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Another shot for this #StrapSaturday, straight from Florida, our vacation spot for the last week of the summer break. There's something about being near the water that just alters the mood for the better! 💦😌 The vintage King Seiko 5626-7041 is certainly not complaining. 😉Current soundtrack: Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water." 🎧 Good afternoon, #WatchFam! ☕️

One more shot for this #StrapSaturday: The Seiko SARB035. JDM, gorgeous dial, nicely cut (and lumed) hands, beautiful case, and powered by the very strong 6R15. I really like this caliber, and will be writing more about it soon. For now, I put a picture of it in my "Stories" 👆in case you'd like to check it out. This movement is a hidden gem and offers so much for a watch at this price point. 😉 Current soundtrack: Coldplay's "The Scientist." 🎧 Merry Happy Hour, #WatchFam! 🥃 #TW4Fingers

Wearing the all-around elegant Grand Seiko Hi-Beat GMT (SBGJ019) on this #SeikoSunday. What a watch this is! Current soundtrack: Chuck Berry's "Roll Over Beethoven." #RIPchuckberry 🎧 Good morning, #WatchFam! ☕️

The Seiko diver SLA017--the company's faithful recreation of the historic 62MAS diver from 1965--has proven to be just as versatile as it gorgeous. In particular, I'm fascinated by the dial, which appears to have some chameleon-like characteristics. Here's what I mean: Technically, the dial is gray. But depending on the light and the strap, it seems to "absorb" adjacent colors and "morph" with it, like it did in the combo in the picture. It went from gray to a slate gray tone, which, combined with the green-lume-filled stainless-steel hour indices, gives the watch a whole new look. I initially thought it would be hard for me to wear this watch with anything but the waffle-patterned silicone strap strap that comes with it. But that perception has changed very quickly. 😉 Current sountrack: Elvis Costello's "Our Little Angel." 🎧 Good #SeikoSunday morning, #WatchFam! ☕️ #TW4Fingers

Joining this week's #Head2HeadCopycat fray, "Buckle Up," with a very special Grand Seiko clasp with a carved Wako store logo. As they say, "When you know, you know!" 🤓 Current soundtrack: Frank Sinatra's rendition of "Here's that Rainy Day." 🎧 Good morning, #WatchFam! ☕️ #GSWednesday

Joining my #Watchfy friends for this week's theme, "Macro." My submission: The solid 18K gold lion medallion on the caseback of the Grand Seiko SBGW253. The craftsmanship here is sublime! 💛😱 Current soundtrack: Bruce Springsteen's "You're Missing." 🎧 Good afternoon, #WatchFam! ☕️

"All Along the Watch Roll" (Part 4): The Grand Seiko "First" (3180) has brand new shoes for this #StrapSaturday. And, boy, doesn't she look great on these Hodinkee honey brown crocs? I certainly think so! 😍 Current soundtrack: The Flamingo's "I Only Have Eyes for You." 🎧 Good morning, #WatchFam! ☕️ #AllAlongTheWatchRoll

Showcasing the new Seiko Samurai SRPB55 for this #StrapSaturday. This piece, sadly, is not mine. It belongs to a friend, and I am glad to have had a chance to take a few shots of it. The new Samurai line is indeed pretty cool. Technically, the watch is similar to the Samurai Blue Lagoon, with a 43.8mm angular case powered by the 4R35 movement. But the look is very different, with a blackened steel case, a gorgeous high-relief dial, and beautiful gilt accents. I also dug the silicone strap. It's really soft, and feels pretty comfortable on the wrist. Current soundtrack: AC/DC's "Back in Black." 🎧 Good morning, #WatchFam! ☕️

Joining my #Illumenauts friends for tonight's #LumeBattle with the Seiko turtle SRP775 lightening up the evening. Also, making this a double submission for my #6WMShootout friends for this week's challenge, "Back to School." Current soundtrack: Ella Fitzgerald's "Down Hearted Blues." 🎧 Good night, #WatchFam! 😴


Coming in not with a cold brew. Not sure if I’ll ever to be able to keep up with @ea8 ‘s coffee consumption though. #WatchesAndCoffee

Can’t start #FleigerFriday without a required dose of #WatchesAndCoffee

Poppy’s Connie today

I. Love. This. Watch.

Starting the day off with the @raven_watches #Trekker40 on my first home made strap! Thank you @ea8 and @alexvanslyke for inspiration and instruction. It was a very enjoyable process and I am looking forward to making more in the future. #KenKPose

#WatchesAndCoffee for the first day of my “weekend”. I’m almost out of my @stumptowncoffee beans and looking for suggestions if anyone has any 🙏🏼☕️

It’s Friday for me, and I can’t wait for it to be over. A little bit of #Flecto as the sun sets on a hectic Buffalo. #SeikoFivesSaveLive Hope everyone else had a wonderful #BlueWatchMonday

Starting this #StrapSaturday on the right foot with the Seiko Weekdater (6202-8040). This is one of my favorite vintage pieces, from May 1966. That sunburst dial and the large day window get me every time. 😍 Current sountrack: The National’s “Guilty Party.” 🎧 Good morning, #WatchFam! ☕️

