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The week that was....@peanut was featured by the NY Times, Vogue and Kelly Ripa. I am so proud to be part of the most incredible team, making a positive impact on the lives of mamas everywhere. For those of you who have messaged me to say you feel nervous about sending the message to another mama, DO IT. You might just change her life as well as your own #peanutapp #teampeanut ❤️🥜

pick a team #TeamPeanut #TeamAlly

Ich hatte heute sehr netten Besuch! Monika vom @isarblog hat sich umgesehen und einen tollen Post über meinen kleinen Laden verfasst. Ich freue mich riesig und bin ein bisschen stolz 😊 #teampeanut #daraufeingläschen #haidhauseniloveyou #peanutstore

Proud to announce I will be continuing my eating career with M&Ms in the fall #teampeanut

Got to play with my favorite little guy last night! He's getting so big😫 #teampeanut

Yippeeeee I get to see dis little puppy tonighttttt!! 👯 #teampeanut

Today marks 2 years of being the lucky lady who gets to love this poofy-haired kid. Happy anniversary, Kev! ❤ #teampeanut


That peanut was truly out of this world! #LoveThePeanut #HamptonFarms #TakeUsWhenYouGo #TeamPeanut #ShellOut

@Regrann from @kaiserchiefs - Duel time in Jelling.
#TeamPeanut 😂

Happy Birthday to my adorable nephew!! Yes you are indeed #playdatematerial #teampeanut cc @peanut

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