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Swipe to see both sides. I brushed the rim of this mug with porcelain slip so the glaze would stand out more vividly against the white clay instead of black clay. You can see the porcelain underneath the light blue part of the glaze. Again, I only used one glaze on this mug; the blue side was affected by oxygen and the reddish purple was affected by the lack of oxygen. Very happy with this one 😁 •
•✨ next shop update: March 26th @ 6PM PST

Rosé✔️ Finger sandwiches✔️ Mini Victoria cakes✔️ Lemon drizzle✔️ Signature pale orange fondant fancy and apple crumble choux bun✔️ Unlimited Thomas's Cafe 2014 2nd Flush Darjeeling Grand Reserve✔️

Tasted and approved by London Instagram moms @georgianlondon and @siobhaise ✔️
That's your Mother's Day plan sorted!

Will strain this tea now but, omg yummmm my coconut milk ,ginger tea is life😍 #vegan #chaiaddict #ayeshatakia #tea #teaLover #AnyTimeTea

Preview ✧🌸✧
Please read this carefully if you plan to be at my restock tomorrow.
My web preview is now up. I do these so that everyone can see every.single.piece. that will be available, with their prices and ounces. If you want a larger piece, don't buy a smaller one. If you want a smaller piece, don't buy a larger one. Etc. It's all there for you to see. 👁💕
This preview will CLOSE TOMORROW AT 12PM EST. My shop will say "maintenence mode" which means it will reopen at 1pm est for the restock.
I will also be selling some of my new pieces on my flash page @oxandotterflash.
If you have any questions, now would be the time to ask me here on this post. I'm happy to help in any way i can. Or you can always visit my site and check my faq/shipping pages. #happyfriday

Hello coffee or tea lovers !!! Today the feature is by @signebay love going through all your pictures tagged #coffeeandseasons or #teaandseasons So many great compositions ! Congrats for this beautiful picture !!! Thank You for sharing **************************************
Selected by: @marieinmay **************************************************#coffee #coffeelover #coffeelovers #coffeeaddict #tea #tealover #tealovers #teaaddict #coffeeandseasonsfeatured

🇬🇧🇺🇸 getting home and ready for the Tummy Game Plan. Challenge accepted @flattummytea !I needed to keep my tummy flat, and thanks to this stuff, I’ve GOT this! If you want to get that tummy flatter, check it out flattummytea.com… they’re having a sale for 20% off! Time to get that tummy flat again!
. 🇧🇷 Gente como já sabem eu sou a Maria acha. Amo chás, e amo muito o chá da @flattummytea . Já e a quarta vez que tomo esse chá. Chá e tudo de bom, principalmente do lado de uma das melhores companheiras que o Papai do Céu me presenteou. Natalie e carolina a fotógrafa. É lógico que o maridão estava por perto.
. Tenham uma noite de bençãos .
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I woke up at like 5:30AM (ON MY DAY OFF FROM THIS BUSY WEEK) with a really bad acid reflux feeling😩 It has been difficult for me to fall back asleep. I try to be organic as possible without taking actual medicine to help soothe this feeling. So I figured I'd drink my daily tea🌱☕️ Definitely subdued it for me to fall back into a slumber soon😌😴 #HappySaturday #TeaLover

"Ferryman, for tea, scoop up those reflections of #cherryblossom " -Hoitsu #teawisdom #teapoetry

Fact finding mission to #broadwaymarket today - finding facts about rent and cheese! Thanks for the tasty tea @climpsonandsons

A little cup of lady grey to start the day!

#teatime☕️ #mornings #tealover #itsthelittlethings #saturdays

Absaloutly loving this tea!! Such a shame it's my last packet! Why do they always hook you on the specials!! #t2 #hotdatechai #chaitea #looseleaf #hooked #lastpack #needmore #makemore #needmoretea #tea #tealover

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