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Packing is underway for SAS Global Forum! #TeamSAS can't wait to see you at #SASGF April 2-5 in #Orlando!

Porque a União faz a força #teamsas

La #TeamSAS vous propose Les CASQUETTES BALENCIAGA 📦 Disponible dès maintenant sur RDV dans Paris et la banlieue 🚗💥

Catered to #TeamSAS' lunchbreak today ❤ @sweet_as_sara

At least one out of six to the finish line💥💥💥 #racetime #teamsas #pizzahanserni #dragrace

Comienzan las posadas con gente bien bonita ✨🍻🎭 ¡Los quiero mucho! #teamSAS #yesterday #Panch #007 #vikingos


TBT With hard work consistency and dedication this is what my client @owenboyne achieved in a very short space of time. •

@owenboyne losing 10kg and 20% body-fat. This goes to show what can be achieved in 8 weeks with hard work and dedication. FitnessFamily and TeamSas.

Thank you for choosing me as your preferred coach and for having faith in me. #TeamSas #coach #client #transformation

TBT - Guys here’s another successful transformation picture of my client @andreea_alexandra86 These pictures were taken 3 months after she had started training with me. What can I say this girl worked so hard and showed great dedication and commitment from the very beginning of her journey with Fitness Family and TeamSas. The results are quite clear and obvious. •

Congratulations on your success and consistency. FitnessFamily and TeamSas you have made your coach proud coach I know for a fact that you will achieve more in this journey. Keep up the dedication and remember NEVER GIVE UP 💯🔑 •

#TeamSas #client #proud #coach #TunnelVision #tranfromation

Day 5 of the 12 Days of Christmas .
Get you hands on my 3 part deadlifts series. In this series I explain how to find your optimal deadlift position to keep your back healthy, how to create tension before lifting and how to finish the movement with your hips. Click the link in bio to get your hands on it and let me know why you think. .
Have a great weekend .
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#justsold - It has been a busy month with our team and congratulations are in order.
Sold by the S.A.S (South Auckland Specialists)
We have a team of 4 agents & a great assistant to make sure you get the best. Call us the S.A.S. (South Auckland Specialists) - 022 545 9233

Or just slide in the DMs 😇😂 #teamsas #bgrealty #harcourts #preetandco

Come into Shear Attitude Salon and pick up last minute Christmas gift or stocking stuffers!! #teamsas #shearattitudesalon #pinckneyville #illinois #stockingstuffers #matrix #amika #boutiqueitems

Pink Pewter headbands marked at 50% off!! Heck of a deal! #christmaspresents #stockingstuffer #shearattitudesalon #teamsas #pinckneyville #illinois

Give the gift of beautiful lip color this holiday season #lipsense #shearattitudesalon #pinckneyville #illinois #stockingstuffer #christmas #teamsas

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Harlem Week 2017 Live Performance @mylezia "Bitter Sweet" Skyup Fan Luv Best wishes on ur musical venture as an artiste that was a Stella Performance #itsfuego

Porque a União faz a força #teamsas

Day 4 of the 12 Days of Christmas...
I am giving away another free program.
This time it's an Olympic lifting program. This will give you an idea of how I utilise the conjugate system when working with Olympic lifting athletes.
To get hold of this just comment below or DM me your email address and I'll send it over. .
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Mais uma etapa concluída. O sucesso não pode ter relação apenas com final, por isso temos que sentir seu sabor na caminhada. Tudo isso só foi possível graça a todos que me rodeiam e apoiam, muito obrigado.
#Famíliaminhabase #TeamSAS #FamíliadoAP #Fate #TCC #9.3 #rsrsrsrsrs #2018 #Com21

who said blonde is only for the summer?! #matrix #ombre #blondebalayage

Marriage isnt perfect, but your hair can be ✨👰🏼

never to young, to get your hair done 💇🏼 #teamsas

make your day as flawless as your makeup ✨ #teamsas #airbursh

life is short, make every hair flip count 💇🏻 #teamsas

🌟HUGE 17 lb. PR of 133 lbs./60.3 kg. for The Amazing Betsy (Age 78) of Team S.A.S. This is the double overhand deadlift on 2” @ironmind Apollon’s Axle—same type of bar used for the @oddhaugen 2016 Visegrip Viking, San Jose where Betsy took 2nd Place in the women’s division with a lift of 116 lbs./52.6 kg. Go Betsy, GO!!🙌👏 @24hourfitness_santacruz @24hourfitness @swolebiz @juliakindoflifts @riccardomagni1 #aintnoagegroupindajungle #ageisnoexcuse #notjuststrongforagirljuststrong #deadlift #apollonsaxle #gripstrength #gripsport #armlifting #amazingbetsy #teamsas #coachdalizheng

