Well, I officially cancelled #weightwatchers. My access doesn’t expire until the middle of May, but I decided to just rejoin @avatarnutrition now. So these are my new targets and we’ll see what happens. I also had an epic workout today and hit PRs on almost every exercise in either reps or weight! 💪🏻😎
#mondaymotivation #motivation

As you can see I’m still buzzing from my race on Saturday! Another #nonscalevictory from it was that I ran 90-95% of the race! I only stopped for a couple of quick breathers and kept on trucking. I felt a bit like Forrest Gump 😂 ...
I have roughly 2 weeks left with #weightwatchers . It’s been a nice change of pace and I learned a lot about eating more nutrient dense foods, but I’m going to go back to macro/calorie tracking when it’s done. That’s my bread and butter and like @yearofscott also mentioned at the end of the day, all calories count even if they have 0 points.

Race is done and I smashed the expectations and goals I had going into it! Initially, I wanted to get under 45 minutes. After I did my practice 5K, I set a goal of 40 minutes. Today, I finished in 36:22 with a mile and pace PRs!! I’m beyond stoked and just wondering two things...
1) Am I officially a runner now?
2) When is the next race? 😂🏃😎

Almost go time! I’m kinda nervous, but there’s a cute doggo here also doing the race so I’ll be fine. 😂

I was supposed to have one last training run before my race on Saturday, but I woke up late and didn’t have enough time. And I’m honestly okay with that because I got more sleep and my legs are a bit sore from Tuesday’s leg day, so I just did an awesome back and biceps workout! 💪🏻
2 days out! 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

Off season GAINZ 💪

Some will say its photo shopped 😉

A Few different back lat spreads

The last one I call the turtle shell 🐢

If your looking to build your own shell, contact me and let me make u a ninja turtle .Cowabunga dude!!!! #TEAMRTB
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I’m currently 3 days away from my first 5K race in 3 years. And really, it will technically be my first since I don’t think I ever crossed the finish line last time (the course was super confusing 🙄). ...
So I wanted to see what to expect for a finish time for my race. I have had a goal in my head of getting under 45 minutes and as you can see I’m well under that. I’m thinking I should try for sub 40 minutes... I just have one more training run before race day! I’m feeling pretty nervous about it, tbh, but I’m going to give it 100%. Any tips/advice is always appreciated! ☺️

Maybe it’s just because I’m wearing my Arnold shirt, but I’m definitely seeing some nice chest gains. 💪🏻😎

Any fans of @americanidol? I’m really digging this new season and I thought @calebhutchinsonmusic explanation of his weight loss was hilarious and also on point! 😂🙌🏻

Sometimes you do everything right and the scale is still an uncooperative jerk. I’m not going to let this derail me and going to keep pushing though it. 💪🏻

Well, as I expected 90% of my shorts from last summer look like this. It sucks, but I’m weirdly motivated by it in this current moment. I know I’m doing what needs to be done so these will fit in no time. And then they won’t fit again because they will be too big! 😎

Wallowing in my frustrations and pity won’t get me any closer to my goals so I sucked it up and went on a run during my lunch break and beat my 2 mile time by 10 seconds!

Today was not a great day. I woke up late and didn’t have time to run. The beautiful weather brought to mind a thought that my summer clothes most likely aren’t going to fit me due to the weight I’ve gained. So I just felt super self conscious my whole workout. 😧 I’m trying to pull myself out of this mood, but it’s just one of those days, I guess.

My legs might be sore, but I’m SO EXCITED to run in this warm weather! Who am I? Am I officially a #runner now? 😂🏃

I got up early before class and finished up Week 2 of my outside #c25k...my goal was to shave 10 seconds or so off my 2 mile time and ended up getting 2 miles done 1 min and 10 sec faster than last time! Then after class I hit a brutal #legday from @evo__fit which I’m already sore from but it feels good! 😎

All black because it’s a funeral for my fat. 😂
I had a decent enough week though I would have liked to see a bigger loss, but something is better than nothing! And this is the most consistent I’ve ever been with running 👏🏻
Good Monday all around!

Lol, I’m getting better, but definitely not running a marathon any time soon. 😂
An odd thing happened today during today’s run...I was already at the gym and just decided to jump on the treadmill for it and actually got a slower 2 mile time than I did yesterday when I ran outside with the same walk/run pattern. So even though I think my outside running is slower than a snail, I think I’m doing okay! 🏃🏃🏃

I’m two weeks away from my first 5k in three years and it’s only the second one that I’ve ever done, so I’m a little nervous! But I shaved 2 minutes off of my 2 mile time! Afterwards, I hit a nice #legday and even did some abs/core work 😎🏃

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