Vulnerability based trust is cultivated in an environment in which team members are encouraged to never hear judgement, attached or deception from another member. #TeamDynamics #BuyIn

Speaking with a client yesterday they had just found out their team had a Facebook group where all staff other than him were in the group and shall we say an inappropriate venting of feelings against him as their manager had been and was still occurring.

Welcome to the new form of gossip. Unfortunately using this forum has bigger repercussions as feeds a negative group mentality and reinforces the ‘us’ and ‘them’ view of work. It’s also difficult to take action against.
My client now has constructive actions around this he can and is taking, but I’m curious - who else has experienced something similar - either as group member or leader?
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Next up are our favourite shots from @doningtonpark earlier this year. •
This weekend saw @dancammish1 find form in qualifying again with P4, but @mattnealracing struggled to hook it together and finished in P17. Over the course of the weekend. dan would take his first @btcc podium, and Matt would show the true pace of the new FK8 by scything through from the mid-back of the pack twice. •
Find a few of our favourite @jakobebrey shots above ⬆️⬆️

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Sound on this is unreal mapping time next month may have a few cheeky bangs put on 😉😉💥give it a quick clean using jays wax products @jayswax @abarth_extreme @abarth_official #abarth#anarthpunto#powerflow#exhaust#revvvvvvv#punto#fiat#italian#teamdynamics#jayswax @attention_to_detailing


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