TBT📍- Ladies and gents here's one of my top 5 Client transformations.I remember her first day in the gym like it was yesterday. She was referred to me through one of my other clients. She was really nervous and sceptical about the training plan purely because she was suffering from severe back injuries. I managed to somehow convince and change her mindset. She agreed to all the terms and conditions and I made her promise that she would show the right attitude, commitment and dedication. She’s never let me down with her timing and meals. The discipline from @yasv2017 is unreal.5 months into training and she achieved what takes most people years. “let's go champ" 🏆

This surely is one of my top 5 amazing transformations in TeamSas and FitnessFamily m. She has followed all my training programs including regular nutrition updates. According to Yamsin, she's in the best shape of her life. I'm so grateful and humbled to be witnessing this amazing lady transform. I was aware of her physical injuries from her past and we had to take things slow and not risk any injuries. I honestly have soo much respect for this woman for being so brave and for not giving up!
---------------------------------------------------✅Starting weight: 78.4kg
✅Current weight: 56.6kg
✅Old body-fat: 41%
✅New body-fat: 20%
This is exactly why I love what I do. Changing lives and inspiring others. ---------------------------------------------------
#TeamSas #Coach #client #transformation
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Bit if building following max Effort work yesterday
3x5 @140kg + 40kg chains
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Day 3 - 12 Days of Christmas
Get your hands on my 5 favourite Tricep exercises for FREE!! .
Whether your looking to improve your bench press or just looking to get a better a set of arms this Christmas then this is what you need. .
Comes with videos and my sets and reps scheme.
Just share this post and drop a message with your email address and I'll send it over to you. .
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Don't miss out on this 4 week program. Only available until 9am tomorrow morning at this price.
Link in bio
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220kg at 79kg BW for a PB
I hate Rack pulls, so much harder to get the bar moving when you take out the leg drive. Funny that 😂
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Heavy Ass Sled Drags!!
200kg Sled Drags
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40 with 40
40" Box Jump with 40kg for a PB
Success leave clues
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TBT Congratulations to my legendary client super Bert on his success transforming at the AGE of 80 years old. He has been working extremely hard from the get go. I still remember the first time I met him for a consultation he complained about breathing, stamina and flexibility issues, he can run and light sprint for exactly 1 hour now and says he feels younger than ever. ✅🙌🏼 he's lost 15kg so far. I'm honestly so inspired by this man it's unbelievable. This is exactly why I love what I'm doing. Inspiring others from all over the world, young and old fitness has no barriers. ✅ •

Bert will be joining TeamSas and FitnessFamily Bootcamp to Mexico in September. "Let's go champ" 💪🏽🏆
Follow my journey on snapchat:SasPT1 👻 ----------------------------
Old weight: 98kg
New weight: 83kg
Old body-fat: 48%
New body-fat: 32%
Old BMI: 40
New BMI: 31
#TeamSas #client #coach #transformation #proud #fitness #addict #lifestyle #body #transformations #nodaysoff #noexcuses #love #gym #weightloss

Day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas .
I'm a big believer in making training progressive. The goal of training is to constantly increase volume and work capacity. .
Yesterday I released a free 7 day program now you get to see how that becomes part of a progressive 4 week program. Only £9.99! - link in bio. .
Includes all warm ups, strength sessions and conditioning work. Progressing over a 4 week block. .
Could be just what you need to kick start the new year. .
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Don't miss out on my free 7 day program
Only available until 9am tomorrow. .
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Day 1 of the 12 Days of Christmas
Free 7 day program - This is my weeks program. Comes complete with warm ups, strength work and conditioning work. .
If you want to get you hands on this send me a message or comment below with your email address and I'll send it over. .
Available until 9am tomorrow morning. .
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TBT Here's one of the top 10 TeamSas transformations @shobiy3 made a decision to join FitnessFamily and TeamSas she was initially inspired by one of my other clients. I still remember meeting her for the first time and remember how nervous she was at first, she managed to achieve great success in such a short space of time. I took pictures of her progress from day 1 and this is how far she got with me and my team.

