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Rock got it rock came from rock bottom!!!! #90059 #TDE 📷 @parsons

DUDES !! Please forgive me Im having the weirdest time health wise!..I've had some extensive testing done n I'm happy to say I'm MUCH better and cleared to fly! Thank you SO much for your patience and loving wishes ! I love you ! PROVIDENCE I'll SEE YOU SUNDAY!! D.C. VA & CT IMMA LEAVE MY UTERUS ON STAGE WHEN WE LINK UP💪🏾 LETS KICK THIS OFF RIGHT !!! 💃🏾🙏🏾💖 #CtrlTHETOUR

Lights Please...

SZA with fans at the meet & greet tonight.

Agree or disagree 🤔

"When two niggas making it out had never sounded logical//Three niggas making it out, that's mission impossible//So I never believed the type of performance that I can do//I wasn't jealous 'cause of the talents they got//I was terrified they'll be the last black boys to fly out of Compton."
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After we had lunch I turnt into Oprah Winfrey. I started screaming you get a car and all of them started crying. It felt good being able to bless my family without them asking... #TDE

#SZA surprising the OG fans with a performance of "Hiiijack" • #ctrltour


It was great meeting you @sza even with the short conversation because security was rushing me off. #CTRLTour #TDE #SZA #CTRL #RVA #TheNational #Z

"I can't get it together it's just apart of my thing , it's just the way I am".💓💓🦋
- @sza (SZA X Ebro on Beats 1 )

@SZA | #BrokenClocks
-"I've paid enough of petty dues
I've had enough of shitty news
I've had a thing for dirty shoes since I was 10
Love dirty men alike.
...Better day than yesterday
I just take it day by day
Never hearing what they say
I just do it my way.

All I got is these broken clocks
I ain't got no time
Just burning daylight..."


Up late .. inspired by the #solareclipse and the oh so talented @pdubcookin 👌🏾 #Songwriter #LetsWork #FEEL ❤️

@SZA | #TheWeekend
After canceling her tour kickoff show less than 2 hours before doors opened last week, I was pleasantly surprised SZA held it down for her first headlining tour. Well worth the trip back to #Richmond.


Some of y'all older accounts be on your Kanye shit. Just like we let him get away with garbage verses, y'all get let off shitty content bruh bruh 🙊 I'll let you have your shine but I'm coming for spots to get the recognition ya boy feel like he deserves. Yes, I want to all of us prosper but let the best account have the best content ya feel? I KNOW my inner circle killing shit, I don't even needa say y'all names ✊🏽 Lmao just feeling a little cocky tonight 🤷🏽‍♂️-
Anyyywaayysss, some of my followers DM me and let's talk music 👏🏽 I just got off work so I'm chillin for now.-
Question: Try your best to name drop 3 songs that have a special place in your heart from your adolescence.-
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Sing•a•longs with @SZA ❤️| Garden
"I know I be difficult
You know I be difficult
You know it get difficult to

Open your heart up
Hoping they'll never find out that you're anyone else
'Cause I love you just how you are
Hope you never find out who I really am
'Cause you'll never love me, you'll never love me, you'll never love me
But I believe you when you say it like dat..."


special thanks to Lisa for taking me to the Kendrick concert #tde

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