I thought to try to do a meme..soo yes:))
#teamtayler 💞❤💞❤

Omg this is shit😂❤@taylerholder
#teamtayler 💝💝

Run for #TeamTayler. What an amazing community we live in. We’re at Black Forest hills elementary running our faces off to raise money.

Heeyy everyone 🙌ik I wasn't active but I'm going to post soon with a new theme❤❤#taylerholder #teamtayler #itstaylerholder

I have to recognize this incredible soul! He shaved his head to pay for a wig for a former student of ours who is battling cancer for the second time. I'm proud to be your partner in life ❤ #incrediblesoul#teamtayler#dontmesswithawarrior#experiencinglife#lifeofateacher

When work travel means you won’t see your family for five days, you take them with you #teamtayler #adventuresoflittlefinn #katherine

forever fighting together for #TEAMTAYLER fly high our beautiful angel 👼🏼 #cfawareness #cysticfibrosis #cffoundation #greatstrides #addingtomorrows 💛

Thank you @themodernpress for the amazing shirts for our favorite girl!!!

Fly High Tay 💜🖤

Team Tayler!!! It was such a honor to walk for Tay today! #greatstrideswalk #5kforTay #TeamTayler #CFawareness 💛🐝☀️ Thank you @themodernpress for making our shirts ((last minute)) to honor our girl! #bumblebuddiesforever

Friends! Great Strides is TOMORROW!! 8am at Tempe Center for the Arts. I will be there with a group of friends and family, walking together for Tay ☺️ Please let me know if you’d like to join!! #teamtayler
Join our team: Tomorrow’s Leaders CFF AZ

DISCOUNTED STAR WARS TICKETS with warm fuzzies. $5 per ticket. May 26th @ 10am at the Parker Twenty Mile AMC. All sales go to tayler’s family. please please please help and enjoy a great movie. #TeamTayler #lifeismorethanjustteeth #orthodontist #payitforward

Ring of Fire Challenge for #teamtayler this morning. 3 donuts in a minute or a habanero pepper to start the day! #wrpd4teamtayler

It's STAR WARS MOVIE TIME AGAIN!!!!......with a twist.

In our community there is an amazing family with an amazing daughter named Tayler (#TeamTayler )that is fighting her second battle with cancer. Our heart aches for them. We've decided that we can't sit idly by, knowing we're in a position to help. We're asking our family and friends everywhere to join us in supporting Tayler and her family. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take this wonderful opportunity to help.

What: SOLO (I think it's a star wars movie)
When: Sat May 26th @ 10:00 AM
Where: Parker AMC Twenty Mile Theater
How: You pay $5/ticket (minimum)...ALL money goes to the family (Dr G is covering the rental and ticket costs)
Why: You'll get warm fuzzies and get to see the movie
Call the office to reserve tixs!! 303-627-6212


That's not good enough but anyway ❤@itstaylerholder ily💗💕 #taylerholder
#itstaylerholder(Momma Holder liked!!!!💝💝💝)

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