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Way to crush it everyone! Strong start! Each week you will get stronger just keep your eyes on the prize! Remember your “why” and keep the goal the goal!

It’s a work in progress! Definitely feeling the effects of the prep, but “embrace the suck”

Yeahhh buddy Thank God it’s Friday! Most of us are so thankful for the end of the week. I practice an attitude of gratitude daily, as I am blessed to work seven days a week and able to help people change their lives and for that I am truly grateful! Have a great weekend my friends and live with purpose and passion!

Looks like those deadlifts are starting to pay off 😏

This week only! Get In on the DEAL! $50 gets you 10 weeks of Bootcamp with a meal plan!

Also abs and glutes will be starting back every Tuesday 630-7pm and Sunday 10am
While your in the “Houze” take a peak around . Tons of equipment with no overcrowding. Non intimidating, with a hardcore feel! Houze Of Champions is where champions are made!

Starting at 206 for @mansports 60 day best you challenge, and now begins my 60 days of dick-kicking fun. Let's see if I can pull this down to 180 by then 👌

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Make sure you check your form for squats as many people have subtle Imbalances that could worsen as you progress in strength. Make sure you keep that mobility work up! Check out @mattogus and his lower mobility warm up!

ABS AND GLUTES BACK MY POPULAR DEMAND! Next tue 630-7 just 5 bucks 2597 quality court at @houzeofchampions what other day and time would you want?! Leave comment or message us! Thanks and I hope to see you soon!

Happy Monday my friends! #goodvibesonly

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