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If you’re wondering why I still haven’t been online nor joined any of your streams lately, well mainly because this is what my house looks like! We are doing some remodeling and doing everything ourselves, especially my amazing S - for Superman but also S for Steve - my hubs 😍 meanwhile I’ve been working on my own website about another hobby of mine. Swipe left on the photo to see what it is and follow @teatreebee for more! See you there! 😘

Guess who became a homeowner today! 🙏🏼🙌🏼

Update on what's been happening: 🤘🏼 quit my job 🏡 got closing date on our amazing house 🚙📦 moved out from our loft 💁🏼moved in with parents until the closing date SEPT 29th 🎨 once we get the keys we will be re painting some of the rooms 🏆 then finally move in into our own home! 🎮 I will be setting up space for twitch 💕 as of right now, just came back from our beach getaway 🌊🙌🏼🐾❤️ life has been crazy but I remember and think about you 💭 #twitchfamily

Today I quit my job 🙋🏼 (no not because of twitch 😜) sometimes I stop and wonder what am I doing and why, and it just didn't make sense anymore. Guess who you'll see more in 2 weeks? 😜😘

Sorry for taking you on a wild ride in my stories today 😂🤦🏼‍♀️😂 I WILL be streaming tonight at 7:30 PST playing Killing Floor 2 so if you haven't seen the game yet and want to tune in, come on over! 🤘🏼🔥 perhaps some of you have the game and would like to play together - hit me up! 🙋🏼 I hope to see you there! 🐾🖤

Hi twitch kitties 🐾 I know I've been super absent and haven't been in touch but I'm on vacay! 🏝🤘🏼 I'll get back to everyone once I get home 😌💻 I hope everyone's having a great weekend streamin' away 🎥🕹 if I missed anything cool send me links so I can catch up! 🙌🏼 Love 💛 K

Come check out my YouTube channel!👻 Just type in kray_b in Youtube search bar and you'll find me! I only have 3 videos up and working on a 4th one, let me know what you think! 📝 should I even make YouTube videos from my streams? 🤔 should I invest more time into editing? 💻 let me know!

My new avatar thanks to @ryzaart ! She did an amazing job and everything I asked for 🙌🏼🙌🏼 if you need a cute avi made hit her up she's amazing! 😻

No stream tonight kitties! I chose wine. LOL wineRY. Been a tough week! But here's mine furballs Eva and Shiloh 🐾😻

Testing #yamahaysp5600 🤔 idk idk... considering getting an actual surround system versus a sound bar 🤷🏼‍♀️

Finally got around to making a video of my very first video stream! It's filled with screams and laughs and all my friends who stopped by! As well as my dog 😂 link is in the bio if you guys want to see me get scared half to death! (Apparently☝🏼)

Lots of people been asking what kind of games I play so I decided to make a list of all the games I have, highlighting my top favorite 🙌🏼 ❤️SOMA ❤️The Last Of Us ❤️ Life is Strange 💛 COD Infinite warfare 💛 Fallout 4 💛 Oddworld new and tasty 💛 The Evil Within 💛 GTA 5 💛 Dying light 💛 GTA vice city 💛 Little Big Planet 💛 Knock Knock 💛 Trine 3 💛 Time Machine VR 🔸COD advanced warfare 🔸walking dead tell tales 🔸eagle flight VR 🔸VR worlds 🔸Robinson VR 🔸Drive club VR 🔸tomb raider definitive edition 🔸 fat princess adventures 🔸the unfinished swan 🔸 amongst the sleep 🔸Rahman legends 🔸 COD modern warfare 🔸 uncharted 4 🔸 killing floor 2 🔸ABZU 🔸D.C. Universe 🔸 world war toons 🔸rocket league 🔸until dawn 🔸Bateman VR 🔸 the bunker 🔸 fruit ninja VR 🔸infamous first light 🔸Gary the gull 🔸this war of mine the little ones 🔸until dawn rush of blood VR 🔸asemblance 🔸thief 🔸ended of fire 🔸journey 🔸gone home 🔸tropico 5 🔸just cause 3 🔸magica 2 🔸ether one 🔸how to survive storm warning edition 🔸apotheon 🔸the swapper 🔸 escape plan 🔸Lara Crofts temple of Osiris 🔸valiant hearts 🔸Styx 🔸Spelunky 🔸 slender man 🔸resident evil revelations 2 🔸everyone gone to the rapture 🔸limbo 🔷what are your favorite games?!🔷

#tbt to when I could rock those glasses 😎side note 📝 sorry I haven't been streaming or watching some of your streams guys, my work is 9-6 but there's one week of work where it's extremely difficult to come home and have energy for anything but a glass of wine and bed 😴 and this is the week! It's rent week 😐 that means me=dead😵☠️ once everything settles down I'll be bak 🤖 I'll be back on Saturday afternoon for sure 😸 side note of the side note 📝📝 I got ma lights 🙌🏼💃🏼📡💡🔦🕯 so my streams should be lighter now 🤓 anyways, y'all ROCK 🤘🏼💛 thanks for for not forgetting about me and continue to DO YOU❣️

Happy 4th of July my fellow gamers! I hope you have a great day celebrating this wonderful country! 💙❤️

Do you guys remember how I told you I won Xbox one? Well this is it! I can't wait to try it out! I've literally NEVER won anything and I've NEVER played Xbox before! How cool is this?! Passing my good luck to you 🙌🏼✨💛

Swipe left 👈🏼 WHO ELSE IS DIGGING THIS SALE?! 🙀🙀🙀 damn PS4 Plus thank you 🙌🏼 looks like I'm not leaving my house for a while now 😂🙈🙊 Go get some games before it expires! 😜

My Fallout 4 Evil Kai video is up on YouTube and twitch, you can find link in the bio! 🙌🏼 my first couple streams are definitely rusty as you can see there are many imperfections 😂🙈 but I am working on improving so you can have the best picture and sound possible as of right now, maybe someday I'll get a PC and become much more advanced but with PS4 Streaming it is what it is 🤷🏼‍♀️ Please like and share any of my YouTube videos I'd greatly appreciate it! 🤘🏼😻😘

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