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The original VKs are back and they're better than ever. Swipe ๐Ÿ‘‰ and tell us which #VK you'd โค to have as your bestie.
Catch @DoveCameron, @SofiaCarson, @TheCameronBoyce and @Peaks.and.Pines aka #TeamMal in NEW! #Descendants2 20th October!


One week until the VKโ€™s take on the Pirates in #Descendants2! Are you #TeamMal or #TeamUma?

Good night my loves! #teammal or #teamuma !

๐Ÿ’™Uma๐Ÿ’™ or ๐Ÿ’œMal๐Ÿ’œ
#teamuma #teammal

So as I said I love this dress and this being the ultimate look for Mal for many reasons.
1. This represents how Ben sees Mal and how Mal sees herself. This is who she truly is.
2. She conjured up this look by magic right after battling Uma as a freaking Dragon!!!
3. It's totally tattered leaving behind "scars" from the battle. Totally Warrior Princess vibes!!! #Mal #descendants2


Good night my loves! #teammal or #teamuma !

Well where to start @dovecameron is one of the people I most admire in all the world, because I grew up watching #LivandMaddie #Disney, well after a few years was the movies of the villains @disney she gives life goes to the daughter of #Maleficent called #Descendants, well after 1 year and a few months left # Decendants2 that was better than the first because we see a side of #Mal (Dove Cameron) was a girl who did not feel happy being a girl in trouble, and she wanted to know.

I think many of the things she does, I love them a lot because I really want to be like her, another thing is that she has a heart attack, her hair (Platinum Blonde) and her lips are the things I like most about her because she is a #Chic with style and is only 22 years old, she is a baby.

Well, I think she's a good figure, because she knows that it's that she's been missed or made to feel bad and now she's a superstar, another thing is that her voice is #Siren, because I saw her in her presentation that she made #Mamamia and it was perfect.

Well I hope that she dedicates herself to the performance, because I also saw her in the television work of #HairSprayLive and her role was #AmberVonTussle, who was perfect in her role as a bad girl, well there is something she can not do, and it is the best dancer of life. Good but also I would like that she decided to become a singer, that would be something glorious.

And I'm very happy that #Instagram let me know everything that she uploads to your account and little by little she is going to make a great girl from disney.


Let's go mallie!! #TeamMal

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