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It's raining genres! 📚🌂
Tomorrow our third graders will use this visual to explore the umbrellas of the Fiction and Nonfiction. #NoBadLuckHere 😅

All of my birthday treats for my homeroom class are officially prepped for every student! 🎉 I upped my game a little bit this year (in the past my students just got a certificate, pencil, and homework pass). This year my kiddos are getting a cup filled with fun sized bags of Skittles, Starbursts, and a scented pencil with a large eraser and grip! These were actually way easier to assemble than I thought they would be!
I got the cups with dome lids from Amazon (affiliate link - bit.ly/cupswithdomelidsaa) and filled them with the candy. Then I filled the empty space with one piece of tissue paper and put a scented pencil from @raymondgeddes inside! I attached a happy birthday note to the outside with clear tape and that's it! Easy peasy 👍🏼

#TwinDay with my colleague, best friend, PLC partner, co-sponsor of Student Council, spirit animal, partner in crime, flexible seating twin, and fellow weirdo, @maleriejeffries 👯 This week of planning homecoming is the most stressful of the entire year (our H-E-Double-Hockey Sticks Week 😂) but teaching with your best friend down the hallway makes it doable! ❤ #teacher #teacherlife #homecoming #spiritweek #teachersofig #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #elateacher #englishteacher

🍎Tiny seeds grow on mighty trees🍎 It's true. I miss teaching about apples in the fall, but at least I can look at these pretty bulletin boards. 😍 Thanks gals for showing me your boards! Grab the template in my #teacherspayteachers store. #applesandabcsdecor

I think this is so cute! From Kelli Meyrand via @the_techie_teacher #smartboardcuteness #friendlyprometheanboard

It's been all about the Carly this week! Once was on boot camp day (hence the camo hat) and once dressed up with a kimono. Carly dresses are the comfiest ever!

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It is the last day of term and the highlights of my day have been as follows:
❆ being given chocolate as a gift from a pre-service teacher that complies with my #vegan diet
❆ being called "darl" and "bro" interchangeably by a Year 7 male student ❆ being told this joke by a Year 7 student:
Student: "Miss B, you know how English people have different words for things like lift and elevator or rubbish and trash? I was wondering what the word for dentist is?
Miss B: "Oh, it's not different... we just call it the dentist..." *penny drops*
🇬🇧😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤓🤷🏻‍♀️😂😂😂🇦🇺#lastdayofterm #teacherlife #banter #dadjoke #chocolate #badteeth #british #holiday

What a term! Out of the 11 terms of my teaching career so far, term 3 has been the absolute best! The movement and progress I saw in my kids this term has been amazing. This meme is an accurate representation of my face most of this term! Lightbulb moments are the best moments💡❤️
#lightbulbmoment #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #aussieteachers #teachersdownunder #aussieteachertribe #teacherlife

Thank God it's Friday! 🎉 today's breakfast - yoghurt, granola, banana & sugar free syrup! #slimmingworld #slimmingworldmission #onepoundatatime #onedayatatime #tryingtostayonplan #herestoagoodweek #nearlytheweekend #teacherlife

Love this mug for morning coffee ☕️❤️😍

Thank you to my work neighbor and new @orangetheory workout partner, Alison! Your donation is greatly appreciated. I will be thinking of you on my #62mile ride this Saturday, especially when I’m going #allout up those steep hills! You’re the best! #teacherlife #als #nevergiveup Only $70 left to reach my $1000 goal!

3-6-3 with the idiots! #teacherlife #wedontliketolose

Guess who's back, back again 🤓🎤
#teachersofinstagram #teacherlife

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