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who knew that random lines on a PPT would become my source of inspiration for the day?
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Today El Sistema Dream Orchestra play merengue del primer from the amazing Venezuelan composer Carlos Mendrano ( zuliano) in Stockholm with #unhcr @elsistemasodertalje @elsistemasweden #teachersmatter #dreamorchestra #refugeeswelcome #elsistemasweden estoy feliz de poder enseñar música realizada en mi país , de un gran compositor y que en Venezuela se toca mucho. La orquesta Sueños está constituida por jóvenes de diferentes países en guerra, jóvenes suecos y estudiantes que quieren hacer de este mundo un mundo mejor.La música es un mensaje de paz pero el Sistema la hace una herramienta para la integración social.

"We all have a school teacher we'll never forget - one whose dedication to their students and the wider school community goes well beyond anything ever written in the job description.
For me, that was Miss West, my teacher in 4th & 5th class at Campbelltown Primary School. She was all about the three R's...and so much more beyond, from getting us to learn all the classic Australian poems (I can still recite them all now), good handwriting, choir, impeccable manners. Miss West never married because as she told me years later, "How would I find the time? My students keep me so busy." Late last year I went to visit her at home, at 81, still living a few blocks from the school she taught at for more than four decades (even teaching three generations in some families), and still in possession of some of my old exercise books, which, she reminded me she had kept.
But that day she gave those exercise books back to me, and for some reason we both got quite emotional.
Well I'm so glad I made that trip, because Miss West died on Friday after a short but courageous battle with cancer.
I will treasure these pics you see above. That's me as one of her happy, smiling charges in 4th class (bottom left), the proud woman I remember (top left), and our recent reunion on the right.
Vale Miss West. And thank you. You shaped countless lives - well beyond our school years - and you will be missed.

*Sound on.* If you've ever wondered what a tremendous impact an elementary school teacher could have on a child, here's your answer. This was his first visit back to the first school he worked at as a full-time teacher. @mikeingout reminding people everywhere that #teachersmatter and they matter a lot. #proudsister #grabyourtissues #teacherlife

It's always fun when you get to share the stage with friends and in this case a great mentor @ty.bennett. Thanks Ty for bringing me out and thank you to the educators we got to rub shoulders with and for all you do. #teachersmatter #beamrjensen #traverseelementary

When the two high school keeners reconnect with their phenomenal French class teacher after 13 years. Thanks to Mme DiMonte I went on exchange to Shawinigan 13 years ago, fell in love with the French language and went to @glendoncampus. Teachers change lives. 🙏🏻


Debate competition in school. Proud of my students for trying their best. Keep it up!
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Entries are open TODAY! This fabulous competition is for all school students across Australia who are learning a language other than English. To enter, students must create a max. 30 second long video to describe 'What learning a language means to you?' There are fabulous prizes up for grabs for the winning school and with this running through until Glitter Friday 1st of September, there is plenty of time to make this a wonderful Term Three project! For more information, please check the details online:
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Teachers who appear calm and prepared gain a level of authority that teachers who appear tense, scattered-brained, and spent have a hard time achieving. Nervous energy can effect our classroom. It can actually cause stress behavior which may come across as misbehavior. Try to speak calmly and slow down. You may want to pause often to give your class a chance to understand what you are saying. They will lean in and focus, drawing them to you. #iteachtoo #educationiskey #classroomleadership #classroommanagement #iloveteaching #educate #educator #speakcalmly #iteachthird #iteachhighschool #afterschoolprogram #iloveteaching #teachers #teachertips #teacher #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofig #teachersofinstagram #teachersofinsta #teacherslife #whatisschool #classroom #teachersmatter #iamateacher

The summer is slipping away quickly, as it always does. Take time to pause and relax. There's nowhere else to be than where you are right now.

Feliz de ser uno de los que va dirigir en la residencia de El Sistema Europa 2017 gracias por la oportunidad #seyo2017 I am happy to be one of the conductor for this summer residence, thank you for the opportunity. Les dejo el Repost from
# #Repost @elsistemasweden (@get_repost)
In Athens. He is in Greece now, conducting at the international Sistema Europe Youth Orchestra, SEYO, camp. We follow you @rondavisalvarez - step by step. Photo: Fabrice Gaëtan #seyo2017 #rondavisalvarez #elsistemasweden #elsistemaswedendreamorchestra #teachersmatter #musicforbetterlife

These are going to be great to put in book boxes this year to help my kiddos review sight words! ❤️😍 #thesightwordkit

Whooohoooo..... you're a rock star!!!! Have a good one 👍😀 #teachersmatter

In Athens. He is in Greece now, conducting at the international Sistema Europe Youth Orchestra, SEYO, camp. We follow you @rondavisalvarez - step by step. Photo: Fabrice Gaëtan #seyo2017 #rondavisalvarez #elsistemasweden #elsistemaswedendreamorchestra #teachersmatter #musicforbetterlife

Lashes by YazZle Me Up! Book today ladies ✨ appointments available for this upcoming week. Summer special $95 full set ✨✨ don't miss out!! Back to school special for our wonderful teachers $85 full set!!!! #teachersmatter #teacher #returnbacktoschool #lashout ALERT 🚨 ALL TEACHERS !!!!! #bookme #booktoday #backtoschool #teacher #lashes #lash #lashgoals #yazzlemeup #bookme #westpalmbeach #tagateacher 🍎

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