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Miraaaaa 👀 #AdivinaQuienVinoLaFuerza😎☝ #Mec.Armando Racing 👆💪🏍 #teampsl❤

#2018 is off to a terrible start... just smashed my #teampsl coffee mug! #basic #pumpkinspicelatte @starbucks

you can’t see the #grassrootsgear i was wearing in this pic which i’m pretty sure disqualifies me from the #np_photocontest, but here’s the thing. @taytheginger dragging me to november project (like it was hard lol) is without a doubt the best thing that happened to me this year. looking back, 2017 hasn’t been excellent, but all of the things i have loved about this year, despite its awfulness, have been related to running and the wonderful weirdos i have met bouncing around on mountaintops and beaches every wednesday and friday (and tuesday and saturday too). i am so happy and so grateful to have found them and i am so looking forward to all the races and trips and workouts to come in 2018!! the tribe is strong as hell, y’all, and getting stronger and weirder every day!!!! (PS here’s to me having more clothing tagged because homegirl doesn’t have enough 😂) aaaand 📷: @bearj29 i think???
#np_lax #novemberproject #notacult #notnotacult #outsideisfree #sweatyhugs #losangeles #trailrunning #raceeverything #justshowup #northface #nfecsca #ecsca #teamPSL #basic

In spite of my efforts to remain culturally adaptable, I still have moments when I get to escape back to the place from whence I have come. People always pressure you to embrace new ideas and things but sometimes, it is absolutely ok to hold on to something that grounds you. That’s a lot of opinion for a simple coffee photo; but, it is what I feel about life sometimes that comes out in what I capture. #todayWasAGoodDay #starbucks #teamPSL #christmasBlend #homeAwayFromHome

🍦🍫❄️ It snowed! So we got ice cream. And chocolate 5 ways! 🍫❄️🍦
(Jason’s thinking: of course 😒)
Left to Right,
Top to Bottom
(Swipe 👉 for description)
📍@IceandVice x @Callebautchocolate
Lower East Side, NYC
Out of 5!
Creativity: ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
Presentation: 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
Taste: 😋😋😋😋
Value: 💓💓💓
Overall Experience: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
✏️ How did we like the 5 chocolate flavors? :O 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫
We ranked them!
Whitney: PSL, WWW, TBT, BNB, SML.
I recommend trying all scoops with the dark chocolate chai cone! While the scoops were softer than usual, I thought these scoops were at the perfect consistency — soft and creamy. And pretty much chocolicious with a twist x5.
✋ Whitney:
PSL - Love the roasted quality of PSL - it evoked a homey/sitting by the fire kind of nostalgic feeling.
WWW - So shocked at how well the beer works with white chocolate + white miso, it goes so smoothly!! I dislike beer, however I welcome this form of it! :D The sweetness almost reaches the threshold of too sweet but luckily is a few steps away.
TBT - sooo chocolatey. I almost put this as my favorite. It tastes of rich, smooth dark chocolate that is nicely paired with speculoos chips.
BNB - a chocolate sorbet that is a bit tart due to açaí! I could see there were little chunks of bacon, but did not taste bacon flavor.
SML - The licorice flavor is adequately present.
🤚Jason: Sugar-crashed 😪 See Whitney’s comments.

half of us are drunk, are you surprised? #hotmessexpress #AMlujan #teamPSL #ecsca

We love @barkbox Day.. and Dexter is apparently #teamPSL #DexterOlaf

We had to take these basic photos too. 😂 Amsterdam has been so much fun. Loving touring around the city and tasting all the foodie spots. #teamPSL #amsterdam #iamsterdam #travelsalter #basic #cheesefordays

How else should one spend a rainy Wednesday evening? ☕📖
@neilhimself #AmericanGods #TeamPSL @tazo #pumpkinspice #teatime #bookstagram #book #reading #bookworm

When your company holds a pumpkin carving contest, you make an adorable whale @audseiler @alexandraradel #happyhalloween #whale #teampsl

I need this cup IRL! Pumpkin Spice Latte a la YSL! #fiercecoffee #TeamPSL #plannerstickers #stickers #thequeenpea

"Black Jack" pumpkin pie flavored soft serve! #teamPSL

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