So much stuff going on at the HQ with all companies getting ready for the holiday season but somehow I always find time to squeeze in a lift 💪🏽. Sneak peek of this @live_fit_apparel tank, part of the Black Friday drop 😬. Also leaking out these new #LVFT socks too but they won’t be out for a while 😉. Anyways, the @topthreads Dual Knucks are dropping tonight midnight PST‼️ There will be two sizes available, 11 and 12... there will be a sizing chart in the description for you to follow. I wear an 11 btw. Thank you guys and good night!
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De•sire - a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.
At first, I worked out to the gain attention of those who didn’t matter. But now, I’m proud to say that I do what I do to build the best version of myself FOR myself. At this point in my life, all that I desire is to have the ability to spread my knowledge and energy to those who are willing to grow.
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Bicep flex 💪🏼 Upperbody is so sore from yesterday's lift, but that's when ya know you put in work 💯

Hey fam! 👋🏼 .
Little update from us here in Thailand!🌴 We arrived in the middle of the night on Tuesday and are about 15 hours ahead of PST. Wednesday we walked and explored all around Bangkok not really knowing where we were going😳 Learned how to use the train (which saved SO much money) ate Thai food and experienced a different way of life! .
Thursday we slept in for a bit then decided to try to find a gym and it wasn’t easy. After taking the train to a few cities down we walked about a mile and finally found a gym called Muscle Factory. To be honest it was extremely hard for me to workout so I hit about one exercise per body part and called it a day😅 Then we hiked back to the train, got some food and headed back to our hotel area which we then walked through Soi Cowboy Road (Red light district they’re called) and found a local bar to have a shot🥃 .
Currently Friday afternoon and we’re saying ✌🏼 to Bangkok and off to fly to Chiang Mai where we will see the elephant sanctuary, hike through waterfalls and so much more!!🐘🌳☀️ .
I’m still adjusting to the time difference and our sleeping is way off but this trip has been a blast so far and we haven’t even hit the beaches yet! 🌊 .
See you in Chiang Mai for our next adventures🤙🏼 .
Repping @live_fit_apparel in & out of the country😎 .
Discount: TORILVFT for 10% off 🖤 .
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Yay! Black Friday is around the corner and so is the new year! They say it takes 21 days to create a habit and 4 weeks to notice the changes after training consistently so, we're starting now :). This is for anyone who wants: ▪️A personalized training plan ▪️sport-specific training ▪️to lose weight/ gain muscle/ prep for an event ▪️Weight training education

The entire training program is based on individual goals 😊. Training isn't just about transforming your body, its also about changing the mind, feeling better, being able to deal with stress better and having more energy.
Happy lifting! ✌️💕

Power of @sourpatchkids surging through my body during my chest/bicep session from earlier 🔥💪🤟 SICKEST 🤢 PUMPS 💪 EVER 💯😜

P.S. If you think you can eat the whole bag during your session, le-le-lemme tell ya something sonny. YOU DONE FUCKED UP 😂

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Look in the mirror and let that be the only competition! 👍🏽 don’t compete with others and don’t compare yourself to others! We are all on our own journey, we all have different situations, and we are all awesome in our own unique way! 😜 some are further than others, but that doesn’t make them better! Work on yourself, compete with yourself, and stay in your own lane!!
We all need to encourage each other, complement each other, and help each other! 👏🏽 don’t judge others, don’t beat others down, and please don’t spread negativity! Try to make someone smile, try to help someone, or simply just do a good deed I promise you it’ll make you feel sooo good!! 😆

Note to self: 📝
Be gentle with yourself. You’re trying. If it’s taking you longer than you thought to achieve something or get somewhere, that’s okay. Try not to compare yourself to others and what they’re doing. Things will happen for you at the right time. Be patient. You’ll get there soon. @live_fit_apparel 📸 @notdom_
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It won’t come easy, and that’s the beauty in it. @ashleyfloresfit x @live_fit_apparel #lvftladies #retroboom #teamlvft #coldphotography #chasedreams

If I’m not in the gym, you better believe I’m riding my bike! My only form of cardio 😏
Thank you @salmenstudiodesigns for my custom graphics & seat!

