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Thanks to MiMi for watching our girl today! So thankful my hubby is feeling better and thankful we were able to go have lunch! And also went antiquing ❤️ went to Benjamin’s for brunch and had Fried apple pie French toast 😭😍🙌 ..
.. #teamhammockforlife #lovehim #brunchdate #forevermydate #hesmymcmeveryday #happyanniversarytous❤️ #fulloffoodandcoffee @lilc3po

Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband ❤️ this guys puts up with ME 😂🙌 he is the best husband and father. I cannot imagine this life without him and parenting without him. He’s always there to catch me, he prays with me , encourages me, he is humble, selfless, loving the list could go on. Last year I got to watch my husband get baptized and I’m so proud of him ❤️ we’ve had our struggles our laughs our challenges God has been there every step of our steps so thankful God have me this little family ❤️ #teamhammockforlife #happanniversary #ouradventure @lilc3po

This Saturday We celebrate Three years of marriage 😍 ❤️ this guy is the best husband and father #teamhammockforlife #3yearsforevertgo #lovehim @lilc3po

around this time four years ago I had just moved back into my parents not knowing where or what was going to happen to my life... a couple months after being back with my parents my mom was diagnosed with Cancer... now looking back I believe that God did A L L O F I T... we see a straight path ahead of us some times but that’s not the way God directs it at times.. There is no need for me to go into detail because it’s the past. But what I love is looking bs k and seeing how God did things. He saved me like he always does and blessed me beyond measure. Last night I cried and cried like my mom had just died... most of the time when I talk about my mom being sick I don’t emotionally connect when I talk about it because you don’t want me to I’ll be a mess. But I just miss her so much there are not words and it just is not fair that she had to leave. But my husband hugged me did not say a word just hugged me. So thankful to be married to this man for his patience, love and kindness. We’ve grown a lot the past few years and in a little over a week we will be celebrating three years of marriage. I love you ❤️ #teamhammockforlife #datenightathome #catchinguponstrangerthings @lilc3po

Snow day ❄️ ⛄️ ❤️ this time last year Randi was just a little over a month old! My how a year changes things. #randielizabethgrace #mylittlefam @lilc3po #teamhammockforlife

Love this man so much and so thankful for him ❤️ here’s to our last year in our 20’s #hesmymcmeveryday #lovehim #teamhammockforlife #husbandandwife @lilc3po

Story continued. Soooo I’m a Taurus! Ya’ll know I’m stubborn! I fought HARD against everything! Tried to find every reason to come back to the states! And then I got in that good Hammock (#teamhammockforlife) and took a major chill pill! It’s funny the beauty you find when you sit yo a$$ down!

I look at all our pictures and think .. this was only a few months ago... how has it been almost three years? I believe God protected me from a lot in the past and that he does absolutely everything for a reason. Although my life has seen pain in the past.. I'm so blessed to have the little family I do, although I'm so undeserving with everything God has given me. You have to go through growing pains at times to get to where God wants you. Life can be messy but as long as your in Gods will what does it matter if it's messy!? I'm so thankful for this unconditional loving, hard working, best father and husband of mine ❤️the best thing was my mom looking at Christopher when I wasn't even in the room at the time and saying I know you guys are supposed to be together days before she died ❤️ #teamhammockforlife #nowearethree #mysoulamte

A late #mcm😍 and a early #tbt all in one ❤️ we've come a long way. I'm so thankful for Gods mercy and Grace that he blessed me with you and Randi. You're so loving, patient, and take such good care of us. How has been almost three years already! I'll never forget when our eyes met for the first time in such a long time my heart and soul pointed at you and said that one ❤️ thank you for loving me unconditionally, and accepting me as I am, for helping me in all aspects of life, walking beside me, and being such a good husband and father❤️ I love you! #teamhammockforlife @lilc3po

Happy Anniversary to my best friend and soulmate!
You are the most wonderful person you're an amazing husband and father ❤ watching you be a daddy is so amazing. The last few years have been incredible. Im so thankful for God's mercy and Grace in my life thst he sent you ❤ I love being your wife! And thank you for making me a momma to Randi Elizabeth Grace! #teamhammockforlife #ourlovestory @lilc3po

Redbox movie night all night with my better half #redboxnight #redbox #movienight #date nigh #redboxmovies #ilovemovienight #teamhammockforlife #vinceandmia #hammockmovienight 😍😚😙 🎥🎥🎥❤❤❤❤

😍 cannot imagine doing life without you. Thank you for being so patient with me during this pregnancy! Randi Elizabeth and I are so blessed to have you! You're going to be the best daddy to her. You work so hard for this little family ❤ #teamhammockforlife #randielizabethgracehammock #33weeks #mylove

yes, this is happiness #teamcate #teamhammock #teamhammockforlife

Tomorrow is May 5th... Two years ago a guy that I hadn't seen in almost ten years had walked back into my life. The next month on May 5th two years ago we officially started dating. My life has been forever changed! We've already been through so much together and the start of our relationship was not easy when you're going through a divorce. But like the song says! Grace wins!! And you stayed and endured so much just to stay by my side. I'm so beyond thankful for going through everything I did because it to brought me to my Christopher.
January 2015 we were married and December 2016 we will be welcoming our precious miracle from God! I'm so excited to share the rest of my life with this man and raise our sweet baby. You make life so much fun and although life or marriage is not perfect you help make it easy! You are my best friend, you encourage me, love me for who I am, you love me when I'm hangry! Haha thank you so much for choosing me to be your wife <3 #teamhammockforlife #lovemyhubby #twoyears #babyhammock

😍 love this one ❤ thanks to Miranda for taking all these pictures! I love him! #teamhammockforlife #lovemyhusband

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