Body transformation.
Time frame 6 months:
Old weight: 94.3kg
New weight: 71kg
Old body-fat 48%
New body-fat 31%

Hard work, dedication and persistence will always get you the right results. In life what you really want will never come easy, so work hard and never give up that's exactly the secret to success 💯🏋🏻

#client #transformation #proud #coach #TeamSas
#health #fitness #fitnessmodel #fitnessaddict #workout #bodybuilding #cardio #gym #train #training #photooftheday #health #healthy #instahealth #healthychoices #active #strong #motivation #instagood #determination #lifestyle #diet #getfit #cleaneating #eatclean #exercise

Submaximal single leg hops
Not as sexy as a 50+" box jump or a max Effort Deadlift but far more important. It's amazing how the addition of speed to movement can mask dysfunction. Taking the time to master the slow things as well as the fast things is the key to enhancing performance. If the max Effort Deadlifts and box jumps are developing the horse power under the hood then these submaximal jumps are upgrading the brakes and the suspension. You can't mindlessly increase the force outputs without developing the ability to control those new gorse outputs. .
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Get 3x tubs of our Top Secrets hi viz ultra buoyant pop ups in 12 mm or 14mm with our booster for as low as £16.99 delivered .. Www.sasbaits.co.uk

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Today's drop off sets following my Max Effort work. .
Whether your goal is to add more muscle or just to improve technique in a specific lift drop off sets can work for you. .
A couple of ways I do this are:
70% of max - 2x Max Reps
80% - 3x5
If you want to get the most out of your training then why not let me right your program for you? I have some spaces for the new year. DM me for more info. .
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Before and after. Had so many comments while this was being done was even asked is this 'fake ambulance' 🤣🤣🙈🙈😬🤔 when this first come to us I struggled to see the vision but definitly has worked. You Cannot miss The size and the stealthiness of this driving past. Was great to be a part of the project. #teamsas #sasvehiclewrapping #fakeambulance #skyisthelimit #staminatruck #ambulancewrap

Happy Monday morning let's kick off the week with something we completed this weekend! The 'Stamina' truck for @staminaforhair @staminaforsale this was an ambulance in its previous life. Not an easy project as so much preparation had to go into this before wrapping in satin black but so happy with the outcome. It's completely transformed!! This had to be completed in time for @mranthonyyarde fight at the copperbox arena on Saturday gone and so glad it could make the appearance. Also a huge congrats to 'the beast' Anthony yarde himself for a another 4th round K.O stoppage and beating an unbeaten fighter. #teamsas #sasvehiclewrapping #teamstamina #vehiclewrapping #ambulance #staminatruck #mercedes

Final Assistance clock from Fridays Repetition Upper Session.
Chest Supp Rev. Fly 3x15
Inc. Bicep Curl 3x15
Tricep Pushdown 3x15
Cable Neck Ext. 3x15
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Mijn swag is altijd al cruciaal geweest🚙

Ski Rower and push ups in the SNOW. ❄️ 🎿 Why not??!

#noexcuses #TeamSAS #Edgware #gymaddict #everyistrainingday #workoutmotivation #outdoors #gym #motivation #edgware

Snow Angels!!!!!!!!

Today's session .
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Dynamic Effort Day - Reverse Lunge Vs Bands. Having spent a good couple of years now utilising box squats and deadlifts for dynamic Effort work I thought it about time to throw in some single leg work. Using the @beastsensor to monitor bar speeds I performed 6x3ea with 65kg bar weight and ~50kg band tension with the average mean bar speed being
0.94m/s - interesting to see that I have to put a lot more effort into my left side to get the speed up, much more intent needed. Always good to experiment and identify any potential weaknesses there might be. I paired these with DB drop Lunge jumps and triple single leg bounds for distance. Single leg Velocity work done!
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Back Giant Set from yesterday. .
Chins x5
EZ Bar BOR x10
Vogelpull x15
3 Rounds .
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Fishing Singles this winter ?? It can be a great tactic this time of year ..so having confidence that your pop up stays up is paramount...our Top Secrets hi viz ultra buoyant pop ups with our booster spray will give you everything a pop up should,the results speak for them self....check out our deals on our website ... Www.sasbaits.co.uk

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