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Love is an action word! Our outreach ministry is showing love to our community today by delivering food to those in need! #TurkeyGiveAway #TBHCares #renewatlanta

We believe in giving back to our local communities! @renewmylifeatl's food panty provides food for those in need every 3rd Saturday from 11-1pm. For more information, call 404-850-2053. #renewatlanta #tbhcares

#Repost @renewatlanta Help us make an impact in our local community by helping a child in need. #TBHCares #RenewAtlanta


It's necessary in this day and age especially with all the hacks and breaches occurring lately!
Credit monitoring: * Tracks your credit reports from the 3 major credit bureaus. * Notifies you of new inquires and new accounts. * Will help to identify fraudulent activity.

Some of the ones I like are: * Credit Check Total * Identity IQ * Privacy Guard * Credit Karma * MyFico (only one to provide true FICO score)

Now cost does vary but they provide real time monitoring and a breakdown of the factors that are helping/hurting your score.

Another Breach!!! This time about 5 million credit/debit cards compromised!

You could be affected if you've eaten here recently!

Please monitor your accounts closely!

Pay attention and protect yourself!! Spread the word!!

My 1st question when I hear this statement is, What are you spending your money on? Often times people can’t truly answer that question!
Until you can answer that question, you will never break the cycle. YOU have to know exactly where your money is going. ~~~~~
•Tracking your expenses will help you get control of your money.
•Setting a budget will help you get control of your money.
•Setting goals will help you get control of your money.
•Organizing your bills will help you get control of your money.
Bottom line is, figure out where you are spending your money so that you can break the cycle!

I agree 100%, do you?!?
Let me know your thoughts below....

The odds are about 4 to 1 against your credit report being completely accurate at all 3 Credit Bureaus.
We all know that these errors can have a negative impact on your credit score which will ultimately cost you money! If anyone is reporting information about you, it should be 100% accurate and the credit bureaus are no exception to this rule. ~~~~~
It is your right to have 100% completely accurate information included in your credit file and you should ensure just that. Doesn’t matter if it is an address, spelling of your name and/or account balance, it should be accurate!
Don’t be a victim of your credit report, grab a copy today and make sure that it is correct!

Now we know this vehicle could have been purchased with cash!

Guess what, cash purchases don't build Credit!

It's never too early to build or rebuild your credit!

Take the first step and click the link in the Bio!

Believe it or not, there are rules the Collection Agencies must follow and the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA) ensures just that. This federal law actually protects the consumers from being harassed by the Collection Agencies and will fine them up to $10K for violations.
Here are some do’s and dont’s of Collection Agencies: * They should not call you between 9 pm and 8 am.
* They must state their usual disclaimer: This is an attempt to collect a debt.
* They should not threaten legal action unless they intend to follow suit.
* They should cease and desist calling you when requested; you have a right to have all communications from them in writing by mail. (Be careful with this one as this may force them to start legal action.
* They should not call you at work if you request this.
* They should not call you multiple times per day.
* They should not verbally abuse you.
* They must verify all debts you dispute, meaning they must show you proof that you owe this debt!

I hope you never have to deal with them however, if you do know your rights!

As of September 15th, there is now a 180 day waiting period required before medical debts can be reported to the Credit Bureau.
This waiting period was designed to give us time to resolve any issues/errors with Insurance companies and/or the doctors office.
Best part is, if you are reported to the Credit Bureau for a medical debt, it will be deleted from your credit file once paid!!

Yes, some employers are pulling your credit before offering you a job. They definitely want the well qualified candidate but they also want the well qualified candidate that is financially responsible.
Takes me back to when I was offered a job as a Bank Teller. The Branch Manager said, before I can offer you this position, I need proof that this debt has been paid. You talking about being embarrassed, I didn’t even know they were going to pull my credit!
Some careers that employers are doing credit checks for are:

Government Employees
Law Enforcement

Not all positions in these Career fields require a credit check, however just be prepared for the possibility of one.
They want to ensure that you are reliable, trustworthy, and will represent their company in the best way. You will have access to some very confidential information including the very personal details of people’s lives and they need to ensure it is handled with care. They will get you to sign a release prior to checking your credit and it is also limited in some states. ~~~~~
Knowing what’s on your credit report before allowing an Employer or anyone else to pull it gives you the chance to correct any errors or derogatory information in advance.

This type of loan is commonly used on Auto loans, it adds interest on the principal amount of the loan on a DAILY basis.
Making bi-weekly payments instead of monthly payments will allow you to actually make 13 payments per year instead of 12! Just make sure your payments are received by the payment due date.
Put as much extra money toward that principle balance as you can. Use extra funds from pay raises, bonuses, tax returns, etc.. One additional payment per year will make a difference in the amount of interest paid while also helping you pay off the loan early!