One of the good things about being a Seiko collector is the almost endless models, movements, series, and details are there to explore. Perhaps even more important—from a vintage collector’s point of view—is the fact that a lot of these stories are not widespread, which translates into the availability of incredible, historically significant pieces at reasonable prices. Such is the case of the King Seiko line, which remains, in my view, under-appreciated for the quality it offers and the history it represents. Why is that? Because, as Winston Churchill famously remarked, “History is written by the victors.” And, in the competition between Grand and King Seiko, we know that GS came on top. It’s worth opening a parenthesis here though: I’m not arguing the outcome of this competition. As friends of the feed know, I’m a passionate Grand Seiko fan. Instead, I am arguing that King Seiko is, in absolute terms, an incredibly rich series that, as a result of the outcome of the competition with GS, has, in a matter of speaking, been overlooked by many. In other words, this is an argument *for* King Seiko, not *against* Grand Seiko. 😉 And why do I like the King Seikos? Well, many reasons: The exquisite movements (including the 4420A and the excellent Cal. 52 and 56); the “Grammar-of-Design” cases with their distinct characteristics (brushed and polished surfaces, sharp lugs, razor-blade-like edges); gorgeous dials; and diverse, super-cool handsets; just to name a few. Another point: Centering the conversation exclusively on the KS vs. GS rivalry, in my view, misses the point that the King Seikos stacked up extremely well against other Swiss pieces produced at the time. Pictured is my vintage KS 5626-7041 from April 1973, with the chronometer certified 5626B caliber, regulated and serialized. A great watch all around! Current soundtrack: Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight.” 🎧 Merry Happy Hour, #WatchFam! 🥃

"In October my feeling of dread spiked, so I decided to buy a Rolex." (G. Shteyngart). Collecting vintage watches is a guilty pleasure: I could have finished some fine novels by Han Kang and Emmanuel Carrère that are on my night desk 📚. Instead, I spent the last nights browsing through ebay listings of 1940s Tudors💻. Good that other highbrow nerds suffer from the same addiction/OCD(?) syndrome. And good that good old New Yorker has some cathartic absolution for us .... "Confessions of a watch geek" by Gary Shteyngart. Read that and you also get some good advice like "If you want a watch that looks like a Russian oligarch just curled up around your wrist and died, you might be interested in the latest model of Rolex’s Sky-Dweller."😱
Image by @nishantchoksi in @newyorkermag Interview also on @hodinkee . . .
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Have been looking for an integrated bracelet watch (aka 'Stainless Steel Luxury Sports Watch') for quite some time. But it had to be affordable vintage, which means none of the big 3, that is NO 🚷 Royal Oak and the likes. Then I came over this one here, an absolutely random find on eBay, a Zenith reference that I have not even known before ... coming with a blue linen (!) dial, a massive bracelet, fluted bezel, tuning fork calibre 🤓. . . . Bought from @vintagewatcheshop

#uglysisterwatches of AP Royal Oak, PP Nautilus and IWC Ingenieur . . .

#wornandwound #vintagechronometer #vintagewatches #affordablewt #klokkeriet #zenith #vintagezenith #vinyageuhren #vintagedesign #horology #watchfam #wristshot #wristporn #womw #watchoftheday #montres #watchgeek #watchfam #teamkicktock #wis #watchuseek #zenithxltronic #tuningforkwatch #omegaf300

I've been enjoying this combo so much lately: The Grand Seiko Hi-Beat Wako SBGH041 on camel-colored suede shoes! As the SKX007 on an orange NATO was my favorite summer combo in 2017, I'm pretty sure it's going to be hard to top this one as my Fall favorite! 🐪⌚️🐪 Back in New York! Feels good to be home after an intense week! Current soundtrack: Imagine Dragon's "Demons" (acoustic version). 🎧 Merry Happy Hour, #WatchFam! 🥃

A black and white Grand Seiko SBGW253 emerges from the archives with a touch of blue for this #GSWednesday. Still on the road. ✈️ Current soundtrack: Bruce Springsteen's "Mansion on the Hill." 🎧 Good morning, #WatchFam! ☕️

On the road again, this time on business. Very crazy-busy few days ahead! So apologies in advance, but posting and comments will be intermittent this week. That said, I'm bringing a wrist shot of the Grand Seiko 62GS re-issue from the archives to help sweep the Monday blues away. Current soundtrack: Rag'n'Bone Man's "Human (acoustic version)." 🎧 Good morning, #WatchFam! ☕️

Bringing out the always stunning Grand Seiko SBGR061 for this #SeikoSunday. Really love this watch! Our hearts and thoughts are with those in Florida fighting Hurricane Irma! Stand strong! Stay safe, folks! Current soundtrack: U2's "One." 🎧 Good morning, #WatchFam! ☕️

It's been an extremely busy week at work, so I'm very happy to welcome this #2FingerFriday / #FlectoFriday! Celebrating it with the Grand Seiko Hi-Beat GMT SBGJ019 against the still green leaves in New York. Fall is almost officially here, and soon enough those colors will be turning. 😎 Special current soundtrack: The National's new release "Sleep Well Beast." Yes, the entire album! It's that good! 👍🎧 Good morning, #WatchFam! ☕️

Heeding the call from my #Watchfy friends for this week's challenge, #BlackandWhitefy. My submission: The vintage Seiko Lord Marvel (5740-0010) ready to go to work. Current soundtrack: Radiohead's "Creep." Old, probably overplayed, but still so good! 😉🎧 Good morning, #WatchFam! ☕️

Kicking off this #GSWednesday with a new combo for the Grand Seiko Hi-Beat Wako SBGH041. Busy day ahead: Conference, back-to-back meetings, business dinner afterwards, you know the drill... 😉 Current soundtrack: Bob Dylan's "Lay Lady Lay." 🎧 Good morning, #WatchFam! ☕️

Back in New York with the Seiko Samurai Blue Lagoon (SRPB09) on the wrist for this #BlueWatchMonday for my good friend @watches_es. Current soundtrack: John Mayer's live rendition of "Everyday I Have the Blues." 🎧 Good morning, #WatchFam! ☕️ And Happy Labor Day for those here in the 🇺🇸!

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