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Pause. Breathe. Release. Not going to entertain any negative vibes, not today, not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow, never. Praying for a peaceful heart always. #Faith #teamcamposdevotions #DailyDevotions #bethecenterofourlives #biblefor21

Not a lot of people know what I went through while I was growing up. I had to face adulthood without hands on guidance from my parents, I had to live with relatives, had to make do of what I have and not shop for the trendiest stuff a school girl wants to have, been bullied in school, etc. and someone from the family even tried to drag me down saying that I won't have a successful life because I'll get pregnant before I even finish college just because I was surrounded with guy friends (they're our childhood friends, duh!) or because she knew I was 'always' in a relationship, etcetera, etcetera... What made me endure all these? My mom and dad made sure that I grew up with high regard of them that I always ended up thinking about them first before making any decisions. I knew the hardships that they both went through just to give me a good life so I made a firm decision while I was in high school that I'll never put their sacrifices to waste. Going back, I guess one of the best decisions they made for me was to put me in a Christian school. They opened my eyes to God's word as such a young age, since then, God has been someone that I constantly talked to about whatever is going on in my life. He's been mg guidance counselor, my mom/dad, my bestest friend who always listened and heard even the deepest cries of my heart.
I can stand here and testify how God carried all my burdens for me. He is the reason why I am who I am now today. I could've been a rebellious daughter if not for Him. I could've gotten pregnant and not finish school. I could've gotten into drugs. I could've left home, my parents, and my sister. I could've done a lot of bad things had I not anchored my faith and hope in Christ. I made a decision to do good in life as a show of respect and love to my parents but I knew that I can't do it alone but because I sought help from the greatest Father a one can have, I am now able to enjoy the fruits of my hardships.
To anyone who's reading this, never second guess God's ability to handle your burdens. He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, do you think there's something that He can't handle? 😉
#KnowingGod #DailyDevotions #teamcamposdevotions

Forever my fortress. #DailyDevotions #teamcamposdevotions

No need for repetitive prayers because my God already knows what I need. [Infertility Encouragement from Sarah's Laughter -->Jesus was a magnificent teacher. One day, surrounded by a huge crowd of people, He went up on a mountainside, sat down, and taught them—among other things—how to pray. He told them that they didn’t need to keep repeating themselves. There was no need for empty, vain repetitions and meaningless phrases just so others could hear them pray. Imagine their relief when Jesus said to them, “Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.” No need to come up with just the right phrase. No need for eloquent speech, or the proper description. There’s no pressure of having to make God fully understand. He told them that God already knew their need. God knew.

The same Jesus who sat on the mountainside two thousand years ago sits beside you now. He loves you, and says to you, “Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.” He knows how much you need someone to understand your frustration when your period starts. He knows how much you need wisdom to decide on the next step in treatment. He knows before you ask Him. He knew that you’d need encouragement before you did. He knew that you had a problem with fertility before you did. He knew you would need encouragement in that area of your life—and included the stories of Hannah, Sarah, and Elizabeth in His Word. He knows what you need, and He knows the answers to your problem. He walks before you and prepares the way.

God knows.] #audienceofone #audaciousfaith #makingDisciples #MakingJesusFamous #teamcamposdevotions #DailyDevotions #GodlyAdvice #GodlyMarriage #GodlyRelationship #JMandIvysFaithGoals #FaithGoals #LettingGoLettingGod

No, I am not asking JM to die for me just like how Christ did for us. What God wants him to do is to know how to love me unconditionally just like how Christ loved me in spite of my sinful life.
Lord, I pray that you will continue to teach JM and myself how to love like You. #bethecenterofourlives #biblefor21 #DailyDevotions #TeamCamposDevotions #TeamCampos #audaciousFaith #AudienceOfOne #audaciousFaith #GodlyAdvice #GodlyMarriage #GodlyRelationship #makingJesusFamous #MakingDisciples

[One: A Marriage Devotional by Jimmy Evans -- God wants to bless you and give you your heart’s desires. He is a good God. However, God blesses you as you thank Him daily for what He has done and maintain a spirit of contentment. You unashamedly pray and plan for more, but are willing to wait until He guides and provides.
This is the secret of a financially blessed marriage.
Talk It Out | Thank God for giving you food, covering and the basics of life. Pray together about your financial needs, desires and dreams. As you do this regularly, it will transform your marriage and your relationship with God. ]

Trusting You Lord over all! #bethecenterofourlives #DailyDevotions #biblefor21 #TeamCamposDevotions #audaciousFaith #AudienceOfOne #GodlyAdvice #GodlyMarriage #GodlyRelationship #biblefor21 #SavedByGrace #makingJesusFamous


Pray. Hope. Wait. Repeat. •Wait & See Devotional by Wendy Pope•

You pray. You anoint with oil. You pray some more. Then you wait.

