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Great school with full of nice people. Most relaxing environment to enjoy ur responsibility done 🌸 #happyteachersday #representtoyoutherockseudoxia #teachingisaworkofheart

Teaching is a work of heart. (Always and forever) ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

#teachingisaworkofheart #lovewhatmatters #lovewhatido #teacherlife #teacherlifeisthebestlife

Gaji besar belum tentu bikin nyaman.
Nyatanya yang sesuai passion yang bikin bahagia. Bismillah semoga berkah ilmunya. ~

#teachingislife #teachingisfun #teachingisaworkofheart

Peace out, 5th grade!!! Promotion Day...Another one in the books! #teachingisaworkofheart #chroniclesofheidi

Warms my heart, from the student I was the hardest on this year- She gave me her beloved hello kitty- #bettergiftthanchocolate #teachingisaworkofheart

For example! 😀💕 personalised Coasters available to order 😊
#teachers #coasters #teachingisaworkofheart #handwritten #personalisedgifts

I eventually explained that the "is good" part goes at the end but…this is really the only reason why I don't sleep in the afternoon and go teach "MY KIDS".💁🏼❤️ #mykids #devoted #work #teachingisaworkofheart

When teachers get together there is fun to be had! Thanks for shaping young minds! We hope you thoroughly enjoy retirement Mrs. S! #wndstafford #bestretirementparty #teachingisaworkofheart


E was up well past bedtime last night but we really enjoyed putting together these teacher gifts! I so hope they enjoy them☺️
#diffusernecklaces #teachingisaworkofheart

Ama ciò che fai e non lavorerai neanche un giorno in tutta la tua vita.....#dinner #schoolending #coworkers #ilovemyjob #teachingisfun #teachingisaworkofheart #

Mini frames for Teacher gifts! 😊 can be personalised too 😀🍎💕💙

For example! 😀💕 personalised Coasters available to order 😊
#teachers #coasters #teachingisaworkofheart #handwritten #personalisedgifts

The end of a school year is always bittersweet for anyone who works in a school. This year is no different, and in many ways it is harder this year than others. For the past three years I have been working with teachers, staff, and students I feel so lucky to have met. I cannot even begin to explain how much I have learned or how grateful I am for my time spent with them. Every day I was excited to go to work and see what that day had in store. There were highs and lows, smiles, laughs, and (lately) some tears. Through it all I loved my job. It makes my heart hurt knowing that in a few days I will close this chapter of my journey. It has been one of the hardest decisions to make. While I wish I could hit a pause button and spend just a little more time with them, I feel like it is time to go. Tomorrow it will come to an end. Hopefully the next chapter will be one that I love and enjoy as much as this one. ❤️📓✏️🍎 What I’ll miss the most is… - One of the boys running up to me to excitedly describe the new book he’s reading each week (making sure not to give away any spoilers!)
- Having a kindergartener use the word “trajectory” correctly and draw a picture to go with it (WHAT?!)
- The StoryBook Celebration
- The field trip to Mabee Farm and watching the students run from station to station 🐐
- An ice cream sundae party after state testing ended 🍦
- Fun Day
- Being followed into a kindergarten room by some of this year’s 5th graders, my 4th graders for a couple months last year, and having to frantically sign yearbooks before the bell
- The driver of bus 8 handing over the mic to the kindergarten students to say goodbye to me over the loudspeaker.🚌
- The students, teachers, & staff who made my time here go by too fast. Thank you, for everything!
#endofschool #endoftheyear #goodbye #teacherlife #teachingisaworkofheart #goodbyesarehard

Teacher Tags 💕 heart decorations to say Thankyou. Can be personalised on the back and comes with a personalised pillow style gift box. 😊 £3.50 each, plus p&p #vintagehome #shabbychic #clay #handmade

Today wraps up my first full school year of teaching! Thank you Ballet 5 for a great year, filled with lots of love, jokes, giggles, Spanish style, coffee, tissues, spilled water, sound effects, cracking joints, muscle building, silly questions, general shenanigans, and fun! Proud of you all for handling your first exam so well today! (And thanks to Katharine for the wonderful artwork!) #ballerinasofig #balletteacher #teachersofinstagram #teacherlife #mystudents #lovethem #whatayear #wheredidtimego #theygrew #firstexam #proudteacher #teachingisaworkofheart #wehadfun #weworkedhard #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo

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