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Maybe I should stop wearing shorts when I go to Target. 😆👖

It's that time of year again ... #studentledconferences. Before our conferences begin, they practice with their academic partner. Watching kids know where they are in regards to their learning is the best! #room206inthemix

I am SO EXCITED about my newest creation!! 😍 Student recognition car tags!! Along with any babies on board, there may be readers, artists, honor roll students, and kindness spreaders!! My students are going crazy over them! I started handing them out last week and I’ve had so many compliments and appreciative parents thank me. These are the ideas that make me so happy I’m a teacher!! I couldn’t wait to post tonight to share it with you! On sale tonight-25% off! Link to resource in the profile. #onboard #studentrecognition

I’ve been teaching for 4 years and I finally got my FIRST ever school photo! But y’all were right - what am I supposed to do with all of these! 😂🤔

I love working and living in an area where our woodland classroom comes to life as we observe wildlife right outside our windows! 💕

I was tagged by the lovely @missbertels_ and @teachingwithmisspetrone to tell y'all 10 facts about myself, sooo here goes nothing! 🤓 If I tagged you, you're next! 1️⃣ I have my undergrad in 7-12 ELA education, my MBA in marketing, and I'm currently working on my doctorate in curriculum & instruction. 🤓
2️⃣ I'm engaged to a beautiful lady named Kate & together we are huge advocates for LGBTQ and women's rights!
3️⃣ I have two kitties 🐱 despite being super allergic!
4️⃣ I'm a chronic cusser. Ever wonder why I don't post a ton of videos?! Haha!
5️⃣ Sarcasm is my second language and I love making friends who understand it!
6️⃣ If I had to choose between teaching and coaching 🏐, I would coach any day!
7️⃣ I genuinely enjoy designing curriculum for upper elementary, middle, and high school ELA.
8️⃣ I was born in Virginia, raised in Texas, went to college in Ohio, and now I'm in Utah.
9️⃣ I absolutely adore traveling! We've been in Utah for 4 months and I've only been home for 2 weekends. 🙈
1️⃣0️⃣ I hope to make a difference in people's mindsets in regards to social justice using my IG, FB, and TpT platforms!
BONUS: I loooove all of my followers!!!

Teaching kids to narrow down a topic is no easy task! Love seeing Write On’s the Zoom Zone in Kelli’s classroom! #writeonwriting
#Repost @sandersinsecond
Put zoom zone glasses on your kids and IMMEDIATELY they are small moment experts! 🤓😂 This is my second time using this activity and it truly works! 👏🏻 I loved learning more about it at #getyourteachon! We are ready for our next narrative! 💯👌🏻#writeon .
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Looking for an amazing Fall picture book? Fall All Mixed Up by Bob Raczka has the phenomenal illustrations and rhyming words that children love! Can’t wait to introduce this book tomorrow!! 🍁🐿 #picturebook #literacy #fall #books #kindergarten #kinder #iteachk #iteachtoo #homeschooling #primary #teachersofinstagram #teachersofig #teachersfollowteachers #teacher

Words to live by! #overheard #whatkidssay

Reminded today of how much I love my little pumpkins 🎃 @apineapplefortheteacher #teacherlife

Loving this cooler weather so I can finally wear my fall clothes! Honestly all I want to do is cuddle up with my pup on the couch and watch Netflix, but I have a stack of ungraded papers calling my name. •

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It is always amazing to hear how other teachers use these resources! This one is newly updated! {link in profile} #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofinstagram #teachersofig #teacherspayteachers #tpt #iteachfifth #iteach456

So true!

