Since young, I always wanted to learn how to play a piano but because my family was poor, I never had this chance. 😪

Circumstances can bring you down or break you apart. 💔

We always have a choice in life.
It's either you accept the fact OR you do something about it.
Guess what? I don't read music score but I play by ear. If there is a will, there is a way.
If there is a dream, you'll find ways to achieve it. 💪

When I started doing Shaklee, my journey was never smooth sailing. It's normal to have ups and downs in business.
I fail and I fall before but I choose to get up and keep moving.
My family are my BIG WHY. They are my source of inspiration.
It's easy to give up and walk away. However, doing so does not improve the situation.
We don't grow when things are easy. We grow when we have challenges.
After all, life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. 😉

If you wish to venture with Mommy F, you are welcome to #teamTEG. 🤗

I can guide you from zero to hero.
Come, let's do this together. 💪

Mommy F
Founder of TEG
Senior Key Coordinator
Fast Track Car Achiever

#shakleewithmommyf #healthyandbeautywithmommyf

Mommy F is BACK!! 😍

I am officially back to work.
I reached Malaysia with super long order list from customers.
Ok. I'll settle all these now ya. Be patient.
Siapa lagi nak tambah order? Feel free to buzz Mommy F, may? 😉

Mommy F is having a bit of jetlag now. Telan Vivix and ESP after this. Hiak hiak.
Don't forget about this month promo ya. We have speical promo for Ostematrix.
If you are looking for calcium, then this is the time to buy ya.

#healthyandbeautywithmommyf #teamTEG

I'm coming home. 🤗❤ This morning, I saw someone special in the elevator as I was on my way to the departure hall.
Do you know who?

It's our Finance Minister, Lim Guan Eng.😍 It's my first time seeing him in person. Tak sempat Mommy F bergambar with him. 😪

Because I didn't realize he is standing next to me cause I'm still in my sleeping mode. 😴😴 Mommy F terlepas peluang. The opportunity was there but I didn't grab it. So sayang.
But luckily I didn't terlepas the chance to venture in my Shaklee business. Else, I can't be earning a consistent income in Shaklee. Phew!

I'm flying soon. Miss my family. Miss my #teamTEG.

Boss vs Leader

Boss says, "Go". Leader says, " Let's go!" Next year, we wish to bring more leaders with us to US and Phuket.

Come, join #teamTEG #teamTGG.
Let's go together.

We are the fastest team in Borneo. 💪

Come and join us. Let's venture in this business together.


Founder of TEG
Senior Key Coordinator
Fast Track Car Achiever

#ShakleeincentiveTrip2018 #cruisingwithShaklee

from my amazing day with my gurl best way to spend my bday#soinlove#teamteg

best way to wake up #soinlove#teamteg

Yeah! Pocket money! 😍😍😍 We are going to Spain, Italy and France.
This trip is fully sponsored but each and everyone of us dapat pocket money lagi. 😘

Can shopping and lim teh after this.
Let's find a nice place in town to chit chat ya.
Next year we are going to Las Vegas.
Wanna join us?

Come, let's go. Let Mommy F guide you.


Mmmhhmm cant wait to get it all dialed in #teamteg #teglife #dc2 #lsvtec

FB MY ONLINE SHOP 📱💻📡 This afternoon I'll be sharing how I managed to generate RM352K of group sales in #teamTEG last month.

And how Mommy F managed to rank up so fast within 20 months.
1 more step to the highest rank, Master Coordinator 👑👑👑 Nowadays, it's so easy to generate income online. But we need to make sure that we learn from the right mentor and master the right skills.
This afternoon, I'll be sharing these tips in depth with all my business partners in TEG group.
See you at 2pm ya? Don't miss this chance. 😉

Keep learning. Keep improving.
Knowledge is POWER! 💪

Wanna be part of Teg? Team Mommy F is expanding.

Mommy F
Founder of TEG
Senior Key Coordinator
Fast Track Car Achiever


Almost there had to bust out the lamps ha #teamteg #dc2 #lsv

1st September is really a shopping day for #teamTEG!

