We had a lovely brunch with @gazdeaves and his beautiful family today. It was so awesome to see them and their new addition 👶😍. .
We had brunch at Dickies Butches The Cow Shed. The decor was very cosy and welcoming, plus the staff were lovely with our gang of toddlers and babies. .
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•de ja chick• I have wondered about my poor hatch rate this year and knew it was either the incubator or the fertility of the eggs I was buying in. To solve the dilemma, 3 weeks ago I incubated a batch of eggs from my own chickens. I know our cockerel is a randy bugger so if the hatch is poor, it's the incubator. I honestly didn't think any would hatch. I don't know why. I noticed an egg pipping this afternoon and, sure enough, a chick has emerged. These will be Heinz 57 chicks. Let's cross fingers for 100% 🤞🐣🐣

• camera shy• the second hatch chicks are 2 weeks old and little feathers are growing. 🐣 I'm starting a new series on the blog tomorrow about chicken keeping so if you've ever fancied hens but you're not sure where to start then do check it out 🐓🐓

•a sea of fluff• 7 little chicks on their way to the brooder. I saw another about to hatch as I got them out. Thy are very cute. At the moment we have 1 Wyandotte, 2 silkies and 4 buff Orpington's 🐣🐣

•good morning world• I've woken up to a sea of 5 fluffy chicks. I'm hopeful there will be more 🙏🏻🤞🤞🐣🐣

•hatching• I wasn't expecting chicks until tonight or tomorrow but I woke up to a little cheeping silkie. Don't tell the farmer he thinks they are the most pointless chicken ever. Oops 🙈😂🐣

•lockdown part II• day 17 everyone!! Im keeping everything crossed for a better hatch rate this time 🤞 4 days to go 🐣🐣

•fully feathered• now as the chicks have all their feathers, they are outside enjoying the sunshine. The baby was intrigued by them chirping away. Now let's hope for a better hatch rate with the next lot 🙏🏻🐣

•king of his castle• I could resist this photo as we drove in yesterday. Our main man cockerel loves looking down on his ladies 🐓🐓

•de ja vu• here we go again. Buff Orpington's, Wyandottes and a few silkie eggs thrown in. 21 days to go 😜🐣🐣

•chick watch• they are just over two weeks old now. Haven't they changed! You can see the feathers coming through on their wings 🐣🐣

•hands up• who has eaten an Easter Egg already? My chicks are 2 weeks old now and do not look like this anymore. It astounds me the rapid life cycle of a chick. I'll share some new photos of them this week but Easter calls for chicks. You're welcome 🐣

•happy Thursday• we've got an easter bonnet parade today. My craft skills are lacking so the chances of winning are slim to none. I did contemplate putting real chicks on it but thought better of it 🤣🤣🐣🐣

•chicks lambs and rabbits• you can't get more spring like than that can you? Only 3 more days until the weekend 🎉

•chick spam part xiiii• it's been the most gorgeous day here at the farm. We've been feeding our lambs every 3 hours. Not sure how great that's going to feel when it rains 😬🐏

•what came first?• the first hatch of the year is over. 11 chicks hatched but unfortunately 3 died. We have 8 fluffy chicks though and I'm hoping for a bigger hatching percentage on the next one which I'm hoping will start in a couple of weeks 🐣🐣

•what came first?• chick spam continues. We are on day 24 and no more chicks so far but I have had the hatch on day 26 before so I will leave the remaining eggs in until weekend. Happy Wednesday 🐣

•easter basket• we've transported most of the chicks to the brooder now (in an easter basket of course) just 2 still fluffing up in the incubator now. I'll be very surprised if any more hatch now. They are so cute 🐣

•spring• happy first day of spring everyone. It still doesn't feel very spring-like at the farm, apart from these little fluffies. We have 10 chicks now. Im quite pleased with that 😀🐣

•spot the difference• I make no apologies. Expect chick spam for the foreseeable future 😁🐣

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