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Such a great day training with @bes_bernadette and this crew #teamenglish #stevieenglishhair highly recommend #BESeducation #matrix #bondultim8 #iamME

Bit of a deep post, and a long story... I took this photo in the Chicago O'Hare airport almost exactly a year ago to this day. I was on the way to the Philippines for vacation. I had just quit my job because I was supposed to come back August 17, two weeks before I was slated to start my first college semester. I had no plans in my mind other than going to school to become a music teacher, and of course to have some fun with family, since it was my first time in the PH since 2011. And that's exactly what I did for two weeks. Then, just three days before I was gonna fly back, I met with my manager @mariocolmenares for the first time right outside of ABS-CBN, and in my mind I thought we were just gonna talk about opportunities in showbiz for the future. My parents and I talked with him for some time, until he got a text saying a certain team wanted some more contestants for a certain show... Kuya Mario then asked me if I wanted to audition for it on the spot, and see what happens, and I agreed, not thinking too much of it... I went up to ABS, not knowing a single word of Tagalog (pasensya, walang Tagalog sa post na'to 😅) and then sang a few songs for a panel in a large room. Then, after a few minutes, a little woman with a ferocious gaze named @yengstagrammm came up to me and my mom and asked "Do you want to stay in the Philippines?" I froze for a bit... I talked it over with my mom and dad, and eventually agreed, even though college was about to start. This show was none other than Pinoy Boyband Superstar. I had no idea what I was getting in to. I was scared, if I'm being honest. Over the next few months I tackled many hardships in terms of learning Tagalog (nag-aaral parin ako, hanggang ngayon 😂) and adjusting to a whole new culture and way of life, all of this while being a contestant on PBS. This past year has been the most lifechanging in my entire life, and I can't put into words how thankful I am for all of the unforgettable experiences I've had, all of my amazing fans (still weird for me to say that I have fans in any capactity 🤔🤔🤔) all the amazing friends I've made, the people who have taken care of me, BoybandPH. Follow your dreams. I am blessed💙

Você sabe a diferença entre o "X" e o "Cheese"? Aperte o play ▶ e confira a explicação do professor Alan Said! #TeamEnglish #SistemadeEnsinoEquipe 🤓

My babies, I miss them so much #teamenglish #moments

And it begins! #nofilter #teamenglish

When your original morning plans didn't work out...but you can only cheer that you woke up to daddy bringing you to @treehousebrewco! #roryhaydenenglish #dadlife #fathersontime #teamenglish #futuredays

What a blast at @williamssonoma test kitchen raising money for @nokidhungry. @cheftoddenglish battled it out with son Oliver on #teamenglish vs #teamtestkitchen, featuring English's talented daughter Belle and formidable coach @amandahaascooks. Thanks @hoomantv and @brynnyboy for having me on the @alice973 judging team. @liammayclem on-point MC! #teamtestkitchenftw #thatberrydesserttho


You can practise Engish language techniques for Nat. 5, Higher, GCSE and A-level English anywhere - even in the garden! Let us know what alliteration you can find out in your garden or in a local park :-) #Englishliterature #English #Englishtutor #Englishtuition #practiseEnglish #literature #literarytechniques #lovelanguage #learningforlife #alliteration #growthmindset #learningforlife #becreative #essaywriting #soundtechniques #creativelearning #words #lovewords #teamEnglish

This is so true. Learn not only because it's necessary for 'ticking boxes' in your educational journey, but also (and primarily) because having a wide general knowledge is, in itself, extremely fulfilling - not to mention helpful for English and many other subjects :-) #thirstforknowledge #learning #learningforlife #lifelonglearning #knowledge #education #inspiration #motivationMonday #tuition #tutoring #Englishliterature #teamEnglish #generalknowledge #pedagogy #Scotland #Yeats

Such a great day training with @bes_bernadette and this crew #teamenglish #stevieenglishhair highly recommend #BESeducation #matrix #bondultim8 #iamME

Want a #colour change - frightened ? Look at this healthy looking blonde - From #black to #blonde 😍😍😍😍This #hair by Jyle using #matrix #bondultim8 #excellentedges #teamenglish #stevieenglishhair #iamme #bob #color transformations

It's Everest day! Get behind our beautiful mare English who is over the odds at $11 #goenglish#teamenglish#goblake

Made this for our coolest Head Teacher! 👩🏻‍🏫☺️💕 Thank you Ma’am for always reminding and guiding us to the right path! Thank you for being patient with us whenever we have our own episodes of flaws and shortcomings! Thank you for being so cool all the time... it really helps to lessen the burden and stress of beating the deadlines!

Thank you for uniting us together with your leadership! Lastly, thank you for always making us work for the growth and progress of our department! ☺️💕 Please accept this simple token of gratitude from your Englishera Family! This may not cover all your efforts but let this remind you that you are loved and respected! 💕


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