« Donner, recevoir, partager : ces vertus fondamentales du sportif sont de toutes les modes, de toutes les époques. Elles sont le sport. » Aimé Jacquet. #k1 #teamontherun #ajsr trainingboxe

Some people may know about me wearing many hats. I'm a therapist, a sportsmom, a den leader for scouts, but I'm also a Beachbody coach. The Beachbody team that I am on is an amazing group of women (with a few men), who work so hard to empower and support each other. Not only does being a coach help keep me accountable to try to eat right and stay active. But it gives me the emotional support of trying to be a better person, and growing as an individual.
Sometimes, it's getting words of encouragement from another coach or getting gifts from my upline coach for showing up and working my business. Like this awesome marker set and personalized journal. I absolutely love it. Thank you Jessica Wise Kennedy!! You see, I love being a therapist but is a very stressful job to have at times. Being a wellness coach helps fill my bucket and keeps me emotionally fulfilled. It gives me a good balance in my life. I could not ask for a better group to be on this journey together!
If you ever are looking for that type of fulfillment and support of like minded positive people. If you ever want to make some extra income (because let's be real, that's always nice) then message me. I would love to share this opportunity with you!
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RunbabyRun 😛🏃‍♀️🌴 #teamOnTheRun #10km
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Hey there, beauties! Guess who visited us yesterday?😏 What we have here is a really sentimental love story between
@flick_domnulrima, @popescudelaradio, @andreear1986 falling for our amazing lemonades.
See you at @forzazu2018 powered by @radiozuoficial ❤️ Be there! Don't be scared! We have specialty coffee to keep you up all night long!

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Les plans d’entraînement ne t’apprennent pas qu’à courir, il y a aussi la préparation mentale; aller jusqu’au bout des choses et encaisser . Merci 😊 coach @akim_zilali Une course n’est jamais écrite d’avance! #abandonnerestinterdit #lementalcestlabase #teamOnTheRun #10kdeMenton

Quel plaisir🙃 ! 1’30 de gagner sur l’année dernière mais surtout contente de ma course✌🏽 💫#teamOnTheRun #couriraveclesourire #gardelapeche #10kmhyeres #lavieestbelle

"I could never do what you do." If I had a nickel for every time I heard women tell me they didn't have enough time, weren't in good enough shape, didn't know enough people, weren't confident enough, didn't know enough about health and fitness, didn't know enough about business..... Here's the deal. My team? We are all different-- our families, our education, our career path, our body types, our life goals-- and we are ALL busy,. Yet we are brought together by our common passion for health, fitness, and helping others. Whether you're looking for a little extra income to pay for your kiddos' dance lessons (or your shoe addiction) or you're ready to make a leap to build a new full time career? Of course you could do what we do. All you need is heart and hustle. ❤️❤️ #teamontherun #businesswomen #whynotyou? #womenwhoempower #girlbosses

Après chaque tempête vient le calme
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