With graduation season here, don't forget to give a little thank you to all the teachers that have made an impact in your life.
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Not all self-improvement books are made equal. Some help start you out on your journey, others give you a boost when you’ve achieved experience in certain areas. Loving this one 😘

Summer is right around the corner ☀️ grab your teacher an end of the year gift! $10 available in #MyLocker10 @bfcrafts Hilo #teacherlife #teachandinspire

This is it! The beginning of the final full week of school. The next two weeks will only be 4-day school weeks with the kiddos. I am definitely split! Part of me is looking forward to a relaxing summer while the other part is having a hard time saying goodbye to my students. Watch the full video on my channel to see my first two days of this week in the classroom. Link to channel in profile.

My 27 Days of Kindness continues on in full force. This speed through shows me creating inspirations Post-its to replenish our “Take What You Need” classroom door of inspiration.
I have been adding new notes to the door almost daily and they do not last. Students and teachers look forward to finding an inspirational quote that they need at that moment.
This door has been going strong since May 1st and soon I will have to take it down for the closing of the school year, but my hope is that those notes continue to inspire everyone who’s got one or seen one in one way or another.
Big hugs to all of you who see this posts and/or reads it. Have a beautiful magical day!

Love this Sunshine!

Be yourself! It is your own Journey! Everyone is uncomfortable starting something new... we are human 😊 Get out of your comfort zone.. once you do you, will be amazed at how the uncomfortable turned into strength that will AMAZE you with awesome results! 😘

Dinosaurs Theme for my Playhouse class 😆😆😆
Since playing is a serious learning for my kiddos so I will prepare their playing time so seriously. 😄😄😄 #NurtureSpring #NurtureSpring #teacherlife #teacherconfession #teachandinspire #happylearning #happyteaching

My modified version of the “Just One Word!” Activity is now available as a FREE download in my TpT store. My version includes a second page which lists over 100 positive character traits words in alphabetical order for students to choose from. If you have any questions, let me know.

Repost from #Teachandinspire!

6 months ago I was feeling bummed.. I was turning 45!! I have realized in these few short months that I can change my entire life! The right mindset, determination is all the power we hold! •I started to be consistent which turned in to a habit! •I love where I am headed, love my products that have helped me get where I am right now! •Enjoy helping others, building new frienships and just loving and believing I can accomplish anything! •I am no where near my goal but each day that I show up is one day closer! •I am having fun! •I love my “Rocketship” I have hopped on! •I would love to help you hop on yours along with my strong willed team ! •Who wouldn’t want to feel their Best?? •Who wants to lead a healthier life and set a great example for your children, grandchildren, family?? •You CAN be their inspiration, that rocketship seat to take to sky’s the limit 🙌🏻😘💫🚀

In my latest classroom vlog, the end of the school year shenanigans begin. You know you are close to the end when students start to behave a little bit more wacky and zany than usual...LOL! But we still have a good time. Link to my channel in my profile. Thanks for watching!

This is one of my most favorite activities to do at the end of the year with my students which results in their end of the year gift from my co-teacher and I.
I originally learned about this idea a few years ago from @megownsafari . She has a free resource on this in her TpT store.
I modified mine to include a section on the back for them to choose the colors they want in their word cloud and a list of positive character traits to help them find that one word that best describes their classmates.
Scroll to the last picture to see an example of the finished product. This is the word cloud my students last year created about me. 💕

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