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New Video will be up today at 2pm IST!! Stay Tuned😍 So excited to share my #YtNextUp vlog!
Meet my Team! #TeamA #TeamBadAss  It was an amazing experience.! We even shot 2 epic videos at #youtubespacemumbai which will be up very soon! ✌ Hope you are excited for the vlog🙌 Have a lovely day!! p.s Make Sure you are SUBSCRIBED !! New video At 2pm IST in your Subscription box😄

Ei det!💪🏼Ikke unnskyld deg for alt det fantastiske du er, av frykt for misunnelse. Andres usikkerhet er ikke ditt ansvar. Så gå ut i verden, nyt alt du er og har oppnådd, og strål som sola!☀️ #teambadass #beyourownhero

Partnered up with my brother from another mother. #teambadass #patrol #GLS #bluefam #partner @j.b.f.444

Paint ball is fun! #teambadass #paintball

Congrats to #teambadass @kylecant to leading the #badasswodwear team with a 17.1 finish of 10:45!
#REPTHEBEAVER @crossfitgames

Bench day at the Power Pit Gym. I had 258 X 2 programmed for my top set. Bench feeling great, fun session with the boys. Thanks for the support @kassthebadass @scratchum @andrewvankoot #teambadass #powerpit #innerstrengthproducts #sbdapparel #sbdcanada

Usually when I get a picture with kass we've got trophies or beers in our hands, as of last night that all changes. Welcome to the family Lux! So happy to finally meet you, congrats Kass and Larissa love you guys! #TeamBadass

Meet one of our new instructors @VinceOyangoren_Fit . He is a great addition to our Bad Ass Team/Family! #BadAssAcademy #HandleYourFitness #BadAssInstructor #TeamBadAss ⬇️
⬇️ Hi!
My name is Vince Oyangoran, I was born in the Philippines in 1979. I am one of the newest additions to the Bad Ass Academy Team and Family. My passion for fitness comes from mixed martial arts and sports in the Philippines. I am trained in Judo, Brazilian Jujitsu, and Stick Fighting. It has been part of my life since I was 7 years old. I started competing at the age of 9. As I turned 13, I have continued my fitness journey here in the United States. My passion for fitness has grown enormously. I wanted to share my love with others who have the same fire as I do for bettering themselves. I wanted to help them to create a better and stronger version of themselves just as I did through means of fitness. 
I started competing in the States at the age of 18. I still continue to participate in different Mixed Martial Arts competitions as well as Boxing. When I am not exercising, competing, or training others, I am helping to save the lives of NY. I am a NYC FDNY EMT. It is just another way of being allowed to help individuals in a different way. Both of my jobs are extremely rewarding which makes me happy and eager to wake up and get to work each day. I LOVE IT! 
I firmly believe fitness extends beyond just your physical appearance. It is my belief that most of it is mental. Along my fitness journey, I have helped people change their mindset while guiding them in achieving their physical goals. I like understanding my clients in order to help motivate them better to love themselves, to be happy, to be healthy, and to be fit. It is my goal to teach people how to live a healthier lifestyle, to keep the unnecessary weight off forever, all while introducing them to the life changing results they will experience on the outside as well as the inside.


I have had such a lovely weekend with these two beauts! Full on girls weekend with lots of food and laughs! Love you both, my sisters from other misters!

The scars from my arthroscopy are really small and very tidy. I'm not at all bothered about the look of them, however they do feel super tight. I can't do a quad stretch on that leg as it feels like the incisions will pop open 🙈 (they won't, they're healed) granted they are still a little swollen but hoping this might also help a little! #arthroscopy #arthroscopysurgery #kneearthroscopy #tornmeniscus #menisectomy #meniscustear #girlswhosquat #squats #stretch #biooil #fitness #thebadassrules #teambadass #fitnessjourney #fitfam #postop #postoprecovery #positivethinking #bodypositivity #bopo

Bench day at the Power Pit Gym. I had 258 X 2 programmed for my top set. Bench feeling great, fun session with the boys. Thanks for the support @kassthebadass @scratchum @andrewvankoot #teambadass #powerpit #innerstrengthproducts #sbdapparel #sbdcanada

Paint ball is fun! #teambadass #paintball

Partnered up with my brother from another mother. #teambadass #patrol #GLS #bluefam #partner @j.b.f.444

I've been trying to figure out what to do with these. I think this is perfect. Hung them up in baby girls room so she'd know just how badass her daddy is... ❤ And mommy too 😉 #twmx #transworldmx #amabig6 #adelantograndprix #motoparents #teambadass #HRL #babylampignano @shanelampignano

Perset skikkelig på intervalltrening i dag 💪💪 kom opp i topphastighet på 21,9 km/t! Aldri løpt så fort før, det ga en mestringsfølelse ut av en annen verden. Løpt denne intervallrunden på 4,6 km mange ganger før, aldri så fort 😃✌ #teamsjåheim

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