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Number one tip for new teachers: TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUSTODIANS! They are often overlooked but custodians are truly what keeps your school going! Make sure you let them know they are appreciated. I am blessed with amazing custodians this year.... I would would ask for a new desk or chair or to have furniture moved and they would jump on it literally within seconds. I want to make sure I leave a small treat for them every now and again to let them know how thankful I am!

Such a cute crayon apple by @mashadashadesigns! #teachershaveheart

This morning I turned on the TV and started watching the news. My heart instantly shattered listening to the negativity, hatred, heartaches, and sadness currently happening in our world today. It quickly reminded me that our world needs more prayer and more Jesus than ever before. It reminded me that I should never take my life, my freedom, or my happiness for granted. Although I cannot change the world, I CAN change someone's bad day into a good one. I CAN give more than I receive. I CAN spread kindness wherever I go. 🙏🏽
Heading to church this morning filled with hope... #happyhealthyhumble

First STEM challenge of the year, and we're going into it with this quote! STEM challenges are one of my absolute favorite things we do, because they bring out lessons you can only learn through experience. The students who are used to being successful in all areas experience failure. The students who are used to being able to do everything on their own realize they need the skills of their team. The students who lack self confidence learn how much they are needed. Every group gets to witness how you can reach a solution in multiple ways. It's incredible!

I have soooooo much to do this weekend that a regular sized piece of stationary would not suffice. So I found a piece of poster board and went to town. 😂 I'm more likely to do all of the things with this in my face, right?!? #teacher #teacherlife #teachersofinstagram #teachersofig #teachersfollowteachers #englishteacher #elateacher #iteachhighschool

Sunday Shout Out for Sewing Education from the Art Institute of Charlotte. Repost from the fashion design instructor at @fashionbehindtheseams using @RepostRegramApp - Hard to believe it's finals week at @charlotteaich . Time flies when you are having fun! Contact the school for tuition, financial aid, admission process and more information about their programs. #fashiondesignschool #learntosew
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Printing on sticky notes is so simple, so let me show you step by step how it's done >> @mrsdscorner >> 🔗bit.ly/2fdFtpR

WOOHOO week 2 done ✔️ After a crazy week with back to school night and workshops, this is a well deserved #feetupfriday🌟🙌🏼🌸☀️ #neednewconverse

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Diva girl didn't want to nap at her normal time. So she's joining my #tpt work session. I'm sure I'll be realllll productive today. 😜

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The Teacher Collective is road tripping! Laters, kids x

2 little cushioned crates for my classroom. Hope they last longer than a few days 🤞🏼😂

I loved the book #awrinkleintime and can't wait to see the film!! Are you a book or a movie person?

One of my favorite #teacherhacks in my classroom are "Tidy Tubs". I put one tub at each table group when we are doing anything that involves cutting and scraps of paper. When students have to throw away their scraps, instead of walking ALL the way to the trash can (and probably dropping a piece or two on the way there), they just toss it in their Tidy Tub. At the end of the day, our "Clean Up Crew" is responsible for emptying the tubs carefully into the big trash can. My floors are now paper scrap free! I got this tub from the Dollar Store years ago and still use them every day. 🙌🏻