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When your momma is basically the best human being ever 😍 She spent three days of her life organizing, labeling, sorting, cutting, and basically helping me in every way get ready for this year 💕💕 What would teachers do without the support of their family and friends?! ❤️👩‍👧#bestmomever #loveheralways

A fireplace with log pillows? YES! @thegreenelementaryteacher 's reading area is FANTASTIC! 😍#TeacherShareWednesday

I was totally last minute with these (as in I remembered at midnight 😳) but back to school gifts for my new team teachers are ready to go! Super cheap and easy - @mrsketchscented markets and @postit notes since we are going to have a BRIGHT school year! 😍 Quickly made up a tag, tied them together, and they were done! What do you give your team teachers for back to school?!

Had an incredible time #teaching and performing live demonstrations of #CosmeticTattooing in NorCal for the past few days. This is a trade I had worked hard to hone and feel grateful to have been recognized and selected to teach it 🙏🏼This was my first of (hopefully) many successful business trips ahead ! #hardworkpaysoff #femaleentrepreneur #womeninsmallbusiness

Made a little cosmetic change to the classroom this week! Decided to take off the cabinet doors and create open shelving. I displayed some paintings from my visit @ronclarkacademy , a selection of my favorite fantasy books and a picture a sweet mom gave me of where Harry Potter was filmed. Added some greenery and I think it looks fabulous! 🙌🏼 It definitely helped to open up the space and give my room some much needed character. #iwannabelikejoannagaines #classroomdecor #classroomsetup #only7daysleft

If only!! 🤣 @teachertalks

WELL the absolutely great news is that baby girl looks fabulous AND it looks like we'll get to meet her sooner than we thought 💗
I do have a total placenta previa so we will just have to be on high alert, and if all goes well we should be meeting her after a c section around 37 weeks 🙌🏼
So looks like little Miss Raleigh might actually end up being a November baby like her mom! 💕
AND for those of you who may ask -- I AM allowed to keep working out. Obviously my top priority is keeping RAM safe, but modifying my workouts, walking, and light running are all okay as of right now!
{and working out/running did NOT cause this to happen, I know some people will be concerned about that as well}
I just wanted to be open and honest and share all of this, because I have had such an overwhelming amount of support throughout my entire #fertilityjourney and into my pregnancy one. So thank you all!! 💕 I am one lucky gal!


HELP! ✨// I'm getting my feet wet and adding a few flexible seating options in my high school classroom. What are some helpful tips, rules, and expectations that you set for your kids?
#flexibleseating #teachersfollowteachers #iteachtoo #teachersofinstagram #teachersofig #teacherlife #lifeasateacher #highschoolmathteacher #highschoolteacher #mathteacher #teacher #misscraftymathteacher

Encourage recycling by using "Trash Tubs" in your classroom!♻️ These bin labels are available in my store for just $1. Quick and easy management tip!

A bit of dynamic deconstructing today in our still life unit. Last week stage 2 drew kitchen utensils (contour style) with textas, this week they teamed up with a partner and ripped, tore, overlapped etc to create an abstract piece. This was a great springboard into discussing elements of design. I repeated the same lesson 4 times with a total of about 100 kids in 3 different opposite colour schemes.
Tired now
#kidsart #teacherlife #visualartteacher #artexploration #kidsdrawing #erko

Walaupun kedudukan pertama, tapi sengit sangat pungutan mata Bestari dan Aspirasi. Acara track kena berusaha keras kalau masih mahu kekalkan kejuaraan. Tentangan hebat pasukan2 lain. Bersediakah Bestari mengorak langkah ke acara balapan selepas ini ? Sambung latihan lepas cuti raya nanti. I need rest. #pengurusrumah #rumahbestari #bestarianrefusetolose #4tahunpegangpengurus #3tahunjuara #teacherlife #skmerbau #mirilife #postingsarawak

Bersama model2 pakaian beragam🇱🇷😍 #models #pakaianberagam #bestmoment #meriah #ilovemystudents #teacherlife

A few of our August TEFlers enjoying the local farmer's market during their break! 🍇🍓🍎 #yummy #farmersmarket #prague #break #sunny #summer #summerday #fun #friends #picoftheday #hellopossibilities #tefl #teflinprague #flowers #teacherlife #teachenglish

Kami anak Malaysia 🇱🇷😘😍 #bestmoment #teacherlife #negaraku #skcj #meriah #ilovemystudents

One of my Skype students passed their IELTS exam. As a reward, they sent me this mug. How many spelling mistakes can you spot? This morning I am drinking a Thai jasmine tea #english #learnenglish #ingles #etjenglish #tea #teacherlife

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