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We all have superpowers 💪🏻✍🏼🎨🎭🎤🎼 #mondaymotivation #TeamSam #MPC2017 #mypeakchallenge #mypeakchallenge2017

May my future keeps getting brighter booty and bank account keeps getting fatter , skin keeps clearing up . No ones son hitting me up w/ "sorry I missed ya call"

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Letter to Loggie 😍 Now that I've completed my @dearwhitepeople watching spree (which I Never do, but it's so damn good I couldn't help it🕺🏽) I give major props to @netflix for such edgy, thought provoking, honest, edgy, fresh content and characters! My Standing Ovation, goes to @loganlaurice You have officially solidified Super Star Status, my dear🤗 It's a pleasure to say "I knew you when" playing, growing, creating alongside each other on our first series. If anyone can successfully navigate the path of Super Stardom, it's you. Your parents made sure to ground you in Faith, Authenticity, Class and the desire to always put Family first. To the best TV daughter a mother ever have... You Got This Boo!!!! Continue to Soar Beauty 😘 XoXo-DB' #WeezianaGirl #SashaAndBrianna #MotherDaughterLove #DearWhitePeople #TeamSAM

Y'all I gotta tell you a story. I did on my other account but I'm gonna say it again. Well I'm actually a cancer survivor. I was so damaged by physical and emotional pain. It's hard to keep on going and fighting. But I did because I saw that there was so much to come. I was only like 9 or 10. (I'm 16) I didn't know what to do. I was stuck with the fact that I might die. So this one random day at the hospital, a random person came to visit me and they said "fight through it and you will get over it" then I realizes It was the last day I gave up on something for the rest of my life. I fought and fought and I got through it. It was REALLY hard. But the hopes that man gave me we're unexplainable. To all of the cancer fighters out there I just wanna say, YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND KEEP ON FIGHTING EVEN IF YOU ARE TIRED. YOU ARE STRONG AND BEAUTIFUL AND ITS TOO EARLY TO GIVE UP. KEEP ON FIGHTING FOR YOUR LIVES AND BE HAPPY❤#teamsam #fuckcancer most of you would careless but cancer is a real problem and so many people are dying every year. I will soon be doing a website so that people can donate money to kids fighting cancer in my hospital close by. I always go there on the weekends for 8 hours. I sing to the children and give them food and dance with them and talk to them just to make them feel less lonely. I do their makeup to the little girls and bring presents to the boys and girls. I try to help and donate as much as I can because I know how hard it is. I go to the funerals of the kids that passed away from the hospital. I always bring the kids some kind of present or flowers to bright up their day

Leg day ... vamo que vamo!! 👊💪

It's been so hard watching love Island without Sam and it's not gonna be the same, but I voted for these beauts and so should you!!❤️ head over to the app now voting closes at 11! @kemcetinay @amb_d #teamsam #loveisland

Tonight on #Casualty 🚑 Cal and the gang continue to fight back! Tune in 8.10pm on BBC One! 📺 #TeamCal #TeamSam

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Hydration is important. Do more of it. When you think you've drunk enough 💦 drink some more (especially you Mr. Wearing Wool & Doing Wheelies In The South African Heat @samheughan ) #TeamSam #MPC2017 #mypeakchallenge #mypeakchallenge2017


Can u believe supernatural is only getting 2 more seasons and then thats it!?
I honestly cried when i found out -
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100% of us all relate. @colby_brock if u relate u better tag him fkzhenosbfks

Thank you so much to whoever made this for me❤ i love yall so much #teamsam

I am bored svjakvjakjcjxusjcjiengisjsnsu @colby_brock

#MPC It encourages the changes that until then were only in our imagination! We are brave to face our insecurity and then everything good happens! Peaker @ttianeu and Pilates perfect combination!
@samheughan @bloodwise @mypeakchallenge @jordanalbrown @valbo00 @bloodwise_scotland @alexnorouzi
#MPC2017 #teamsam #bestronger #makeithappen #believe #brazilianpeakers🇧🇷

LOVE YOU @alice_webtoon
Jangan lupa baca ALICE di WEBTOON ya ! ! !
Terbit setiap Kamis... #teamben#teamsam
Love Ben and Sammy...
Baper bacanya... 😂😂😂

On Wednesday's we wear pink 💗💗💗

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Happy Hump Day!!
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Well guys happy hump day! I have to admit...the community that social media allows you to cultivate is pretty cool. Yesterday I posted about feeling overwhelmed and bummed out and the response back was so positive and caring that it turned my whole mood around. As someone who loves being on the go and having tons of energy I struggle to value downtime. Today I had a pretty slow morning with clients away so I took some time to just be present and go with the flow and it's been a total game changer. It's so nice to know that others have the same issues and are open to sharing their solutions! I guess it's important to remember that Rome wasn't built in a day.😘keep on keeping on my friends and let me know if you ever need a pep talk. ❤️#communityovercompetition #love#progressnotperfection #girlboss#empower#fitfam #instamood

I love them so much •

#TEAMCOLBY #love #TeamSorey #teamSam

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