Feeling like my head is floating like I’m on cloud nine or something after deadlifts and a workout on top of that 😂🙌 After the blood stop rushing to my head I realized it’s almost the weekend! I got all hyped, but I took a step back and realized like “Bruh what’s the difference between all the days of how I feel about them?” Took the mindset of living and working for the weekend and threw that shit out the window! I keep on living and grinding to reach my goals and set new ones! The days don’t count if you don’t make them count 💯🙏🙌

Feels good being at a caloric surplus 😃

#Repost @functional.foods
• • • • •
While ideally it would be best to buy local and organic produce, this is not always practical due to premium costs, time of season, and inconvenience.
Get familiar with this list from the @environmentalworkinggroup (EWG) #Clean15 and #DirtyDozen to see which produce is the most heavily sprayed (dirty) and should ALWAYS be bought organic. I personally buy all berries, root vegetables, and dark leafy greens organic as well.
When we buy organic, we greatly decrease our exposure to neurotoxic round-up and other synthetic chemical pesticides that poison our body and cause endocrine dysfunction.
Want almonds? Well, I hope they're steam treated and organic...conventional almonds are fumigated with propylene oxide, an anti-freeze derivative and neurotoxin.
You can see that even when we are trying to make a healthy choice, we still can't seem to win. And this is just one example. Apples and diphenylamine, anyone?
In addition, organic food is more stressed. STRESSED FOOD HAS MORE NUTRIENT VALUE. When plants have to naturally fight and defend themselves from harsh conditions, water and nutrient deficiencies, and injury, they produce more phytochemicals and antioxidants. These biologically active compounds are essential for optimal health and fighting disease.
However, when we can't choose organic, I want to share with you an easy cleaning technique you can use on conventionally raised produce.
Simply add a couple tablespoons of apple cider/regular vinegar to a medium bowl, or add a full cup to your sink filled with water to remove the waxy resin. Soak for 10 minutes. Make sure to give it a final rinse and pat it dry before storing!

If you are starting your journey to getting healthier, losing weight or gaining muscle the best way to start is to cut out all the junk food, sweets and soda 👌. This is not an easy process as your body has become accustomed to the foods (for some of you). Even just cutting back on all the processed (fast) food and maybe having it once a week will make a huge difference.
Also drink anywhere from 10 glasses of water to 1 gallon per day and ADD fruits, veggies, beans, and nuts to each of your meals. ~ Kind mind, strong body ~

Be Humble. Be Hungry.
Stay Focused. Always Hustle 💯
Rocking the @live_fit_apparel Baseball raglan tee in Heather Black🔥
Had to size up to an XL .. the pump just does that sometimes 😏🤷🏻‍♂️
👉🏼 SHOP: @live_fit_apparel
Happy Thursday fam💪🏼
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@alexmichaelturner giving a little sneak peek of the GOLD EDITION Athlete jackets 🔥 Stay tuned we’ll be dropping ONLY 150 of these jackets!! All custom printed as well // numbered 001-150 so you know it’s authentic💯👌🏽. #TEAMLVFT #FOREVER #livefit #livefitapparel #LVFT #LVFTFOREVER #originalactivelifestylebrand

Take me back to Hawaii! 😍 The islands seriously get better each visit. 🤙🏽 Tryin to get away from this ridiculously warm Cali weather and go somewhere cold n snowy for Christmas! 😝 Any suggestions?!?! Send Recs!! 🖤🙏🏽 @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvftforever

On another note, those @live_fit_apparel Waist Packs...THEY BACK!! 😍 Available in black n red colorways. Cop before they sell out again.

Save 💰: phamlvft10

I always feel gangster ish in this 😄. I started listening to Tupac when I was 4 years old & I've got it on my training playlist every day. He made such an impact during his time and opened eyes and minds. I only hope to have that kind of impact sometime in my life. Cheers to living passionately and standing and living for what you believe in. ✌️💕

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