Happy Thursday Everyone, make it a great day!!!

We all make mistakes, the key is to learn from them!!

There are typically three dates I pay attention to for my credit cards.
•Statement Date - Date my statement is issued.
•Payment Date - Date my payment is due to avoid interest and/or late fees.
•Reporting Date - Date on which the Credit Card company reports my balance to the Credit Bureaus.
All of my life, I thought the Payment date was more important than anything; now I know that the Reporting date is just as important!
In trying to keep my credit score high, I need to make sure my balance is paid down as far as possible PRIOR to the reporting date, not the payment date! We know that the Credit Bureaus like to see us using no more than 30% of our available credit, so even if I use over 30%, I always try to pay it down to under 30% of my credit limit prior to them reporting this to the Credit Bureaus.
Credit Utilization accounts for 30% of your overall score, which is the second largest factor that makes up your entire score!
The more you know, the more you grow!!!

This is a great question to ask yourself, after all you want to maintain healthy finances and great credit.
Your spending habits are key to managing a credit card. It is extremely easy to start buying unnecessary things just because you can.
Now don't forget that you must pay back everything you purchased, which just makes this credit card another bill you have to pay.
Even though they come with a minimum monthly payment, you always want to pay more than that; this allows you to pay off your debt quicker.
Check your spending habits before you wreck your finances!

The Equifax Data Breach exposed the personal information of about 143 million of us consumers. Let’s see, they have names, addresses, dates of birth, social security numbers, drivers license numbers, essentially everything someone needs to steal your identity!!
DO NOT sign up for their free credit monitoring through Trusted ID as you may waive your legal right to sue Equifax and/or participate in a class action lawsuit; one lawsuit has already been filed.
My advice to you is to: * Write the credit bureaus to request a FREE copy of your credit report.
* Put a Fraud Alert on each of your credit reports.
* Change your passwords.
* Get your own credit monitoring account to stay informed of any changes
PLEASE share this information and call/email/text/DM/IM if you need help drafting a letter, need addresses to the Bureaus or simply have a question.

Know the Statute of Limitations (SOL) in your state! SOL is the time limit in which a Collector can sue you for a debt.
It is illegal for a Debt Collector to sue you if the SOL has passed.
You will restart the SOL if you make a partial payment, payment arrangement and/or accept a settlement. You basically just gave them more time to sue you!
Don't confuse the SOL with the time a debt can remain on your credit report as they are two separate time limits.
If in doubt, ASK before you attempt to settle your old debts!

Please check to see if your personal information was hacked, there's a pretty good chance it was!

I used to feel that a budget was a waste of time until I tried it and realized I spent over $400 in one month on eating out which totally blew my budget. I made every excuse possible to not budget….I don’t have enough money to budget or my favorite, it takes too much time planning a budget.
I’m all for budgeting now and do it every single month, here are 10 reasons I feel budgeting works:

Helps you stay focused.
Keeps you out of debt.
Helps you pay off your debt.
Makes sure you don’t spend money you don’t have.
Helps you prepare for emergencies.
Alerts you of your bad spending habits.
Puts YOU in control of your money
Helps improve credit.
Stops the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck.
Helps you to set and reach goals.
If you are looking to change your financial habits, I suggest starting with a budget. There are plenty of resources on how to get started like our Game Changing Financial Organizer, check it out by clicking the link in the Bio.

As long as YOU do your part!
•Pay your bills on time!
•Don't max out your credit cards!
•Keep your accounts open so that you have a long credit history!
•Have a mix of different types of credit..Credit cards, mortgage, car loan, Installment loans, etc.
Just a few tips to help you stay on the right track.
Join our mailing list by clicking the link in the Bio....you will receive weekly tips and other great info!!

If an item is removed from your credit report that does NOT relieve your financial responsibility to pay that debt!
Getting it removed will help your credit score BUT the Creditor can still sue you for the amount owed if they deem it large enough.
This is where Statute of Limitations come into play, know your state laws to make sure they can legally still collect this debt!
My advice is to start managing your finances ASAP, learn from your past mistakes & seek Professional help when needed.

Online Disputes should be a quick and effective way to dispute/challenge inaccurate information on your credit report.
Online Disputes are a No-No!!! They actually do you more harm than good. In addition to not providing a paper trail, they essentially waive your rights under the FCRA.
Waiving your rights under the FCRA, means that they will not: •Forward your information to the Creditors. •Provide you with a written response. •Provide you with the "Method of Verification" of the item disputed.
And their terms also allow deleted items to be reinserted without providing you notice!
Bottom line is pay for that stamp and always mail your disputes!

