I lifted some weight. Some weight I did not. Lol. All in all always a blast at @theirongameopen!

Want to know what a real leg pump feels like?
4 rds
6 min bike for max ave. watts
50 air squats
40 walking lunges
30 jumping lunges
20 jumping squats
10 pistols
Doesn’t look hard enough for you 🤔 try wearing a weight vest and let me know how your legs feel on that last set of pistols 😝
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Some light work before tomorrow's @theirongameopen! Come hang tomorrow and cheer on all these bad ass lifters!

When that beat drops! 🤚🏽🤚🏽Thankful to team @progenex and can’t wait for this falls @ultimatehawaiiantrailrun!
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Going into the weekend like...

Get out and have fun this weekend. Don’t forget to bring along your favorite Progenex products! #FitnessNeverTastedSoGreat #Progenex #teamPRGNX

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Going into the weekend like...

Get out and have fun this weekend. Don’t forget to bring along your favorite Progenex products! #FitnessNeverTastedSoGreat #Progenex #teamPRGNX

www.progenexusa.com @djsly1

20 min average watt test on the @concept2inc bike erg 🚴🏼‍♀️
Take your average watts divided by your body weight in kg to give you a score:
1 = novice
2 = fair
3 = good
4 = excellent 🥉
5 = exceptional 🥈
6 = world class 🥇
At 62kg my aim to to be able to hold 310 watts 😤 to achieve an exceptional rating ... always aim high and push your body to realise your potential 💪🏻
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💥 @EmiratesFitnessChamp 💥
📝some bits of #EFC qualifier 1 @dunescrossfit , I wanna thank every one who came and supported @majidalnuaimi @bo3skorov @m7_uae @cf_sw @mike_pantz @senturkyavuz .
🔥 For Time:
30 Snatches or OHS @ 50kg
30 Burpees Box Jump Overs
15 Snatches or OHS @ 70kg
15 Burpees Box Jump Overs
45 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
(10min time cap)

Banded Hollow Rocks can be killer! Choose a band that is thin enough yet still challenging to knock out a couple sets. While rocking there should be enough tension that you have to fight to not let your heels touch the ground while you rock. To add a little more spice to it follow up with a hollow hold after you rock! Give it a shot and tag your workout partner!

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Intervals, stretches and Hype. That’s how @laurahorvaht rolls on run days. 🏃🏼‍♀️
PROGENEX Hype is a hydration formula based on BCAA and LBAA (large neutral amino acids), specially designed to fight thirst and fatigue associated with physical exercise. Comes in tropical flavor 🍍 and fruit punch 🍹
#repost @laurahorvaht 4800m in intervals this morning💥💀💦 #AllTheIntervals #FutiFuti #TrackDaysAreTheBestDays
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Mañana es el QUINTO ANIVERSARIO de nuestros amigos de @crossfitnorthwestpaterna y hay que celebrarlo! Uno de los primeros boxes afiliados de @progenex en #españa ¡Enhorabuena!
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Playing around with new toys. Taking the @concept2inc #BikeErg for a spin while throwing in some strict muscle ups. Give it a shot and see if you can keep the strict muscle ups unbroken!

5-5-4-4-3-3-2-2-1-1 every 2 minutes while on the Bike Erg.

@crossfit @crossfittraining @cfgymnastics @crossfitsoul

🔥🎶 by: @beats.n.barbells_

☕️ A little tip on how to have a delicious start to the day, from Games athlete, #teamPRGNX member & amazing baby daddy @009julian. #progenex #moremuscle #proteinshake #progenexeurope

¿Queréis saber la mejor manera de empezar el día? Con la receta del éxito CADA MAÑANA.
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#Progenex athlete @emilybridgers is also an amazing coach @cfterminus and uses #Progenex products to fuel her everyday activities as well as her fitness training.

Back on the grind today.. train, recover, coach! #teamPRGNX @progenex

@theirongameopen this Saturday! Come hang out and watch your 7th favorite Asian lift weights and things!

💥Legless Rope Climb💥
📝It helps with grip, arm and upper back strength. It also helps with confidence; there’s a clear cut finish line, and that of course is the top of the rope. Every time you make it to the top of a rope with your own strength, you build confidence in yourself. When you begin to add progressions such as removing your feet, it’s a clear cut way of seeing strength improvement, aka, a natural confidence boost. .
🔥EMOM for as long as you can:
1st min: 5 Unbroken Power Snatches @ 95 (+10lbs every round)
2nd min: 1 Legless Tope Climb
Thanks @majidalnuaimi for the workout 🙏🏼

MWF 2:30-430PM & Saturdays @ 9:00AM!

This session is meant for individuals who have some (but not much) exposure to the Barbell. Whether you are considering a transition over to the Barbell Sports or you just want to spend more time on your technique, this session is for you! We acknowledge that it isn't always easy to integrate into our competitive TSBB sessions in the afternoon so this is a great option. THIS IS NOT AN EXTRA TSBB or TST SESSION! This is exclusively for beginners!⠀

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