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When will it enddddddd???? #teacherlife

Not helping with a science project unless it involves fermentation.

Happens to the best of us! @abuckeyeteacher #targetteachers

Today each group recorded their literature circle. Afterwards, they each watched their video and reflected on everything they noticed about the conversation. It was SO powerful. #room209istoolegit

Some days you just need to get into your sweats and pour a glass of red...even if it is 4:15. πŸ·πŸ‘ŠπŸ½ ya feel? #happyhealthyhumble

Class is now in session, everypony!! Please take your [mini] seats.

Check out this gift I received from a colleague and a parent! 🎁
They framed my Scholastic feature! This act of thoughtfulness has my heart filled with gratitude! ❀


My teaching partner thinks I've lost it πŸ˜… Little kids have the biggest hearts! #teacherlife

dannie's sketchbook //
when there are less than two weeks left with this student in your class, and they finally bring by the notebook containing both old and new examples of their art. you sit there dumbfounded as you realize that they could actually draw all along, and the quality of this line work surpasses everything that they did on their actual assignments in your class.
i told him that i took this as a personal betrayal, and that the only way for me to cope was to forget that i ever even saw these drawings. #notmyart #art #drawing #oc #pencil #teacherlife

πŸ”†In a rut? Step a bit outside your comfort zone and see what's out there! It just might be something amazing. πŸ”†

Have you read Gooney Bird Greene??? Excellent mentor text to teach personal narrative! I love that my future nuptials are involved in my students' writing! #iteachthird

Just βœ‹πŸΌdays left to get a bag of Shakeology at 60% off the regular price when you sign up for a year membership of every Beachbody workout ever released, along with the 3 new releases coming out this year.
Message me before you miss this opportunity! My next challenge group starts on 5/1.

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