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🚨ALERT: Sappy teacher moment ahead!
I am in my fourth year of teaching and I had never received an apple from a student until this week. I had only ever been given an apple from the grandfather of a student. This week I was lucky enough to be given not one, but TWO apples 🍏🍎 I know it's cliche. I know it isn't important in the grand scheme of things. But these apples bring tears to my eyes. This is what I have dreamed of since I was 6 years old. I have dreamed of being a teacher who would positively impact her students. I dreamed of being a teacher who made her students excited to come to school on a daily basis. I dreamed of being a teacher who would inspire her students. I dreamed of being given apples by her students and this week that dream came true.
Nothing in my life has ever felt as right as walking into my classroom every morning eagerly awaiting my students to walk through the door. Nothing has ever felt this perfect to me. I love my job and I love my students more than anything and I am 1000% sure that this is what I was born to do ❤️

#TwinDay with my colleague, best friend, PLC partner, co-sponsor of Student Council, spirit animal, partner in crime, flexible seating twin, and fellow weirdo, @maleriejeffries 👯 This week of planning homecoming is the most stressful of the entire year (our H-E-Double-Hockey Sticks Week 😂) but teaching with your best friend down the hallway makes it doable! ❤ #teacher #teacherlife #homecoming #spiritweek #teachersofig #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #elateacher #englishteacher

Hard to believe it's finals week at @charlotteaich . Time flies when you are having fun!
#fashiondesigner #fashiondesign #ankara #africanfabric #sewing #studentlife #teacherlife #fashionbehindtheseams

Yesterday, I made it through 10 full days of teaching kindergarten.
GLOWS: 1. We learned all the words to our "Good Morning Song"
2. A few of my students stated that they loved me at the exact time that I needed to hear something positive!
GROWS: 1. Smoother transitions in the classroom and school
2. Teaching my little people to use their words and not their hands
I want to sincerely apologize to Sammi's Pre - K & Kindergarten teachers for not being understanding at times!
1. You didn't have time to tie her shoes?
2. You didn't notice that she had boogies on her face?
3. How didn't you see what happened?
I want you guys to picture 20 year old Jess asking these questions. I can assure you that my head was rolling from side to side, along with my eyes and I was clapping my hands. -- Thank God Sam's teachers were patient with me. #ImSorry
I never thought that I would be a teacher 20 years ago! Another #FullCircle moment!!! ________
#SideNote I know you wish I was your #Teacher 📚📚📚

Need Advice?

Love yourself during every single moment in the journey. Once you get to that point of extreme content...of pride and accomplishment--you'll look back and be disappointed in the way you treated yourself, your mind, and your heart. Say kind things in the mirror. Stop putting those negative thoughts in your head. Build yourself up along the journey. That's why they call it a "JOURNEY". It takes time. So be patient. You only get one you. Treat yourself with the same amount of love you would for someone else. You deserve kindness, love and respect too--especially from yourself. We are our harshest critics. So stop bashing what you hate about you--and start the love and acceptance. Then set some goals and work your ass off. ✌🏽#happyhealthyhumble
So proud of you girls- thanks for doing this life with me: @coffeekarlafitness @coachcourtfitness @beautybrawnbrains @the_serendipity_squad @patti.neou.fitness @amcguire87 💕

Dang it! @teachertalks

It's been all about the Carly this week! Once was on boot camp day (hence the camo hat) and once dressed up with a kimono. Carly dresses are the comfiest ever!


No working projector for over two weeks. This is the solution I came up with. #tbt #notreallytbt #teacherlife

That moment when you’d rather wear your Carly and leggings to work instead of jeans! #teacherlife #jeansday #lularoe #comfy #ifeelpretty

This was me on Monday...all smiley and ready to go! LOL because today was quite different. I felt sick all day, but had to keep on keepin on for my lil babes!!

All set up for our third week of our Women of the Word book study. Around 20 women come together each week to learn how to study God's Word. There's nothing more exciting than that! I have learned so much in my short time teaching this study! #womensministry #womenoftheword #ministrylife #teacherlife

Spent 9 hours this week taking classes to be a better teacher. Snuck in some outside time when I could. #teacherlife #libertypark #beutahful #saltlakecity #fallsunshine #optoutside

The perks of having triplets as students, if one gives you something the other two will make sure they give you something too.💗👧🏻👧🏻👧🏻 #teacherlife #theperksofbeingateacher #littlegifts #triplets #chocolate #kisses #oldcandydontcare

Th 09/21. Teaching the PAPA Square (yes I teach, and yes I have students. I have to be careful not to post their faces and it takes a while to obtain appropriate parent permission). #somanyhoops ##teacher #teaching #education #learning #teachersofig #teachers #teach #teacherootd #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #school #teachers #teacherlife #iteachtoo #iteach7 #iteach8 #iteachenglish #elateacher #igteachers #classroom #teachermode #teachingideas #myclassisfun #adventuresinteaching #papasquare #teacherootd

One of my most favorite #GoNoodlePlus activities is Body Spell! I love to use our vocabulary words, spelling words and today we used it to practice our conjunctions! It's a great way to get my students up and moving, but keep them engaged in what we are learning. #gonoodle #teacher #teachers #teacherlife #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers

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