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"Teambackpack was a big thing for me because Teambackpack fans actually care about rap." @plusmoney knows what's up! Do you agree? #Rentals #teambackpack #tbpfam

Happy Valentines Day, my love ❤️ @_picture_imperfect__ and I are on our 4th year together. 4 years filled with love, laughter and tears. Happy times, sad times but mostly fantastic times. I love you more then ever, and whenever I'm with you, my life is complete 😺❤❤💕 And I love this picture of us :)

We will have some familiar faces helping us out tonight at the show. #TBPfam

I want to educate myself and become a barber.

One from the hotel bathroom this weekend. Much better lighting then our crappy bathroom at home 😺🍾

⚔Flag Friday⚔

First one in a long time. But here's one from our iconic flag shoot that made headlines all over the world.
@beardedvillains #flagfriday #beardedvillains

Got to meet @devilsinc at the Movember event at @thebarber.shop :)

#SPOILERALERT we're going to be rolling out these new #BettyMagnets soon with chances at #contests and much more! We are SUPER excited, are you?! #TBPFam #thebettyprpject

Throwback to when I spray colored my hair and beard!


Early morning sun ☀️ +5C and a little bit windy. I like leaving the city for the countryside once in awhile.

Another night shot. A bit overexposed in some places. But I like it.
The red light beyond the mountain is the lights from a small village 10 kilometers away.
Light travel in awesome ways.

That bokeh effect xD
Thought the snow would interfere with the night shot, and it kind of did, but in a beautiful way!!! #bokeh

I call bullshit. This coffee was not great!!!

It's Friday - smile 😺🎉

Describe your beard in ONE word in the comments!

Today my word would be "chaos"! It was a bit windy out today, and my beard was a bit out of control.
Shirt by @mundaneattire

Early morning walk to work. Really need to stop going to work at 7 when I actually start at 8 😺

What color should I get next?

I miss my pink hair, but if I should change it up a bit, what color do you think I should do? Leave a comment with your suggestion!

I want to educate myself and become a barber.

Rock the Socks
World Down Syndrome Day! ❤️💛💚💙💜 #rockthesocks #worlddownsyndromeday

Tuesday's must be the worst day of the week. Nothing fun happens on a Tuesday 😺

How tired are you?
On a scale from 1-5, where one is not tired at all and five is still asleep, how tired are you right now? Leave a comment with your number!

Good Monday morning everyone!

Fell asleep standing up on the subway today, think I need some rest. Got stuck in traffic for 3 hours extra on a planned 4 hour trip. Came home a bit later then planned.
Here's at least a picture, taken by @marcusmabrink from @officialneastudios a few weeks ago 😺👊👍☕️☕️☕️☕️

Quick visit to Järvsö to see family.

Barely awake and functioning after yesterday's Spånga Beard Party, but totally worth it. Thank you all for coming!

Check out @beardshopse for pictures.

On our way to Spånga Beard Party to finalize the venue.
Hope to see you there tonight!

How did I not know about this sooner. Humble Brush is a vegan friendly bamboo toothbrush with awesome colored bristles (black, white, blue, pink, yellow). But that's not the kicker, the main thing that I love beside the brush itself, is that for every brush sold, Humble Brush donates one brush/teeth checkup to lesser fortunate children all over the world.
I love this idea, and from now on I will only brush my teeth with a @humblebrush - you should as well. 😺👌❤

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