We waited.

Do you see yourself somewhere between the lines of these waiting stories? Maybe you are praying for a husband or waiting for God’s plan for your life to come to fruition. Perhaps your life has fallen into place just as God revealed but something or someone is blocking the way toward what you really hope for. So you wait, hope, believe, and yet sometimes second-guess the plan.

#TeamCamposDevotions #DailyDevotions #TeamCampos #JMandIvysFaithGoals #GodlyRelationship #GodlyMarriage #GodlyAdvice #LettingGoLettingGod #AudienceOfOne #AudaciousFaith #21daybiblechallenge #makingDisciples #MakingJesusFamous #BeTheCenterOfOurLives

Everything for Your Lord! •The Daniel Plan•


Pursue your goals with all your heart, and whatever your other motivations, do it ultimately for the Lord.

#AudienceOfOne #AudaciousFaith #AuthorOfOurLives #makingDisciples #MakingJesusFamous #21daybiblechallenge #TeamCamposDevotions #DailyDevotions #GodlyAdvice #GodlyMarriage #GodlyRelationship #BeTheCenterOfOurLives #makingDisciples #MakingJesusFamous #LettingGoLettingGod

My daily prayer is that I may continue to know You more Lord. I want to follow You every step of the way that I may become more like you. I may stumble a thousand times, failing to follow Your commands, but Your grace and love for me makes me get up on my feet again. Thank You Lord for your amazing grace. #GreatCommission #AmazingGrace #MakingJesusFamous #makingDisciples #TeamCamposDevotions #DailyDevotions #21daybiblechallenge #makingDisciples #MakingJesusFamous #BeTheCenterOfOurLives #GodlyMarriage #JMandIvysFaithGoals

•The Daniel Plan•

The Christ Mindset

Changing your health habits is like driving a speedboat on a lake with your autopilot set to go east when you want to head west. If you want to reverse course, you could try to physically force the wheel in the opposite direction, but you would likely get tired and let go, and the boat would drift back east.

There is a better option: Change your autopilot. Your mind is your autopilot, and the best way to change your habits for the long term is to change the way you think. You need a new mindset, the mind-set of Christ.

Through his Holy Spirit and his Word, God gives us “divine power to demolish strongholds” (2 Corinthians 10:4). Strongholds are deeply rooted ways of thinking, and they can be demolished when we meditate on God’s Word and ask him to replace lies with his truth. We can ask, “Father, what would Jesus think about this matter?” Or “Lord, please show me the false things I believe that are getting in the way of my health and growth.” FOOD FOR THOUGHT

If we immerse ourselves in God’s Word, the mindset of Christ will free us to change our autopilot and change our lives. #GodlyRelationship #GodlyMarriage #GodlyAdvice #LettingGoLettingGod #21daybiblechallenge #TeamCamposDevotions #makingDisciples #MakingJesusFamous #AmazingGrace #GreatCommission

Obeying God and His commandments may be hard, but with daily devotions and dedication to fall in love with God than fall in love with sin can kickstart your journey to a brand new life. #TeamCamposDevotions #JMandIvysFaithGoals #AudienceOfOne #AudaciousFaith #AmazingGrace #makingDisciples #MakingJesusFamous #GreatCommission #21daybiblechallenge #LettingGoLettingGod #GodlyAdvice #GodlyMarriage #GodlyRelationship

•The Daniel Plan•
Building on Rock

Jesus told a parable that asks a question: What are you building your life on? The parable illustrates the wisdom of obedience and the foolishness of disregarding Jesus’ words.

As we seek to create a healthier lifestyle, we want to build that lifestyle on the bedrock of Jesus’ teaching, honoring how he made our bodies, minds, and relationships to work. Loving God and our neighbor lies at the core of that teaching. If we put God first in everything we do and invest love in the people around us, we will rest on a solid foundation. The storms of life will inevitably come, but they won’t flatten what we’ve built.

So what’s the foundation of your life and your health? How are you honoring the way God made you? How can you make love more of a priority?