NO price increase!! 😍 Everyone is HAPPY! ✅ 15 bottles of Ostematrix
✅ 5 bottles of Vit C
✅ 8 bottles of Garlic Complex
✅ 3 bottles of Lecithin
✅ 10 bottles of Omegaguard
✅ 5 bottles of Vitalea of children
✅ 3 canisters of Cinch
✅ 6 Herbablend ....... September Promo
❤Buy 3 Oste @ 5% Off
❤Prenatal Set Free Eco Bag
❤Shaklee Baby Set Buy 1 FREE 1
❤YOUTH SET free firm device

Buzz Mommy Ning for more info. My shop is still open ya😉

Thank you choosing Shaklee and supporting us.🤗 016.215.1079

OMG! 1st September is a shopping day for #teamTEG. ✅ 15 Bottles of Ostematrix
✅ 5 Bottles of Vit C
✅ 10 Bottles of Omegaguard
✅ 8 Bottles of Garlic Complex
✅ 3 Canisters of Cinch
✅ 6 Herbablend
Ini memang rezeki Mommy F.
Thank you for supporting Mommy F.
Thank you choosing Shaklee.

By the way, we have promotion for Ostematrix Calcium this month ya.
Buzz Mommy F for more info.



Thank God Shaklee is not affected by SST.
Our price is still remain unchanged. ✅No GST ✅No SST

Today I managed to sign up one new customer to join #teamTEG. 🤗

What did she buy? ❤Collagen
❤Postnatal Set
❤Twin Pack Vivix
❤Vitalea Children

Thank you so much for supporting Mommy F's little business.
Do you need anything? Feel free to buzz Mommy F ya.




Restocked on 14 Aug, sold out within 4 days.

Restocked on 21 Aug, sold out within 4 days.

Restocked on 27 Aug, sold out within 3 days.

On 29 Aug, VIVIX in KK warehouse sold out again. 😭😭 Luckily yesterday morning reopened for order already😅 😱 jangan-jangan nanti HO pun out of stock?!! #teamTEG hebat!

Hari hari masuk order Vivix 6+1. Do you know why?

Because the PRICE is extremely ATTRACTIVE. Some even borong 3 bundles 😱 All because for health!

Enough stock for 1 year and receive RM1000 of cash rebates!! Last 11 hours for Vivix Promo. It won’t be extended to Sept. CONFIRM!
So, cepat-cepat buzz Mommy Ning to secure your order before promo ends!💜 #vivixpromo

so love her !!!! she’s amazing #teamteg#soinlove

my amazing other half #teamteg#soinlove

Almost all finished just need to do all the other little things black #galexy #inteior #teamteg

Did something to my interior lol Hopefully it looks good when I put it all back in #teamteg #teglife #dc2


Kelly Fern was my first recruit. She started Shaklee one month after I started mine.
Her Shaklee journey was never easy. It's like a mountain. Naik turun all the way.

But she never gives up. She persist all the way because of her big why.... Her children aka my nephews 👦👦 She's striving hard in order to have a stable side income.
She's striving hard for time freedom.
She's is deeply in love with the #shakleeffects and she just can't stop sharing and living the Shaklee way.
This powerful leader had completed her car bonus in Feb 2018. Hebat sangat. 👏👏👏 Guess what? So far, she managed to close RM31.3K of sales. Congratulations #teamTPP.
I can smell that she is going to rank up to Coordinator this month. 😍

Bonus pun kaching kaching.
Do you wish to be part of us too?

Let Mommy F guide you along. Don't worry.
Mommy F jaga from A to Z.


#Repost @tegracing
• • • • •
Well done to the boys at the @bestmedscheme @cycle4cansa race today. The 103 km race was covered in 2:16 minutes, with an average of 45,2 kph. Callum finished 3rd u23, Michael 4th u23 and Dian was 4th Junior.
Callum 12th Overall
Michael 15th Overall
Dian 22nd Overall
Quentin 29th Overall
Wyatt 53rd Overall
@tegracing @pvmnutritionalsciences [ TEG Security ] [ IAN DICKIE ]
#teamteg #tegracing #poweredbypvm #challengeyourlimits #cycling #cycle #supportsatalent #bicycles #bike #fikeshot #UCI #roadcycling #roadbike #bicicletta #cyclisme #bici

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