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Curious , what's y'all opinion on the whole Male and Female friends thing when your in a relationship!? Now in my marriage personally we're not too big on all of that "he like my brother or she like my sister" talk over here lol. So basically if that's your friend , then that's our friend. And it's not a insecure thing, but I am territorial. . So there's no I'm going to hang out with my homegirl or hanging out together alone, not happening. And b/c I'm one to voice my opinion, if I don't like something I will speak on it. I'm not into making you guess my boundaries. And I'm not passive in my relationship even though I am very submissive. Now kinda off topic my husband was use to dating really 🤔umm let's say "sweet ,passive ,let him do whatever he wants kind of girls, and him being in the NFL didn't help lol so he was used to what I like to call the "Yes" girls so it was a rude awaking when he met me lol. When we get into a disagreement , his favorite line is (I never met someone who talks like you) 😂(disclaimer: I'm a Jersey Puertorican) But fact is He's a natural competitor so he doesn't like to lose at anything and like any man he doesn't like to be wrong lol, but the way I grew up, I had to be a fighter, so sometimes I don't know how to back down or I just won't. So with me, let's just say he met his match. Lol 😉. But I say this to say It is important in relationships to pick your battles and to know how to fight fair. You're not going to agree on everything and not every day is going to be full of bliss. Relationships are hard work and they do take sacrifice, but they are worth it. So fight fair, and be clear with each other on the boundaries you set for your relationship. If you something or someone being around makes you feel uncomfortable, then don't be scared to speak up. Communication is Key. .
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Congrats bro you did great yeaterday 👏🏻👏🏻 #germaneseman#bangkokunited#teammate#toyotaleaguecup#whosnext

#tbt to @kmdironmandenmark and a podium I shared with a guy who later also became #teammate and the guy to share room with at @bmcetixxtri camps 😄

Fastest two runs of the day, 2x sub 8h and more to come when we will spend the last week before @ironmantri WC together 😱😜 @uperform_coaching

Let's all give a warm Training Mate welcome to our newest trainer @rachael_holoway 💪🏼💙 Rachael taught her first class today and absolutely smashed it 🙌🏼 Welcome to #TeamMate legend!! Come take a class with Rach this weekend in WEHO... Saturday at 12 pm or Sunday at 10:15 & 11:30 am 😎💃🏼 #WhoRunTheWorld 👸🏻

Una sconfitta che fa male ma solo chi lotta può perdere, chi non lotta invece ha già perso in partenza... Su con il morale amico mio e testa alta 💪🏼🇮🇹 non è ancora finita! Facciamolo per noi e per tutti quelli che ci hanno sostenuto fino adesso! #finoallafine #worldchampionship #finabudapest2017 #friendship #teammate

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @emilydefroand. This is what friendship is all about.. when you try and get the balls off the pitch so I can score 1 of my 5 international goals 👌🏼#teammate #friendshipgoals #HappyBirthday #HockeyFamily #besties #teamplaya ❤️

70MPH vs 10year old... Cranked the machine up to 70mph tonight trying to get Joey ready for the PBR tournament in Indiana next month.. these balls are a little heavier then a 5oz ball and its hard for Joey to get through the ball but he's trying.. not the prettiest hits either but I'm hoping doing this 3 days a week for the next 3 weeks makes a difference. #baseball #addidas #teammates #nike #theshow #usa #usabaseball #toptiergamers #toptieramericans #mlb #team #gamersonly #love #1 #championship #workout #grind #friends
⚾️ | Best Baseball Highlights on Instagram ⚾️ @baseball.life.style
#prospectdugout #baseball #lefty #pitching #duece #scholarship #recruiting #teammate #hammer #curveball #hitter #youthbaseball youthsports highschoolbaseball collegebaseball mlb milb espn highlights grind baseballlife thedugout repost lol lmao lmfao rofl laugh funny smile


Χαλάρωμα και ανάλυση της προετοιμασίας.. Και ο Θεός βοηθός 💪🏃🚀
#marathonclub #runmotivate #acropolis #coffee #citycenter #teammate

Siapa yang belum ceritain komunitasnya di This Is Our Community? Nah lo bisa share dan ajakin temen-temen lo buat like FB Page LA Streetball terus langsung ceritain gimana keseruan di komunitas lo! Kita bakal pilih cerita yang menarik buat masuk ke fase Final This Is Our Community, dan di babak final nanti bakal ada vote dengan cara like foto komunitas yang menurut lo paling seru.. Kita udah siapin masing-masing 3 bola GG7X buat dua komunitas yang keluar sebagai juaranya!!

@zakdearnley72 vs Bradford City ⚽️🙌🏼🔴 #preseason

Selamat cuti teh mpitt. Selamat liburan 3 bulan. Semoga lancar sampai hari H lahirannya dan sampai jumpa bulan November nanti. .
Siapa yang hamil, siapa yang makin buncit 😂😂. (Extra 3 bulan shift)
If: mbak utt, teh @mpit23, me
P.s: hape standby yak kak 😂. Besok ge paling ditelfon nanya produk rilis 😂😂😂.
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