I think we all have these moments when the back of house gets crazy! Data is due, website is due, testing is due, and meetings all week but that’s not the why it’s only part of the why. Yesterday I was honest with my kids I told them I had a rough start in the morning but it wasn’t going to affect our day WE WERE GOING TO HAVE A GREAT DAY! And we did with lots of learning and laughter. At the end when it was time to go home I got squeezed with I love you’d even from the toughest! #teachersofinstagram #teach #mywhy #teachersfollowteachers #teacherfriends #teacherlife #teachertips #teachertribe #teacherblogger #teacherbloggersrock #kindergartenteacher #kindergartenclassroom #kindergartenteachers

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I love using fun math games in the classroom for a variety of reasons:  differentiation, brain breaks, indoor recess, or even as a behavior party reward! #mathgames #differentiation Link in bio at Organized Classroom!

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