Guten Morgen Schatz, (LA Time)
Dieser junge ist ein Model, er ist einfach ein unfassbar hübscher Junge❤️😍 @leonpelz
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's Edit 💞
I bims back 🤓
#teamnovembre 💓

he is the most amazing human on this planet :,)
he makes me so happy i can't even explain it wow. so so so so so grateful for you @marionovembre

Best screenshots❤❤❤@marionovembre
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“Today a dream is realized and tomorrow we hope that another dream will be realized better than it” mn♡ @marionovembre



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“ be beautiful, ily mn♡” @marionovembre #teamnovembre

I thought about leave this page..
These few weeks was so hard for me because I think about many stuffs..
Maybe you don’t see it because I don’t show anything of my feelings but I was sad..
It’s like 3 years that I’m a part of #TeamNovembre and I don’t even realize my dream yet, I’m waiting for this to long, I wanna meet Mario because it’s something I really need.
I told me that I will never be able to make this dream come true because I’m not a luckiest girl, I’m not the one who deserves it the most, because I’m not making edits like all of you, my page is just basic and I understand if you find it boring.
But you see, a girl make me understand that no matter if we’re making something special or not we’re here to support Mario in the better way we can, and it’s the most important.
For real, I won’t leave this page cause it’s the only thing who makes me closer to Mario, and to all of you.
You all means so much to me even if I don’t know you, we’re in the same family and I love you all.
Now I’m gonna say something for Mario..
If you see this I want you to know that no matter what happens I will always be there to supporting you cause you’re a talented boy and an amazing human being. I’m glad to have a boy like you in my life. You means so much to me, your songs help me to feels a feeling very weird and positive in the same time. I don’t really know how to explain this but one thing is clear is that you’re someone special, you’re like a hero, a lifesaver.
I hope you will understand all of these stupid things and that you will maybe smile if you read this.
I’m proud, proud to be who I’m, because it’s thanks to you. And I’m also proud of you and who you’re.
I love you with my whole heart.
Grateful for all you bring me since 3 years now. You’re truly the best.
Once again I love you and I hope you will remember this.❤️
Morgane. A french supporter.

Will auch ins Disneyland omg 😍😭😂😂
Liebe Disneyfilme so haben ein ganzes Regal voller Disneyfilme und gefühlt jeden Film schon 200 Mal angeschaut haha😂❤️
Welche Disneyfilme und Figuren findet ihr am besten? ❤️
Me - Also als Disneyfilm alle aber am meisten Die schöne und das Biest und Pocahontas so heißt auch mein Pferd 🐴😂 und als Disney Figur Stitch er ist so süß omg wenn ich mal ins Disneyland gehen sollte da gibt es den in ganz groß dann hol ich den mir omg jedes Mal wenn ich so eine Figur sehe raste ich aus der ist einfach zu süß😍😂
@marionovembre #teamnovembre

I can’t even make this dance 😂

Sorry für die schlechte Qualität und für den schlechten Sound aber das ist ein Video von IGTV und Leute hört es euch an und unterstützt die Jungs!!❤ • @keanurapp@marionovembre

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