Does anyone else find modding cars stressful?

Should I hire @thekreev to edit every photo I take?

Instagram absolutely ruins quality on pictures.

#throwbackthursday .
Spocom Shukai 2013 .
#teamhighoctanetuners hard parked along the main street of San Jose Japantown.
Remembering also our good ‘ol friend Lito Mata (@bedista4evr) showcasing his old school silver sedan Corolla.
#thebirthofshukai #shukai #shukaisj #shukaisanjose #wheelsnmeals #team_HOT #チ一ム熱い #highoctanetuners #teamhighoctanetuners #butterfliesongrassphotography #rememberinglitomata #riplito #riplitomata .
📷: @pasmag / @butterfliesongrass_photography

Hide ya kids and hide ya wifes hide ya husbands because @jaaydreams

Who's the best Z tuner out there?

"Okay, okay, well I'ma be here for a while
Longer than I did expect to
I was out of town, getting lost till I was rescued
Now I’m in the clouds, come down when I run out of jet fuel
But I never run out of jet fuel" •

RIP @macmiller....in a generation full of shitty mumble rappers like Lil Pump it truly sucks to lose a real rapper like Mac..Rest in Peace

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