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Need some behavior management ideas to get through to spring break? @mrsrifsroom shares how she uses her fun #dollarspot finds to encourage positive behavior! #targetteachers

Mini Ron Clark Academy in Room 209. The @ronclarkacademy offers professional development throughout the year. If you haven't gone, you're missing out. #room209istoolegit

Now this is adorable! I'm definitely using this starting Monday! #teacher #teachers #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofinstagram #classroomideas #teacherlife

All the feels went into this video 😳 I've had this on my mind for a while now and finally decided to share my thoughts!
As teachers, we need to spend more time collaborating and less time competing 🙌🏼 We are all in this together and our job is hard enough without trying to compete with one another. If you do watch the video, please share your thoughts on the topic as well! You can check it out with the link in my profile or use the bit.ly link down below:

Our guidance counselor surprised our team with a huge box of pencils, and they were already sharpened. 😍🙌 #shestherealmvp

1997 and 2017- still going to high school dances in this dress. #teacherlife


Dabbing it out of third grade... ❤️️these kids.... and yes we planned this. 🙃#teachersofinstagram #teacherlife #teacher #classof2026 #teachersfollowteachers #ncteachers #funlessons

This is the best our Word Wall has looked all year! 💯💜🙌#motivationmonday #wordsofwisdom

Here I am in my element: a blazer and what my students call my teacher shoes. I have loved dressing for work ever since I was a college student trying to figure out how to dress for student teaching. I look for pieces that make me feel smart and quirky and help me to set a good example for my students. I started my blog, Pedagogic Style, which refers to both a studious fashion sense and teaching styles, to capture my love of teaching and styling. For this classroom or work friendly outfit, I found this awesome tea cup patterned dress from @gap at #ArcsValueVillage for $6.99.
#VillagerforaDay : @pedagogicstyle
📷: @rikkiraes

How dare you let yourself forget that you're every fucking shade of beautiful, vibrant, and magnificent colour under the sun? 🎆Remember, what you think is just a small splash of your colour, is actually an unforgettably impactful wave in the lives of the people you touch. 💜
Ps. A 2017 goal of mine is to paint a mural in Vancouver. Anyone have a connection to hook a brother up with? @vanmuralfest

Hey there!! It's Sunday! Usually I'm saying hello to another week of work but this week is spring break!! Woohoo! Hello Spring! Hello break! Hello new Classic T! #lifeisgood #springbreak #lularoe #lularoeclassict #lularoeboomerang @lularoe #happy

Putting more tools in the toolbox! #teacherlife #ascd #empower17

Prepped and ready for the busy week ahead! I did NOT feel like starting today, but I know my week will go so much more smoothly (and on track) because it's done!
Menu this week:

Breakfasts: overnight oats or protein pancakes
Lunches: chicken tortellini or chicken chili macaroni (frozen last week) and Brussel sprouts
Snacks: Shakeology and hard boiled eggs with fruit
Dinners: taco salad, BLT salad, or spaghetti squash lasagna (not pictured)
What's on your menu this week?
#mealprepsunday , #mealprep , #gladitsdone

Mood : coloréame un domingo. Color me a Sunday. #teacherlife #testseason #color #sundayfunday 📷by @luisspinola #uncertaintx

Apparently I'm not the only one with the Sunday night blues ☹️📝📚 #gradingpapers #teacherlife #boxersofinstagram

Sunday Starbucks and grocery shopping with my baby! 😍 He started saying "hi" this week and it is the.cutest.thing.EVER!

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