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Elevated to the 6th floor #shredz 💪🏾😎 @halfgodgainz

My Kappa Brothers are ready to work today. About to head out and spread the word on how the city will continue to grow under my leadership #TeamBell

Badass cliënte @camilla.seem met een 30kg 1RM Ring Pull-Up en een shitload aan soepele BW reps er achteraan😍💪. Vrouwen die geen pull-ups zouden kunnen, laat staan ring pull-ups? Not on my watch folks, vrouwen kunnen zo extreem veel meer dan wat de egotrippende man ze wil zien doen. Dames laat je alsjeblieft nooit vertellen dat je iets niet kunt, of dat je zwakker zou zijn, door je geslacht, want dat is complete bullshit. Wees wat je bent: een powervrouw🙏

Lader opp til nok en økt med tung bøy og #chins i #ringer med et tilbakeblikk til økten jeg hadde tidligere denne uken. 30kg i beltet var akkurat litt tyngre enn jeg håpet på, men skylder på lite chins- og ringtrening i det siste🙊 #ToKipOrNotToKip #TeamBell

Еднакви ли са различните видове протеин? 🍗 🥜 🍞
Влезте в профила ми, за да изгледате новото видео и ще разберете👍🏻 #all #protein #thesame ?

When we make moves, we make statements!! #themBells #teamBell #🔔 ♥️😍💯#AlwaysRinging

I'm probably one of the quietest on Instagram, but I sometimes feel like expressing my feelings. I've never felt this good in 2 years straight and I feel like I'm straight back from the dead, fighting for #teambell. Let's see if I can get that second place in the Dutch Nationals.

The game is on baby. Bodyweight is fixed and numbers of weights in the bar are increasing as we speak. To be continued....

Fangirling hard at the Bayesian PT Course meet up with @bell_coaching and @bayesianbodybuilding casually dropping knowledge bombs. Awesome day! #mennohenselmans #bayesianbodybuilding #bodybuilding #gains #teambell

•El secreto no es correr detrás de las mariposas, es cuidar el jardín para que ellas vallan hacia ti. 💘🍉👌 #Teambell #Teamfresaa @bellfresaa1 @eliifresaa1


Elevated to the 6th floor #shredz 💪🏾😎 @halfgodgainz

My happy bday deadlift to @evertbotterwegz 👌😂 250kg for the 8th and final cluster single (90 sec RI) - this one was heavyAF :') Random fullmoom view rep and rep #7 after 💪➡️

Jarenlang heb ik slaapproblemen gehad. Ik kwam moeilijk in slaap, werd 's nachts steeds wakker en maakte nachten van 5 á 6 uur. Uiteindelijk wist ik niet beter en dacht ik prima te functioneren... *uhum* Inmiddels weet ik wel beter!
Dankzij de @bayesianbodybuilding opleiding zag ik in hoe essentieel kwalitatief goede slaap is. Ik besloot daarom mijn focus op slaapverbetering te leggen. Ik kocht oordoppen, een slaapmasker en slaapondersteunende supplementen.
Mede-student @coachcarlo.nl tipte de Isolate Mini van Flare Autio Ltd. Ik heb ze besteld en vandaag kwamen ze binnen. Ik heb ze meteen al even getest... Wauw wat zitten ze fijn (t.o.v. die schuim oordopjes). Deze gaan dus mooi mee naar Ibiza! 😁

Wil je weten wat de effecten zijn van onvoldoende en slechte slaap EN hoe jij jouw slaap kan verbeteren?! Check de blog van @bell_coaching (link in bio!) Slaap lekker! 😪

Hooper City and North Birmingham be on the look out. #TeamBell on the loose!

Friends, training with 'em, and post workout buffet AMRAP: the best way to spend a bday, right @evertbotterwegz ? 😁 Happy bday again mate, glad to have you as a friend! #swolemates 💪🦁

My Kappa Brothers are ready to work today. About to head out and spread the word on how the city will continue to grow under my leadership #TeamBell

Better enjoy those macros when the last ;)
Biggest meal of the day is my post workout meal. My choice for today was 'kibbeling' , potatoes, chicken burger, green beans all finished with the great sauces of @xxlnutrition.
All air-fried to save the calories but not the taste. And I used my favorite Frozen bowl to give it all some extra festivity ;)
And lastly some Snack-A-jack with peanut butter for dessert ;)
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Wrist wraps are Life savers for strong guys with princess wrists😅😂😂 #thestruggleisreal Tag a strong friend with princess wrists👀🙏🏿

Pre-workout in the belly and ready to rock this session! 🖖🏻

We dont always get along but we will always have each others backs #teambell #mancubs

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