Using interactive word walls today in social studies! It turned out to be a quick assessment if they understand which items are a "want" or "need!" #interactivewordwall #needsandwants #iteachsocialstudies #quickassessment #iteachfirst #teachersofig #teachersfollowteachers

I NEVER had much upper body strengrh growing up. The strongest part of my body was always my legs. Now...I LOVE doing upper body workouts! The results are FELT in carrying groceries up the stairs, carrying my many bags into school, and carrying water jugs into the kitchen. (Holy cow - never realized THOSE nonscale victories! 🤔)
I feel so POWERFUL when I lift weights. Who doesn't love that?? Not to mention the increase in energy and the positive thoughts that FLOOD my mind! Who would have thought that 30 minutes a day could CHANGE so much!! Imma give myself a pat on the back today 😉

The incredible, amazing, super sweet @will.teach.for.tacos tagged me, so here are 10 random/fun facts about me!
1️⃣I was the first person in my family to graduate from college!
2️⃣ My sister and I lead/mentor a group of 11th grade girls at our church every Wednesday night.
3️⃣ Avocados are my love language. I eat them on anything and everything. 🥑
4️⃣ My husband and I met while working at a summer kids camp in college.
5️⃣I’m obsessed with personality quizzes. I’m a Meyers Briggs INFJ and Enneagram #9 (the peacemaker), and my top strength from StrengthsFinder is harmony. #hippie ✌🏼
6️⃣Podcasts are my jam. I’m always listening to one. Hit me up for my favorite ones!
7️⃣I could live off of Panera and Chipotle for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy. #chipotleismylife
8️⃣ Can Leslie Knope from Parks & Rec be my BFF and can I own Jess’ wardrobe from New Girl?
9️⃣I was never a dog person...until I met my sweet puppy named Hannah!
🔟 I have a tattoo on my forearm that says grace upon grace. 🆒It’s been so fun reading everyone’s 10 facts. If I tagged you, join in!!! 😊

Dear Instagram Friends,

It’s time to add some Halloween books! I’m sure you have some favorites you remember! This class loves rhyming with “dem bones” and Magic Merlin!
Even when we are busy in our personal and professional lives, we need to remember to make time to have some fun! These moments pass too quickly.

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Miss O’Brien

P.S. Smile:)

Another #Halloweenbook for you guys to check out. It is a #3rdgrade #book for those of you worried about levels. My daughter is reading this on her ride home today. She was very intrigued by the illustrations. I like the #diversity in the people depicted. #bookstagram #fall #pumpkin #cat

Doing some research to help my teachers, as well as myself, decide on some awesome books to teach persuasive writing and to purchase for the library. If you know one that I have just got to try, please comment below. Thank so much in advance 😎. #tpt #tptseller #tptsellers #tptteacher #tptofinstagram #teacherlife #teachersday #teachersofig #teachersfollowteachers #teacherspayteachers #iteach #iteachtoo #iteachreading #iteachwriting #elementaryclass #elementaryschool #elementarylibrary #elementaryclassroom #teacherauthortag

Blake Education Word of the Day!
Share a new and exciting word with your class to help build your students' vocabulary! #blakeeducation #wordoftheday #teacher #teachersofig #teacherlife #primaryteacher #aussieteacher #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers

Los súper verbos 💕 bit.ly/losverbos

Boy did my kids flip over this new class item!! We are using it for class rewards as well as individual rewards based off the reading challenge punch card... I filled in one half of the wheel with class prizes (you can see a little c in the corner), and the other half individual (the i in the corner). If we are spinning for a class reward and it lands on an individual one, the prize directly across the wheel and in the same color is the one we go with, and vice versa... I did this so I can just leave the same prizes up and not have to keep erasing throughout the year 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻#teachersofig #classrewards #wheeloffun #teachersofig #teachersofinstagram


My teaching buddy somehow organised a plastic free(ish) day for my birthday!

Obviously most of it was taken out of the packaged items at home, but the thought & effort seriously made my birthday a special one 💚

#zerowasteteacher #teachersofig #teachersofinstagram #zerowaste #zerowastenz #zerowasteliving #consciousliving #greenliving #plasticfree

Umm how cute is this idea from @thecolorfulteacher? She has the students ring it if they get 100% on tests. Love how it is just a way for the class to celebrate one another for working hard! #teachercrushtuesday

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