Know where you stand before applying for new credit!
Pulling your own credit will not count against you as it is considered a "soft inquiry"!
However, allowing a Creditor to pull your credit report will count as a "hard inquiry" and inquiries account for 10% of your score!
Now 10% may not sound like a lot but if you have other negative factors, it maybe the difference between approved & denied.....know where you stand!

Paying the minimum balance will cost you more money in the long run as you will pay more in finance charges.
Paying more than the minimum will help you pay off your balance sooner and improve your score by lowering your credit utilization.
Of course if at this point you can only afford to make the minimum payment, then definitely do so because having a positive credit history is not an option!

A positive payment history is essential to restoring your credit as payment history counts for 35% of your total score!
Adding new positive accounts is a great strategy to increase your credit score & rebuild your credit.
We have finally found the perfect products to help you do just that! We have partnered with some amazing companies to offer you a selection of credit cards that will help you restore your good name!!!
Click the link in the Bio to learn more!!

Did you know that there are requirements to even have a credit score?!?!
To have a credit score you must have:

At least 1 account that has been open for at least 6 months AND at least 1 account that has been reported to the Credit Bureau within the last 6 months.
Make sure your Creditors are reporting to the Credit Bureaus as all Creditors do not report.
Also, when reviewing your reports, there is a way to add accounts that are missing

People get denied credit due to their Debt to Income Ratio (DTI) just as much as they get denied for a low credit score.
Your DTI tells a Creditor if you can actually afford the debt. They actually look at the whole picture, not just your overall score!
Having a solid understanding of the factors used in making credit decisions is a necessity before applying for new loans, credit cards, etc.

We're grateful for the incredible work @renewatlanta is doing in our community! For more information about volunteer opportunities, email info@renewatlanta.org. #tbhcares

#Repost @renewatlanta Help us make an impact in our local community by helping a child in need. #TBHCares #RenewAtlanta

Yup! The Self Esteem Summer Conference is Officially Sold Out!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!!! ❤☺ ...we already have people joining the waitlist in case any open tickets become available!!!! ✳This. Is. Going. To. Be. Extraordinary.✳ #TSED #TonyRobbinsforKidsandTeens #TSEDConference #TBHCares #DaniB #SelfEsteem #Confidence #Summer #Family #Success #Goals #future #inspiration #growth #parents #kids #teens

Feeling amazingly blessed and totally joyful! 💕...almost SOLD OUT!

We have 135 parents, kids and teens holding tickets for the conference.

What these amazing people are about to experience is difficult to put into words and can ONLY be described as an experience.... I'm pretty sure next year we'll change the name to "The Self Esteem Summer Experience" 😀

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you...to all of you who have spread the word, shared on social media, offered advice and support....and of course those of you who bought (and will buy) tickets ....and the committed vendors and volunteers!!
My gratitude and appreciation is overflowing!!!! 😍

This will be a incredibly positive, uplifting and unbelievably exciting day to remember!

#TSED #TonyRobbinsforKidsandTeens #TSEDConference #TBHCares #DaniB #SelfEsteem #Confidence #Summer #Family #Success #Goals #future #inspiration #growth #parents #kids #teens

Let's give our kids and teens the power and knowledge to steer themselves in the right direction now and in adulthood!!!! It's our duty to guide them to positive self-realization!! Let's do it!! #TSEDConference

#TSED #TonyRobbinsforKidsandTeens #TBHCares #DaniB #SelfEsteem #Confidence #Summer #Family #Success #Goals #future #inspiration #growth #parents #kids #teens #quotes #ritzcarlton #fortlauderdale

Confidence isn't walking into a room with your nose in the air, and thinking you're better than everyone else, it's walking into a room and not having to compare yourself to anyone in the first place.
See you at "The Self Esteem Summer Conference" FREE and VIP tickets on #eventbrite!! #TSED #TonyRobbinsforKidsandTeens #TSEDConference #TBHCares #DaniB #SelfEsteem #Confidence #Summer #Family #Success #Goals #future #inspiration #growth #parents #kids #teens #quote #believeinyourself #qotd

We believe in giving back to our local communities! @renewmylifeatl's food panty provides food for those in need every 3rd Saturday from 11-1pm. For more information, call 404-850-2053. #renewatlanta #tbhcares

We believe in giving back to our local communities! @renewmylifeatl's food panty provides food for those in need every 3rd Saturday from 11-1pm. For more information, call 404-850-2053. #renewatlanta #tbhcares

#Repost @thebelievershouse with @repostapp
Love is an action word! Our outreach ministry is showing love to our community today by delivering food to those in need! #TurkeyGiveAway #TBHCares #renewatlanta

Love is an action word! Our outreach ministry is showing love to our community today by delivering food to those in need! #TurkeyGiveAway #TBHCares #renewatlanta

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