Si vous cherchez de la lecture pour cet été, jetez vous sur les livres de @virginiegrimaldi sans hésiter, vous êtes sûrs de passer un très bon moment ❤️ #teamgrimaldi #coupsdecoeur #livresdelété #lecturedevacances

You could call me a stalker fan, but I’m also his wife, so it’s acceptable. 👀🏒 #devoted #bigfan #teamgrimaldi

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Our engagement pics still make me all sentimental. 😅🖤🙌🏻💍 #loml #TeamGrimaldi #engaged #mems

I call him RocStar, but now he’s an @theahl All-Star too! What a fun surprise! 🏒💫 #TeamGrimaldi

✨ It’s almost 2018! ✨ I hope you never feel like you’ve peaked. I remember the moment I was crowned Miss Grand Forks 4 years ago. I thought to myself, “this is just the beginning!” I thought the same thing at Rocco’s 1st NHL game & our wedding day too, just to name a few! Our lives have been full of some really amazing-sparkling moments...but also a lot of valleys. (A LOT of valleys, to be honest!) I’ve learned that it’s impossible to peak if your sights are always on the next one. You may not know what to do next once you retire from pageantry or hang up the skates or graduate from college - BUT - as long as you’re seeking the next peak, I’m sure you’ll find one.
Personally I’ve also found that the great majority of my life is spent walking ✨between✨ the peaks. It’s become vital for me to enjoy the waiting/humble beginnings. If I don’t, I will be discontent with my daily life. (AKA my LIFE. The peaks are just the sprinkles. Learn to love your life!) Over time I’ve been working on savoring the peaks for all they’re worth, but I’ve also worked on embracing the seasons of change/sorrow/confusion/growth/waiting. You just never know what God has on the road ahead, & that’s my favorite part of walking through life as a Christian.
I look back & I can’t believe what God has done in the life of the high school girl I used to be. I was devoted to God & I worked very hard on my music/schoolwork. I was so afraid of my big dreams but also quietly believed God would do great things through me if I just kept devoting my life’s work to Him. Here I am today, 5 years later: Having released 2 albums, started a blog, sang for many events, met many ambitious people, met supportive friends, grown in my faith, married a God-loving pro-hockey playing stud...etc. Sometimes I feel like my reach in this world is so small. Maybe you do too. But the beauty is, you never peak as a Christian. God will continue to place dreams & missions before you. Maybe 2018 will be the 1st year you know this to be true: “The best is yet to COME.” So keep giving God your best, & expect the best. You were #BornToShine, don’t you forget it. 👑✨

What a night! Rocco scored the craziest end-to-end goal & then got the OT winner too! Now he’s in 4th for all-time @sarampage scoring! 🏒 Rocco is so devoted to this sport & his dreams. No quit in him...Ever! He’s honestly my hero. Sorry for the soft post, I’m just so proud of him! #hockeywife #TeamGrimaldi


Singing at @rgrimaldi23’s games when he starts is so fun cause all of sudden he’s skating towards me & it’s like “HEY HUSBAND!” 🚀🙋🏼‍♀️❤️ #hockeywife #singerhusband #TeamGrimaldi

We’ve officially been dating for 5 YEARS! 💘 I had no idea a person could change your life so much. 😱 I’m so glad we held out for God’s best, because our life together is honestly the BEST! God hand-picked you for me & I’ll never let you go! (Literally. I’m a clingy hugger, ask Rocco. 😂) Here’s to the rest of our life together...making a scene at Target, waiting at hockey rinks, embarrassing each other in public, moving constantly, forcing hugs, laughing at each other, and watching Disney movies! Enjoy Sweden! 🇸🇪 You are my hockey hero! 🏒 #5YearAnniversary #TeamGrimaldi #BestBoyfriendAward🏆

E se a vida se tornar dura, trate de se tornar mais forte. A maior força de todas. A FORÇA DE VONTADE. @matheusgrimaldi_ um MONSTRO no #deadlift orgulho de ser seu treinador. @mari_grimaldi @marcelo_grimaldi @grimald_ #teamgrimaldi

Na dúvida faz o básico que sempre resolve. E no final ele ainda diz: Eu adoro esse exercício @matheusgrimaldi_ seu mooooooonstro. Levantamento terra digno de 📹 e parar a gym. Tmj brother @mari_grimaldi @grimald_ @marcelo_grimaldi #teamgrimaldi

🏒 • 💍 • 🎤 I like the people we’re becoming together. #TeamGrimaldi #hockeywife #musichusband

Confier mes pieds à Hervé c'est. ..le pied 😉
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