When the rains and wind of life beat against your house, you will weather the storm with God and his love at the center of your life. #21daybiblechallenge #BeTheCenterOfOurLives #makingDisciples #MakingJesusFamous #AudienceOfOne #AudaciousFaith #BeTheCenterOfOurLives #TeamCamposDevotions #DailyDevotions #LettingGoLettingGod #GreatCommission

20 But you, beloved, building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit, 21 keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life. (‭Jude‬ ‭1‬:‭20‬ ESV)
Some of us may not know how to pray not realizing that talking to God is just like talking to our earthly fathers. Allow the Holy Spirit to draw near to you during your quiet times. #DailyDevotions #TeamCamposDevotions #makingDisciples #MakingJesusFamous #GreatCommission #BeTheCenterOfOurLives #JMandIvysFaithGoals #GodlyMarriage #GodlyRelationship #GodlyAdvice #AmazingGrace #AudienceOfOne #AudaciousFaith

Letting go of the bad may be difficult but it'll be worth it.
Help me Lord. 🙏🙏🙏 •The Daniel Plan•

Surrendering What You Love

As a test of faith, God told Abraham to sacrifice his beloved son. When Abraham obeyed, God stopped him just before he struck Isaac with the knife. This situation is unimaginable—what a picture of complete faith! The Bible says Abraham trusted that God was even able to raise Isaac from the dead (Hebrews 11:19). Sometimes God asks us to give up something or someone we love. It may be something that isn’t good for us. It may be something good in itself, but God wants us to let go of it. He calls us to do that by faith, trusting that he has his reasons and he is able even to raise the dead in his own time. These are hard moments, and we often don’t understand why they come. But there is a blessing for choosing faith over doubt. God is always wise, always good, always trustworthy, even when we don’t understand why he asks us to let go of something we’re attached to.


Sometimes, offering our “Isaac” to the Lord is essential on the road to full surrender and peace.

#TeamCamposDevotions #DailyDevotions #makingDisciples #MakingJesusFamous #GreatCommission #BeTheCenterOfOurLives #GodlyAdvice #GodlyMarriage #GodlyRelationship #LettingGoLettingGod #JMandIvysFaithGoals

Enduring the time of waiting. 🙏👆 •The Daniel Plan•

Shedding What Slows Us Down

The writer of Hebrews compares the life of faith to a race. He wants us able to run that race with endurance, not quitting the moment it gets tiring. Endurance builds over time, with daily practice. Endurance is also much easier if we strip off any weights that slow us down, such as distractions and habits of sin. Whatever holds us back from running the race God has set before us needs to be put aside.

Think of the goals you have set for yourself. What distractions are getting in the way of those goals? What habits are less than beneficial? You might concentrate on just one distraction at a time. Resolve by God’s grace to leave it behind. Simplify your life and only do what really counts.


When we strip off the weights that slow us down, we can run God’s race with so much more vitality.

#GreatCommission #MakingJesusFamous #makingDisciples #GodlyRelationship #GodlyMarriage #TeamCamposDevotions #DailyDevotions #GreatCommission #JMandIvysFaithGoals #GodlyMarriage #GodlyAdvice #GodlyRelationship

Give rest to those who needs it o Lord. •The Daniel Plan•

God Gives Rest

Working from early morning until late at night is not God’s deepest desire for you. So if you have long work hours, ask him to intervene so that you can get enough rest. Maybe the most spiritual thing you can do today is take a nap!

Sometimes we don’t rest well because we are anxious about our circumstances. If anxiety hinders you from rest, deliberately cast your cares onto God. Tell him what is troubling you. If you have difficulty letting go, try this: hold your hands out, palms down, and picture yourself putting your concerns into God’s hands. Psalm 4:8 expresses this confidence that you could commit to memory: “In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety.” What will it take for you to get enough rest this week? Consider making your sleep routine a priority and taking short breaks for replenishment during the day.


Adequate rest will equip your body and mind with the strength to fulfill all that God calls you to.

#GodlyRelationship #GodlyMarriage #GodlyAdvice #DailyDevotions #TeamCamposDevotions #JMandIvysFaithGoals #AudienceOfOne #AudaciousFaith #makingDisciples #MakingJesusFamous #GodlyAdvice

None of my personal plans will prevail unless it's part of Your will. I'll continue waiting for Your plans to be revealed to me Lord.
#JMandIvysFaithGoals #FaithGoals #GreatCommission #BeTheCenterOfOurLives #MakingJesusFamous #makingDisciples #AudienceOfOne #AudaciousFaith #TeamCamposDevotions #DailyDevotions #GodlyAdvice #GodlyMarriage #GodlyRelationship

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