves for sure 😍❤️

It’s easy to post the highlight reel, when everything goes the way you want to. Today I missed a jerk (the last jerk in a long stretch of clean and jerks) that had no business being missed...or so I told myself. But let’s stop with that shit. I just committed to #weightlifting mid February and did most of it without structure or supervision until recently. Not too long ago I would’ve laughed at you had you even suggested I would be hitting 65, let alone for multiple sets and reps. So I jagged a jerk. Did I learn from it? Yes. Did I hit it a moment later? Yes. Weightlifting is so much fun because it doesn’t give you a damn thing you didn’t earn. Every kilo was blood, sweat, tears, and mental growth. I’m not perfect and I don’t pretend to be, but I do love my sport and one missed jerk makes me hungrier to never miss another again.
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