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I love how Sam genuinely cares about Colby 😭😩💙 when Sam called the cops I was like OH SHIT // but you know #teamsam // @colby_brock @samgolbach @katrinastuartofficial

D E T E R M I N A T I O N ™

Si tu veux ce que tu n'as jamais eu,
Fais ce que tu n'as jamais fais...
Tu réussira certainement bien plus que ce dont tu imaginais au départ...
• ╔♥╗╚♥╝╔♥╗╚♥╝

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Hoje é aniversário da @sammauricee e SAIU VÍDEO NOVO pra comemorar o aniversário da gringa que nunca faltou uma gravação! #TeamSam #SamChelle #GringosReagem

Unbelievable week at #icanbike camp 🌟🚴🥇amazing program and even more amazing people! #teamshine #teamsam #teamalana #teammaria


My brother @sentientstrength and I fulfilled some dreams at the @marvel cinematic universe exhibition on the weekend!
I knew I'd been working out for a reason - to get my inner @chrishemsworth on!
Hope everyone has a great week and is getting excited for the 4 Week Challenge!
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PLEASE DONT REMIND ME OF IT 😢 I wanna you to win the prank war and I have been dying you to win win win and you can still do it and you should done extra prank war one more last time and I still can keep voting for #TEAMSAM ALL THE WAY!! This is NOT GOODBYE and you need to returns it back or you can do this one, prank them that you do not have the video anymore and then prank them very last minutes when they reaction and you can show them afterwards. Ahhh I'm so so sad and I really do that I want you to win the trip Hawaii so badly Sam!! 😢♥️. Let's hopefully that you will need to do something @samgolbach so that you can trick them and have a extra extra prank on this one as well you like. It's making me more sadness that you didn't win ugh I wanna you to get it the Hawaii tickets so that you can go have fun and feeling happiness and enjoy the views even vlog there as well too.

i don't like this lmao @samgolbach @samandcolby
qotd: do you watch jake paul?
aotd: yeah

answer qotd/comment to be tagged in next post

Welp ion know about this one @samgolbach
#teamsam #samandcolby #samgolbach

Sorry I haven't posted but I'm still working on it but I was working on my fanfic with @colebae_ (btw please read it we are Colebae Brock on Wattpad) so I decided to post this and yes I will do what has the most votes😏 [deleting later]

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