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Come check out my YouTube channel!👻 Just type in kray_b in Youtube search bar and you'll find me! I only have 3 videos up and working on a 4th one, let me know what you think! 📝 should I even make YouTube videos from my streams? 🤔 should I invest more time into editing? 💻 let me know!

No stream tonight kitties! I chose wine. LOL wineRY. Been a tough week! But here's mine furballs Eva and Shiloh 🐾😻

Testing #yamahaysp5600 🤔 idk idk... considering getting an actual surround system versus a sound bar 🤷🏼‍♀️

Finally got around to making a video of my very first video stream! It's filled with screams and laughs and all my friends who stopped by! As well as my dog 😂 link is in the bio if you guys want to see me get scared half to death! (Apparently☝🏼)

Lots of people been asking what kind of games I play so I decided to make a list of all the games I have, highlighting my top favorite 🙌🏼 ❤️SOMA ❤️The Last Of Us ❤️ Life is Strange 💛 COD Infinite warfare 💛 Fallout 4 💛 Oddworld new and tasty 💛 The Evil Within 💛 GTA 5 💛 Dying light 💛 GTA vice city 💛 Little Big Planet 💛 Knock Knock 💛 Trine 3 💛 Time Machine VR 🔸COD advanced warfare 🔸walking dead tell tales 🔸eagle flight VR 🔸VR worlds 🔸Robinson VR 🔸Drive club VR 🔸tomb raider definitive edition 🔸 fat princess adventures 🔸the unfinished swan 🔸 amongst the sleep 🔸Rahman legends 🔸 COD modern warfare 🔸 uncharted 4 🔸 killing floor 2 🔸ABZU 🔸D.C. Universe 🔸 world war toons 🔸rocket league 🔸until dawn 🔸Bateman VR 🔸 the bunker 🔸 fruit ninja VR 🔸infamous first light 🔸Gary the gull 🔸this war of mine the little ones 🔸until dawn rush of blood VR 🔸asemblance 🔸thief 🔸ended of fire 🔸journey 🔸gone home 🔸tropico 5 🔸just cause 3 🔸magica 2 🔸ether one 🔸how to survive storm warning edition 🔸apotheon 🔸the swapper 🔸 escape plan 🔸Lara Crofts temple of Osiris 🔸valiant hearts 🔸Styx 🔸Spelunky 🔸 slender man 🔸resident evil revelations 2 🔸everyone gone to the rapture 🔸limbo 🔷what are your favorite games?!🔷

#tbt to when I could rock those glasses 😎side note 📝 sorry I haven't been streaming or watching some of your streams guys, my work is 9-6 but there's one week of work where it's extremely difficult to come home and have energy for anything but a glass of wine and bed 😴 and this is the week! It's rent week 😐 that means me=dead😵☠️ once everything settles down I'll be bak 🤖 I'll be back on Saturday afternoon for sure 😸 side note of the side note 📝📝 I got ma lights 🙌🏼💃🏼📡💡🔦🕯 so my streams should be lighter now 🤓 anyways, y'all ROCK 🤘🏼💛 thanks for for not forgetting about me and continue to DO YOU❣️

Happy 4th of July my fellow gamers! I hope you have a great day celebrating this wonderful country! 💙❤️

Do you guys remember how I told you I won Xbox one? Well this is it! I can't wait to try it out! I've literally NEVER won anything and I've NEVER played Xbox before! How cool is this?! Passing my good luck to you 🙌🏼✨💛

Swipe left 👈🏼 WHO ELSE IS DIGGING THIS SALE?! 🙀🙀🙀 damn PS4 Plus thank you 🙌🏼 looks like I'm not leaving my house for a while now 😂🙈🙊 Go get some games before it expires! 😜

My Fallout 4 Evil Kai video is up on YouTube and twitch, you can find link in the bio! 🙌🏼 my first couple streams are definitely rusty as you can see there are many imperfections 😂🙈 but I am working on improving so you can have the best picture and sound possible as of right now, maybe someday I'll get a PC and become much more advanced but with PS4 Streaming it is what it is 🤷🏼‍♀️ Please like and share any of my YouTube videos I'd greatly appreciate it! 🤘🏼😻😘

I know I've been gone for couple of days but it's been crazy with the corporate party etc 🗓 ALSO I WON XBOX ONE which is amaze balls because I NEVER win anything🙀😻! lol I can't wait to try it out. 👾❗️I will go live today to do some low key fallout 4 ❗️👾 but I am waiting on a set of lights to arrive so you can see me better during streams💯 Once I get those I will resume the evil within 🐵🙈🙉I hope you all are having an amazing weekend! 🖤🤘🏼

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