When they smile together it melts my hear ❤️🖤🦋 #onagang #beyondbrandon #bronation #teambrandon #brona @real.ona @real.ona @beyondbrandon @beyondbrandon

Why are they doing this to us😩😭😣😢 #onagang #beyondbrandon #bronation #teambrandon #brona #bronaforlife #onagangordontbang

I swear I love my team so much! My mans was super cute with the little babes! So proud of them and how much they accomplished and how much effort they put into all the dances💓💓💓💓 #TeamBrandon #ShipKaydon

@brandon_armstrong94 @ariana_greenblatt @artyoncelestine

I've learned that being a Man means taking responsibility for yourself and your actions...
Your intentions...
Your Spirit, your mind and Yes, your #Body
#Fit40 is NU te koop op @bol_com -
#lifelessons #abworkout #DontHateMy8Pack #TeamBrandon

[ you a bad bitch we can link 🥰...]
I actually like this edit, took me a while but you know 🤣

I really need to learn new transitions 🤧
Hope y’all are having a good day /evening xo
Not long till Christmas ☺️☃️

Tagg him @beyondbrandon @iambeyondb #teambrandon #teambrandon #beyondbrandon #beyondbrandon #teambrandon #beyondbrandon

#teambrandon second final Dance
Song:You are a mean one,Mr.Grich by Sabrina Carpenter❤️
Score:28(9,10,9)where is the perfect score?🤔
I love u so much💚you are winner for me ⭐️You did amazing job💗i your big fan from first time i saw you dance🤟🏼

And here we have the first ever champions of @dwtsjuniors: biiiiiig congrats to @skybrown & @jt_church (& of course @alanbersten)😭😍♥️
Words can not explain how much I’m happy rn and how much I was this morning at 5:00am when I woke up and I saw it on YouTube😭♥️
This couple completely stole my heart since week 1, their chemistry and cuteness... like JT said on week 1, they are truly a dream team♥️
Cuteness goals and chemistry on point... basically they seemed (&still seem) like a family♥️
But I wanted to congrats also to the other 3 amazing finalists, from the first to the last♥️
Also them were a great winner potential and I couldn’t wish of a better final 4 for this 1st season of #dwtsjuniors ♥️
Ariana&Artyon was another couple that truly stole my heart instantly🥰their joy were so contagious🥰♥️
But also Miles and Kenzie... omg Gleb&Linds srsly did a beautiful job with those two♥️
Truly 4 worthy amazing finalists🥰♥️
side note: I swear if they weren’t kids I would totally ship JT&Sky because come on! They’re soo cute and their chemistry is so strong♥️but they’re still kids so I can’t u.u I enjoy their cute friendship/bond♥️
... oh and little thing: on YouTube and Facebook (luckily not a lot) I read mean comments about their victory (no not disagreement, just that she doesn’t deserve it, she’s unworthy of it [the victory] and things like these) and tbh I’m really disgusted because come on ppl, really? Hate on a kid?! Have we arrived at this point? Ok your favs didn’t won but even hate on a kid is too much! Positive side, like I wrote before, these kind of comments were really few (but they shouldn’t exist in any case, even those few). Ok sorry I stop here😅😂
Still congrats to my beautiful and cute Sky&JT🥰I’m beyond proud of you two and of Alan♥️ | Artyon liked😻
#dwts #dwtsjr #dwtsjuniors #dancingwiththestars #dwtsjrelimination #SkyBrown #JTChurch #TeamAlan #TeamBrandon #ArianaGreenblatt #ArtyonCelestine #SageRose #KenzieZiegler #TeamGleb #TeamLindsay #MilesBrown #RyleeArnold #LindsayArnold #GlebSavchenko #BrandonArmstrong #AlanBersten

You guys did so perfect I'm sad because it's over but I'm very proud of how you guys have done it i love you sooo much guys😘😘😘😘💖⭐ @ariana_greenblatt @artyoncelestine @brandon_armstrong94 #teambrandon #dwtsjuniors

India beat Australia by 31 runs to take a 1-0 lead in the four match series plus #TeamAlan won #dwtsjuniors hard luck #TeamBrandon but I know you all will come back strong next season plus check out the #TeaParty video I posted on @youtube

#ausvind #dwtsjuniors #TheFinal #MirrorBall #bordergavaskartrophy

Killed it! You guys worked very hard and I hope it paid of. Proud of you #teambrandon !

CONGRATS SKY AND JT #teamalan you did soooo good and you've grown as a dancer so much since the start of this competition and I'm so happy for you and JT that you won!!!! You guys are soooooooooo amazing!! We loved watching you guys preform every week!!!!And all the finalists you guys were sooooo good too you really are all winners!!!👑🏆👯💃🏻❤️❤️ #teamalan #congrats #yay #dwtsjuniors #teambrandon #teamgleb #teamlindsey @skybrown @jt_church #winners

I enjoyed watching this team so much!! They are so cute and so fun to watch. They did an amazing job week after week and I am so proud of them! #teambrandon @artyoncelestine @ariana_greenblatt

not only that,
they look so happy and proud of each other and every step of the way each and everyone of them was supporting each other no matter what. im so proud of these kids. they’ve grown such a tight bond that’s so heart warming i just love them all 💖💓💗💓💖 ( + their mentors too!!! )

We had a great run, and I'm proud of what we did. #TeamBrandon put it all out there each week. We couldn't have done it without our mentor @brandon_armstrong94 , and the support of all of our family and friends. Thank to the @bbc BBC family, @dwtsjuniors, and @abcnetwork for the opportunity of a lifetime. 🙏🏾 I'm living a dream. Ari was a dream come true for a partner. Couldn't have and didn't think about partnering with anyone else. Wouldn't have changed anything that we did. ❤U and we're now forever friends!

@dwtsjuniors @ariana_greenblatt @brandon_armstrong94

Guys love you all so much, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the DMs, messages, comments, It means so much to me. Thank you to the cast and crew of @dwtsjuniors my DIsney Channel fam @disneychannel but especially my #teambrandon you guys are the future superstars @artyoncelestine @brandon_armstrong94 I love you so much and will never forget our time together. I know we did our best, and competed hard and honest and left it all on the ballroom. I hope I did you all proud. Season 1...that’s a wrap😘❤️😘

——it’s a threat😈
song// get down by hailey orona
[ @real.ona + @ona.bean ]

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