Feels good to be back in town training at @goldsgymvenice1. Knocked out a solid back session with my boy @b.romero__, body feels good and keeping some fullness with the help of @megafitmeals. MF free shipping rest of June!! —— @abdullah_84otb @thecharlesglass @chriscormier2 @lanaseggwhites @bellasophiachocolates

#flashbackfriday training quads with @thecharlesglass and @neal_cochran824. C.G. implemented various foot placements on leg press and showed us one of his new workouts to torch the quad, which is displayed in this video. (Working on them camera angels) @godfatherofbodybuilding belt is a must when attempting this workout. Itching to get back into the gym full throttle mid July! @abdullah_84otb @officialgasp @megafitmeals @lanaseggwhites @nutrexresearch

Though it was a short Vegas trip, I am glad I was able to catch up with my good friend @ryantaylor35 for a quick workout @goeosfit. Looking forward to our training sessions when I am back in town. Coincidence we both rocked the @officialgasp gear!! —- @abdullah_84otb @lanaseggwhites @bellasophiachocolates @megafitmeals

Little switch up from doing barbell rack pulls @lasvegasathleticclubs. Long two days ahead in Vegas but gym hopping will keep the workouts interesting. —- @abdullah_84otb @officialgasp @lanaseggwhites @megafitmeals @bellasophiachocolates @thecharlesglass

My little #transformationtuesday photo taken 9 months apart. Photo on the left was taken when I decided I wanted to give bodybuilding one more go. It’s amazing how much your physique can change when you actually take time to be consistent with your life, training and nutrition. I had a 2 month off season this last round, so things should be interesting when it’s time to get back on that stage next year! — @abdullah_84otb @officialgasp @thecharlesglass @chriscormier2 @lanaseggwhites @bellasophiachocolates @megafitmeals

Ran into a high school football teammate! Glad to see @tgd_officially following his dream with music and still killing it in the gym! Always great to see you!! @goldsgymvenice1

Dumbbell side laterals yesterday @goldsgymvenice1- @bader_boodai @abdullah_84otb @chriscormier2

Solid back session with @chriscormier2, implementing “The Real Deal” training methods have been vital for improving my back. Working to add thickness to the back with the classic detail. @abdullah_84otb@nutrexresearch @lanaseggwhites @megafitmeals @bellasophiachocolates @selfmadetrainingfacilityoc

Had the opportunity to train legs with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder @pete619muscle at one of my favorite gyms @worldgymsandiego! Pete and I had a great time throwing around weights while catching up between sets. The motivation grew between sets as we discussed future plans of shows, workout collaborations and business with @619muscle. Thank you for the hospitality Pete!! It’s fun to able to train with other bodybuilders and there’s no ego just learning and pushing one another. Thank you for the hospitality!! (Pete @repp_sports) @nutrexresearch @officialgasp @lanaseggwhites @megafitmeals @official_otomix @ifbb_pro_league

#Repost @lanaseggwhites with @get_repost
The best Prep for tomorrow is doing your best today! Energy is contagious! Stay happy, train with focus and know that food matters! Trainer @wendylafayette & @coffeefitnessunicorn fuel up with Lana’s Egg Whites on the daily! #lanaseggwhites #la #living #gym #beach #fitness #teamlanaathlete #personaltrainer #muscle #builder #eggwhites #aminos #leanmuscle #summer #sunshine #bikini #friends #strength #love #socal #photooftheday #maketheworldabetterplace

The best Prep for tomorrow is doing your best today! Energy is contagious! Stay happy, train with focus and know that food matters! Trainer @wendylafayette & @coffeefitnessunicorn fuel up with Lana’s Egg Whites on the daily! #lanaseggwhites #la #living #gym #beach #fitness #teamlanaathlete #personaltrainer #muscle #builder #eggwhites #aminos #leanmuscle #summer #sunshine #bikini #friends #strength #love #maketheworldabetterplace

Grow season starts now!! Weight is 220, we’ll see where this goes with more time to grow versus the 2 months I did before my last prep started. @officialgasp Logo HotPant worn for progress pictures. @abdullah_84otb @officialgasp @lanaseggwhites @megafitmeals @chriscormier2 @thecharlesglass #teamabdullah #camelcrew #o2gym #realdealtraining #godfatherofbodybuilding

Little Sunday funday quad action lead by @thecharlesglass and my good friend @neal_cochran824. Leg days have never been the same since strapping on my first pair of @official_otomix . The comfort and stable from shoes helps to train the @godfatherofbodybuilding way! @officialgasp @lanaseggwhites

Three awesome companies smashed into one photo!! Great store @purenutritionriverside , great vendors and excellent customers at todays event!! Blast hanging with friends and meeting new people!! Riverside #winning🏆 @nutrexresearch, @officialgasp, @lanaseggwhites @official_otomix

WHAT A NIGHT THIS WILL BE!! Let’s bring it home, Team Lana Elite Colby Covington @colbycovmma says “Time to make this division great again!!” UFC 225!! Chicago!! USA!! 🇺🇸 #MAGA 👊 ALL THE BEST, CODY!!! #gethardstayhard #teamlanaelite #ufc #ufc225 #fightnight #chicago #mma #maga #presidenttrump #usa #champion #wrestler #lanaseggwhites #bjj #att #americantopteam #arsenal #teamlanaathlete

I give it all that I got
I give it all that I got
Life been movin' so fast

The One and Only @el_boogie7 always having my back whether it’s moving, to the days talking with me about my ex(which was a daily speach) lol, flying out to shows and helping anyway he can. It’s funny to think our 18 year friendship began when he found out I wanted to fight him at the local park back in 8th grade. Even though he was in the wrong for calling me a “scrub”, 🙄 I’m glad he was wise enough to know that violence is never the answer. Communication can solve a lot of problems and that conversation created a brotherhood that will last a lifetime. That was the best lesson I’ve ever learned!! You’re a real one cousin @el_boogie7 #day1 #family

They say it's a storm coming to England 🇬🇧. Social media is trending with prettyboy and everyone is talking about the PrettyBoy making his anticipating fight back to Europe to fight on @bammauk London card against who??? 🤔 they say he's going to shock the world with his cage entrance like Ali beat Liston 🥊 the world is waiting for his grand entrance 🎪They say he might come out like @ginuwine "Pony" They also said he might come out like @kingbobbybrown or Even "Michael Jackson" but which song??🎤let's see what will happen!! Will you be there to witness greatness and a spectacular comeback? Stay tune for @bammauk 36 London June 28th at the YORK HALL in London. Shout outs to my sponsors @fightforeverbrand @tc1gel @lanaseggwhites @lightsoutbrand @shawnemerriman and shout out to my coaches for helping me out @antoniomckee @hardman4real @2xscoops @lightning147 @ambitious_mac #prettyboy #bammauk #warriors #london🇬🇧 #American🇺🇸 #teamprettyboy #teambodyshop #alameda #bayarea #gowarriors #teamlanaathlete #teamlanaelite #bammatakeover

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