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Have a great weekend people 🤙🏻

Color by: @_mikemcc
Chosen by: @ashley_sprankles
Location: Pigeon Point Lighthouse
#IG_Color 🎨

What do you love most about NYC??

Enter without knocking @olegcricket

Series Simply #Florida ~ Gators 🐊, so common that one adult sized gator finds most comfort tanning on the outskirts of the lake in our yard although he has about 5 miles of lake to choose from for his daily refuge & binge potential 🐠🐟 . He must like the smell of my cooking🍖🍗🍳🍤🍔🥙🍝. Did I mention the swimmers, boats, jet skis, canoes, & other water crafts that frequent our lake🙈 & share his common turf!? Well it's just a gator & he's part of our neighborhood ~ in addition to the bear 🐻 that tore through my perfect white picket fence🙊, the turtles 🐢, squirrels 🐿, roosters🐓,a bald 🦅 eagle (yes!), 🦉owls, bunnies🐇, stray 🐈cats,🦋butterflies & tons of birds🐤🐦🐧🐣~ our yard is a jungle full of life on the wild side!! ❤️

daydream nation 🌷

had a great couple of days in The Netherlands w/ @ketelone - stoked to have celebrated King's Day here while learning about #theketeloneway

Yesterday out on the coast... The sun came out and it almost, kinda, nearly felt like summer. Just a couple more months now

You guys are doing such an amazing job with your pet-in-a-blanket-to-look-like-a-seal captures for the #forphoquessake project!
If you haven't already, will you join us in requesting the Canadian Prime minister @justinpjtrudeau to ban commercial and non-aboriginal seal hunting?
You can help by posting your own photo of your pet wrapped up to look like a seal (make sure to include the hashtag #forphoquessake). Another quick way to help is by signing the petition. You can find the link in our bio 👆🏼Thanks so much everyone and keep up the great work!
⭐️ 4 "seal photo" participants will be chosen to be featured in a 1.4 million audience.
Campaign ends April 30th


While in Cuba, I visited the famous, Cabaret Tropicana which is also known as the Tropicana Club. The world-known cabaret and club was launched in 1939 at Villa Mina. The historic venue had a great impact on spreading the Cuban culture that evolved out of a bohemian nightclub in during a depression era operated by Cuban impresario, Victor de Correa.
A Tropicana Show girl .
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Life is an adventure and it's best taken one step and a time.

The #EmployeeSpotlight this week is Josh Coleman, who is celebrating 20 years with UF! #friday #anniversary

Josh Coleman is celebrating his 20th anniversary with the University of Florida. He started out working in the cable shop and eventually came to work for the Network Systems and Administration team. He loves being a Network Engineer because the job is never boring, and there is always something that needs to be done. When he started with UF, the only residence halls with an internet network were Springs and Weaver, and since then, he has helped in some way to install networks in every residence hall. One of his proudest accomplishments is creating and maintaining the site Noccle, an indispensable tool that everyone in the IT department uses every day. In his free time, he enjoys being home with his family and traveling to soccer games with his daughters.

When you've got some flamin' yogi soul #100daysofmittymoments #the100dayproject

Friday Night Lights 🌄
📷: @ccseyes
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