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Next week signifies a big shift in my life. I’m leaving my secure corporate job to pursue travel and work alongside @ethanban to turn our business ideas into reality. I am not a risk taker and ponder every decision like it is life and death, so this was a huge decision for me after studying for years and having a decided vision of where I thought I wanted to be in life. The experience I have gained in what I do (and don’t) want during this time has been incredibly valuable, and particularly in Sydney I see so many people get stuck in a rut and just roll with what they know and feel safe doing career-wise. This is not the person I am and while I can, I will take every risk possible to live life on my own terms. Sometimes you have to take a step back to take a step forward.
.I will be diving head-first back into the fitness industry by joining the Ethan Ban Aesthetics team #teamEB after Easter. I’m looking forward to and extremely grateful for this opportunity from @ethanban to be able to combine my marketing skillset with an industry I am passionate about. I know everyone says this generation is entrepreneurial, but when you look at the way the world is changing and how this impacts quality of life, you need to find a fit that is right for you. I don’t 100% know the direction I am going in, but I do know it is forward – and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to do this with someone I love.

LOSE FAT by refeeding ⬇️
This is one of the most helpful fat loss tips, please read it all.
👉A refeed can be defined as the consumption of higher calories over a short period of time, often a day or even one meal, in order to stimulate your metabolism and increase the rate of fat loss. A short term refeed is commonly used during a calorie deficit as a tool to prevent fat loss stalling, or when an individual is experiencing a fat loss plateau and has ceased to drop body fat at the desired rate. A successful refeed requires precise timing and experience in how your body tolerates different food sources and calorie intakes.
👉How does a refeed help you drop body fat?
The speed at which you drop body fat is largely dependent on your hormone levels and their impact on your metabolic capacity at any given point in time. Certain circumstances, such as when you are in an extended period of a calorie deficit, can cause your metabolism to function below an optimal rate. This is due to a drop in hormone levels, the most significant of those being leptin. Leptin is responsible for fat oxidization, which in simple terms is ‘burning fat’, hence a reduction in these levels inhibits the ability to lose fat. This drop in leptin levels and its impact on the metabolism is commonly referred to as ‘starvation mode’ – it essentially reduces the ability for an individual to burn calories as they are stored to allow the body continue to function at the best possible level.
✅ Increased thyroid levels were acutely responsive to an increase in carbohydrates, and when consumed at (or slightly above) maintenance calories, could stimulate metabolic performance and thyroid function. This research suggests that when refeeds are implemented intermittently during a calorie deficit, they can boost metabolic performance and promote ongoing fat loss throughout the dieting period.
This all seems scientific and hard to follow, but it really isn’t.
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#자덕 형들하고 저녁모임
어느덧 두번 세번 모이게 되고 점점 편하게 되며
한때는 같은 울타리에서 지금은 각자의 울타리에서 또 열심히 하며
새로운 시작을 축하하고 지나간 추억들을 되살려보며 늘 반복되는데도 재미있는 자덕이야기들을 하며 저녁시간을 보냈다

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This is so true... someone will always do it cheaper but does it have the same quality and is it made with the some love and pride? #ExquisitelyBeautyful #Cupcakes #MadeToOrder #Cupcakes #EBCupcakes #Cakes #EBCakes #TeamEB #ExquisitelyBeautyfulCakes ✌✌✌

Those feels when the day you dreaded training turns into one of your favorites😍 The real reason I cheated myself on training my arms is because it was always so hard, ohhh how my biceps would burn🔥😫And you know what, I’d stop after 5 reps😂 This is what #250kchallenge, and any life challenge really is about-overcoming these little obstacles! Because once we do, we can reach our✨true potential✨4 more weeks #fitfam!!!!💙 @bodybuildingcom @xtrogen @optimumnutrition @250kchallenge @transformforlife @melinafitness @alexcarneiro @iblvmovement


The photo on the left was taken in April 2015, I had taken a year off of football and became comfortable eating alot of the bad stuff and any thing that was "good food", i was eating too much of it.

I decided to start up football again in 2016 and after one season made my way down to 105-107kg, where I platued for over a year, after the 2017 season, I creeped back up to 110kg and knew it was time to take things seriously and actually commit to losing weight and doing something about my general fitness.

I reached out to @ethanban at the start of November 2017 let him know my situation, and that I had a MAJOR goal of reaching 95kg, so he hooked me up with a set diet and gym program + I also took it into my own hands to start doing cardio for 45-60minutes a night 5-6 days a week.

The results quickly started to show, and well, gym & cardio were no longer something I had to talk myself into doing, they were actually something I looked forward to doing everyday.

I wont say it's been an easy journey, as there's been moments of weakness I've given into (damn nuggets) and many of speedbumps along the way, watching the numbers on the scales stay the same for days on end, but to pick myself up and push myself harder the next time.

Now that brings me to the photo on the right, I'm currently 90kgs (5kgs less than my "major goal"), 30kgs of loss from my heaviest weight and 20kg since starting with Ethan 20 weeks ago.. TLDR; 30kg weight loss, 120kg on the left, 90kg on the right.

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This is my 1st time trying battle ropes. I’m not gonna lie , it’s freaking awesome and tiring.
This is my alternate for cardio as I can’t run or skip that much due to my injury.
Just to let you know that this is just the 1st set of 2 and it took me 6minutes to complete 7exercises including with the rest times.
In Shaa Allah I can improve as time goes by. .
#EvilBotak #EB #iAmEB #TeamEB
#BattleRopes #BattleRopesVirgin #NeedToStayHealthy #HealthyLife .

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