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When you are obsessed with foot massages 💆
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You're always on my mind. Missing you more and more every day. I hope you and Oma are having fun feeding the ducks! #curechildhoodcancer #cancersucks #teamellie #prayersforelliewalton #flyhigh

Ellie's gorgeous dress from last nights launch is from @boubelle 🌸🎀
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Two weeks ago, I watched you take your last breath. Two weeks ago, my heart broke, and no matter how much glue I use or how much time passes, it will never mend. When your told, your child has cancer, the thought of life without them is always there, but nothing I mean nothing, touches the feeling of loosing a child. I constantly feel sick to my stomach, I constantly feel my heart being ripped from my chest, I constantly feel angry, sad, and completely broken. I will forever be broken, but I will also be forever thankful. Thankful to be your momma, thankful for four years, thankful for your laugh, your smile, and your troll hair. Ellie, you and your sister are the best gift I was ever given. I promise to make you proud. I miss you more everyday baby girl. Thank you for changing the lives of so many. We are all jealous of heaven. So jealous. Come see me baby girl. Come see me.
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We'll do anything for a scavenger hunt!! Including hopping on some guy's fishing boat! #TEAMELLIE

Push yourself beyond your limitations #Push #TeamEllie #CutlerAthletics #TeamOtomix #EllieStrong #MakeYourMark 25% off Otomix.com with "Jay25" and Free shipping on ImprintMakeYourMark.org with code "JayStrong"

"Yesterday at two in the afternoon, Ellie started complaining of a headache that soon turned into uncontrollable screaming and throwing up, that even oxycodon couldn't touch. We rushed her to the nearest hospital, where they preformed a X-ray that showed her shunt was working great. After medication, Ellie finally slept and then started acting like her normal sassy self. They then preformed a haste MRI. Those results weren't what we had hoped to hear. At ten last night we were transported to Seattle children's, where we were admitted and finally got into our own room around 5 this morning. Right now Ellie is great, tired but in no pain.
The MRI showed us that Ellie has a large mass that is pushing into her ventricles and has caused a brain bleed and possible stroke. We don't know where we go from here. We don't have any answers.
We are shocked and heartbroken, and most of all praying that we have options. Praying that this isn't what it seems to be. I hope that you all will join us in prayer and ask everyone you know to pray too. I am angry and sad, I wish this wasn't happening. I wish I could turn back time. I wish so much, but mostly I wish for her to grow up! God please let her grow up.
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Ellie's rap was brilliant😂 remember it's VOTE TO EVICT so don't vote Ellie, vote someone else. BB will be boring without our bubbly Ellie❤️ #bbuk #bbellie #teamellie

Immunotherapy number two. She has been throwing up a ton, and not feeling herself. Please pray🙏🏼 #prayersforellie #pray #glorytogod #teamellie #pleasepray


This past weekend, we took the adorable Max and Alex to watch an off-Broadway production titled The Amazing Max in NYC. While the boys were thrilled to attend the magic show, they were most excited when A Free Bird facilitated a meeting with the magician after the show.

This would not have been possible without the support of @simplyprotein, @rhythmsuperfoods, @drinkorgain and the organizers of The Amazing Max, Magic Show!
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Be a student that gives back! Join #TeamEllie and get your group involved with #StudentsForHope this year. Click the link in our bio to learn more. #TeamTuesday

Nichts mit faulenzen (jedenfalls nicht nur 😬): Während Ellie Teil 2 im ersten Lektorat ist, arbeite ich mich nochmal durch Teil 1. It's all about the details (wer mochte nochmal welches Gemüse, wer benutzt welche Schimpfwörter besonders gern und wo zur Hölle hat mein Vergangenheits-Ich welche Hinweise für den großen Storybogen eingearbeitet?). #amwriting #authorsofinstagram #author #TeamEllie #Destined #nerdy #notes

When you are obsessed with foot massages 💆
#teamellie #spoiledkids #dadasgirl

After a season of epic blindsides,drama, and most importantly all stars!This is the final 4 who have outlasted,outwitted,and outplayed the others!

Angie is a social goddess!She has used her social abilities to help her get this far!She also has proven her strength in winning an intense immunity competition during the double tribal special!It is no doubt that's she knows exactly what she is doing in this game!Not to mention the strategic ability she has shown this season was amazing!But the constant question is, could she have made these big moves without the help of other people?

Cameron is a definite competitor!Gaining many immunity wins he is definitely a threat!Not to mention his social and strategic abilities that have helped him get this far!He was not the underdog by any means this season!Him and Alex destroyed the competition winning immunity all the way up until the merge!The question is, will his terrible idol play cause the jury to wonder?

Elisio is such an under rated underdog!He knows how to play this game obviously!Making the finals in two seasons!Constantly Elisio was strategizing, he definitely earned his way here!Also to mention how he completely shocked people winning two immunities!The question is, was he taken to the end as a human shield?

No doubt about it Ellie is a force to be reckon with!She is literally a WINNER and no one has gotten her out yet!She showed this season that she didn't need immunity wins to make it to the end!She was all social and strategic which shocked a bunch of people!Constantly Ellie was flipping between two sides!The question is even if she did flip sides, what moves has she made on her own?

Elisio- @elisio.aguilera
Cameron- @thecameras
Ellie- @_survivor_survivor
Angie- @kittyq2001

"I picked out my first day of kindergarten outfit... don't even think about trying to change my mind" 🙄🙄🙄 this is going to be a long long long next 13 years #sendhelp #teamellie #croptopsforlife

Congratulations and a huge thank you to all of our #TeamEllie @FalmouthRoadRace runners who together raised more than $38,000 to support our mission!

God I miss you 💔 #teamEllie

We'll do anything for a scavenger hunt!! Including hopping on some guy's fishing boat! #TEAMELLIE


Hey if you swiped, that's me. not my face though because i'm an ugly rat😉 congratulations if you actually bothered to read this #TeamEllie
-Ellie, the cool one aka @swaggyladderlester

3 days until @FalmouthRoadRace! We would like to thank all of our amazing #TeamEllie runners for their dedicated support of our mission. #ThankfulThursday

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