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We all came from nothing, that stops here. #TeamNoSleep #LaFamilia 💎

Guten Morgen vom Team 🍼

Nach Fortschritt kommt... richtig: Rückschritt 🙈 Eine weitere Nacht mit weniger als 5 Stunden Schlaf... Irgendwie ist wieder der 🐛 drin 😉 Vor allem wird Aktuell auch der andere Wach wenn man den Raum betritt - das hatten wir so noch nie 😓

Aber hey, wir sind #teamnosleep das sind wir gewohnt 💪🏼 Der 🔋ist voll und es kann wieder gepowert werden!! Ab geht die Rakete 🚀
Die Maus 🐭 ist dann erschöpft mit ihrer 🍼 eingeschlafen... war ja auch für Sie anstrengend 😅

Habt einen schönen Tag 👍🏼☀️🌈

You niggas aint about this life #teamnosleep

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La última salida que el verano ofreció; llena de atardeceres largos completos de música fiesta y alegría. #rompiendola #vegasnightlife #vegaspoolparty #teamnosleep #tilnexttime

Hey Bitch!! I just wanted to tell you that even though people find ways to block your blessings in this industry, your are my biggest hero!! You never stop grinding for the things you want, and your always finding ways to break down barriers that are placed in front of you due to gender phobia!! Although you badly need a new weave and a fresh set of nails, 😬😬 your still my biggest inspiration! People may not ever get the chance to hear the depth of your story and struggles that you've experienced as a #transgender industry professional , but I know all the details and that's all that matters!!! Keep your smile shining bright and your head held high. One day someone in a higher position will take notice to your career accomplishments and you will fly above it all.. until then please do me a favor and keep knocking down the doors that you never got a key to!!! Love always Your InnerSelf!! #EncourageYourself #TransCEO #TeamNOSleep #IWorkHard


Our beautiful lil princess in her sparkling shoes!!!! Lol love her so much!!! #newshoes #baby #princess #love #doesntsleep #teamnosleep

Love my happy boy so much even when hes really tired & doesn't want to sleep. 😂💤😪💕💋😘😍💛💙💜💚❤ #AidenJeremiah #TeamNoSleep

•• MINI CONSULTATIONS: It’s that time again! Next Tuesday, Aug 29th, I’m opening up FIVE Mini Consultation slots ($150 each) which will include a phone call with myself, a custom verbalized plan pertaining to your exact situation and schedule (don’t have a schedule? Let’s create one!), and I always offer a follow up email for clients to use down the road should you run into any night wakings or nap issues due to travel, illness, beginning school or the arrival of a new sibling! Shoot me a DM now for your preferred time slot, these go VERY fast so hurry!
(Timeslots 9am-11am, in 30 minute increments). Note that unlike my Full Consults, Mini Consultations do not include continued support. See what others are saying about us by clicking this hashtag --> #satcreview

Let's just all pretend we are never wake up cranky and never ugly cry for apparent no reason at all. #toddlerslike #toughlife
#bestpajamasever #organicpjs #organicbamboopajamas #pajammieszipsuit #brandrep

This might not look the most appealing but it is my secret weapon! I used to think that it wasn't that great and didn't drink it regularly at first. I was definitely one of the "I'd rather EAT my food," people, which was totally crazy! This little cup of joy gives me EVERYTHING I need and more, without having to eat 7 salads! 🙌🏼
PLUS, it has ingredients to help fight cancer and diabetes, helps reduce stress (NEEDED!), and gives me ALL of my vitamins, minerals, and probiotics! Dude, this thing is a GAME CHANGER!...and tastes like a chocolate frosty. Winning!
Excuses will keep you stuck right where you are now. Maybe switch it up and see what all of the talk is about?! This is my game changer for sure, and it can be yours too 😘

😏😏🙋🙋 And on to another pot. Never needed coffee in the morning til I had kids. #mood #AF #today #teamnosleep #insomniac #momlife #coffee

Still feel like it's not finished but can't figure out wtf it is 🙄😬🤔 #drawing #coloredpencils #teamnosleep #eyeballsarefascinatingaf #art

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